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BRM Lasers - A Leading supplier of laser machines PowerPoint Presentation
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BRM Lasers - A Leading supplier of laser machines

BRM Lasers - A Leading supplier of laser machines

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BRM Lasers - A Leading supplier of laser machines

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  1. Leading Laser Machine Suppliers in Europe One destination to buy top-notch and quality rich Laser Cutting Machines in UK, Europe.

  2. About BRM Lasers The beginning BRM Lasers has been active in the CO2 laser machine sector since 2010 under the leadership of Erik van Turnh out, who previously founded Tuwi metalworking machines ( With over 30 years of experience in the construction of metalworking machines, we started searching for laser machines that would also be able to cut and engrave other materials such as acrylates and wood. Eventually Chinese imports caught our eye and we established contact with a whole new culture and world; the beginning of an adventure... Our long standing experience in mechanical engineering, led us to adjust several aspects of our laser machines to meet Dutch standards. From both a quality and safety perspective, our top priority was the development of a machine that BRM could sell with pride and peace of mind. This cost us several months of work, but they were well worth it; for quite a while now we have been able to claim that the BRM Laser machines represent excellent value for money and that they have won over numerous customers from all over Europe.

  3. About BRM Lasers The development We started off small, unraveling the technique and giving demonstrations in a little rented property, but have in the past 4 years undergone considerable growth. BRM now employs a diligent team of technicians to provide support for the hundreds of BRM machines active in the field. Besides from the growth of the organisation itself, we have built up an enthusiastic team of resellers and partners in Europe. Over the next few years, it is our goal to further expand this network so that we can serve the whole of Europe with our laser machines. We will continue to consider our excellent-value-for-money principle and offered service as the main pillars for BRM’s further success. These are our company’s building blocks and will remain guaranteed along with our efforts to continuously innovate. We enjoy thinking along with you, and would be pleased to offer you our non-binding advice in regards to how our laser machines could meet your specific needs. Furthermore, our technical service unit is available 24x7 to grant you support before, during and after the sale and delivery of your BRM laser cutting machine.

  4. BRM Laser Machines & Products • BRM CO2 Lasers • BRM Portal lasers • BRM Metal lasers • BRM Fiber lasers • BOFA - Extraction system • Cermark/Thermark- Paste and spray • Adventis - Acrylic mat

  5. The BRM CO2 Laser cutting and engraving machines with a closed-table construction. These versatile machines cut and engrave many types of materials with great precision at a high speed, ranging from acrylics to wood and cardboard. They are relatively compact and are available with different capacities and table sizes, which determine the cutting thickness and work surface dimensions. • BRM CO2 Lasers

  6. Our CO2 Portal lasers differ from the closed CO2 lasers in that they have an open-table construction and are therefore highly suitable for larger sheets. They can be supplied in two different formats. • BRM Portal lasers

  7. Our metal lasers offer the same possibilities as our CO2- and portal lasers in terms of cutting and engraving a wide variety of materials with a CO2 laser tube. However, thanks to the addition of oxygen and a special laser head, these models have the additional benefit of being able to cut steel up to a thickness of 1.2 mm • BRM Metal lasers

  8. The BRM Fiber laser differs from the other 3 laser machine categories in that it does not use CO2 technology. It is highly suitable for the rapid engraving of images and/or texts onto metal and synthetic materials without the need for any kind of pre-treatment. • BRM Fiber lasers

  9. BOFA extraction systems are designed for applications that emit gasses and volatile organic compounds. These filter systems use carbon filters to purify the air, meaning that your laser machine can be used in an enclosed space. • BOFA - Extraction system

  10. BRM Lasers sells various Cermark/Thermark products, such as pastes and sprays used for the lasering of metals and other materials. These products are used as a pre-treatment for obtaining clear and distinct engravings. • Cermark/Thermark - Paste and spray

  11. In order to offset the laser beam’s reflection on the work table, we gladly use these acrylic anti-reflection mats produced by our German partner Adventis. The standard size of a mat is 400x600, which makes it highly compatible with our machines. • Adventis - Acrylic mat

  12. In addition to the provided technical support, we are also happy to advise you about the possibilities of our laser machines for your specific applications. According to your needs, we will assess which machine is the best fit for your company. Thanks to our extensive experience with different products and industries, we will always be able to provide you with an appropriate solution, even if the solution lies beyond our own company. • Need Advice in Laser cutting and engraving??

  13. BRM Offers a Complete Laser cutting and engraving cources Do you want to get more out of your BRM Laser machine? If so, follow the laser cutting and laser engraving course provided by our partner Laseruniek. This course will introduce you to the technology behind our laser machines. The in-depth course has been designed to allow you to calmly focus on all the possibilities offered by your BRM laser machine, ranging from operational aspects to maintenance, to specific applications on your material, and to working with the software.

  14. Contact BRM Lasers to buy quality Laser Cutting machines and Laser engraving machines • • Call + 31 (0)544-350320 Address: Ambachtsstraat43, Winterswijk 7102 DW The Netherlands • •