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A World Leading Supplier of Propellers and Sterngear PowerPoint Presentation
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A World Leading Supplier of Propellers and Sterngear

A World Leading Supplier of Propellers and Sterngear

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A World Leading Supplier of Propellers and Sterngear

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  1. A World Leading Supplier of Propellers and Sterngear

  2. A Completepropellerand stern-gear manufacturer based in Newton Abbot

  3. The largestpropeller and stern-gear manufacturer in Europe

  4. Our FacilityIncludes Sales and engineering design department Accounts and credit control department Pattern-making and propeller mould making workshops Bronze and steel foundry for castings Various machine shops Propeller Finishing shop Fabricating and welding shop Inspection & testing laboratory Storage, Packing & despatch department

  5. What WeDo

  6. VesselsWeSupply

  7. How we got hereOur History

  8. Engineering by Mistake The first years 1974Started Teignbridge 1975Persuaded to start a small bronze foundry 1976Started to supply Marine Projects 1976Started to supply Birchwood Boats range 1977Won large order from Perkins Enginesand manufactured our first propeller

  9. 1978Our firstpurpose built building

  10. We Change Banks • 1979Supplied the first Sunseekerboat using inboard engines • 1980Won a large contract for Suez Canal Authority • 1980Won a large contract for River Nile Transportation Company • Now supplying 70% to UK customers and 30% to overseas • 1980 The Whitehall Story • 1981Purchased the assets of Delmar from the Delta Metals Group • We decided to try to win commercial ordersto try to export • 1982 Our first large commercial propeller • 1983 The Newage story • 1984 Purchased Hamble Propellers

  11. 1985 Built new factory for Hamble Propellers

  12. 1986 Opened the first European officein GorinchemHolland

  13. Building on success The expanding years 1986Built new workshop and office building. Work commenced on building the River Side factory and HQ in Newton Abbot 1987Our first overseas Exhibition and Moved to Riverside 1988Exhibit at the Chicago Boat Showand start supplyingSunseeker and Fairline 1989 TPL Holland expands operations 1989Teignbridge introduced TEMET 25

  14. Looking further The Global expansion 1990Teignbridge Helices established in France. Exhibit at the Paris Boat Show 1990TPL start to supply Sealine and complete the “Big Four” 1987Shearwater Marine Products established and DJH acquired 1987MaucourSrlacquired and merged with Teignbridge Helices

  15. The Global expansion continues 1993Two new 12,000 sq feet units facilitate expansionat Decoy Foundry 1993Teignbridge Propellers and Marine Equipment Ltd opened in Dubai 1994Joint venture with AMW forms AMW Teignbridge in the Netherlands 1995MaucourSudestablished in Cannes 1995Present HQ building purchased

  16. 1997Teignbridge PropulsionGroup including Shearwater Marine was sold to New Marine 200Employees 5UK Factories Businesses in France, Holland, Dubai and Australia 8Separate companies all generating profit 10Million Turnover 10%Profit (1 Million)

  17. Teignbridge purchased by Brunswick…

  18. 2004 Dave Duncan starts again in propellers as Duncan Propellers

  19. Duncan Propellers Innovate Market Leading CNCProcess

  20. 2009 Teignbridge sold again due to crisis in leisure market

  21. Our approach toExporting

  22. We are surviving largely through exports • Exportingis very worthwhile and is essential for the UK economy • In the UK we have probably the best opportunities for export of any country • Exports account for nearly 80% of Teignbridge’s £8 million annual turn-over

  23. Theissues with exporting • Marketing Overseas • Payment

  24. Our exportproblem Weapons of Mass Destruction?

  25. A World Leading Supplier of Propellers and Sterngear