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BC Poultry Premise Identification Initiative

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BC Poultry Premise Identification Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BC Poultry Premise Identification Initiative. Solvej Patschke M.Sc. P.Ag. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands April 11, 2006. Outline. Background History of poultry database and identifying premises in 2004, 2005 AI Moving Forward- Premise ID initiative

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bc poultry premise identification initiative
BC Poultry Premise Identification Initiative

Solvej Patschke M.Sc. P.Ag.

Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

April 11, 2006

  • Background
  • History of poultry database and identifying premises in 2004, 2005 AI
  • Moving Forward- Premise ID initiative
  • National Initiatives (CCIA/ CLIA/ traceability)
  • Benefits
  • Emergency preparedness has become an important initiative for poultry industry (past AI events in FV, media coverage AI around world)
  • Without a system in place to accurately map and identify poultry premises and barns in affected areas, emergency response would be ineffective and potential exists for much greater economic losses
  • Estimated 2004 AI outbreak cost BC Poultry Industry over $63 million, estimated gross economic cost of $380 million
  • A database of poultry premises was created during the 2004 AI for the Emergency Response Command Centre
  • Database: poultry premises, testing, contact information etc.
  • Took time to compile information as it was not previously available in 1 database
  • After the outbreak, database given back to 4 poultry boards to maintain with current information on all producers
  • 4 boards: Angela McKee became lead
  • Basic contact information recorded (address, phone, contact name etc)
  • 2005 AI event: database and how properties were identified needed to be improved
moving forward premise id initiative
Moving Forward Premise ID Initiative
  • National Premise ID
  • Canadian Livestock Identification Agency (CLIA) - Mike Dexter
  • Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) – Brett McConkey
  • Premises “geo-referenced” – can be mapped quickly
  • Contact information in central database
    • Traceability includes 3 main elements:
      • Animal identification
      • Premises identification
      • Movement tracking
  • CLIA developed national standards

Premise ID Initiative

BC Assessment Jurol / legal addressfor parcel

Parcel = Premise

Barns = Sub premises

National Premise ID



Premise ID Initiative

  • CCIA- Premise Location Allocator
  • Premise Attributes:
  • Legal land description / Jurol
  • Contact information
  • Type of Premise (Farm, barn, hatchery, rendering plant etc)
  • Location of barns (x,y) - orthophotos

Information secure

  • Access controlled
premise id initiative
Premise ID Initiative
  • Industry-led initiative (government supported)
  • Goals:
  • To accurately, efficiently and uniquely identify all regulated BC poultry premises and barns while working towards full chain traceability
  • To instill confidence in our stakeholders regarding our preparedness in a foreign animal disease situation
premise id initiative objectives
Premise ID Initiative- Objectives
  • To have a central database that contains accurate premise and barn identification and contact information for all regulated BC poultry premises and barns
  • To ensure the process and database is concurrent with national initiatives (CCIA/ CLIA)
  • To assign a national alpha-numeric ID to all premises and barns
  • To physically identify the premises and barns with highly visible signage with the national Premise ID
signage on barns
Signage on barns



premise id initiative1
Premise ID Initiative
  • BC Poultry Industry Biosecurity and Emergency Response Strategic Plan (2005-2007)
  • Goal 2: the BC poultry industry has an emergency response management plan in place to handle an infectious disease outbreak, by 2007
  • Requires all farms and other required locations to be included in a “database” by Dec 31, 2006

National Initiatives

  • Ontario / Quebec / Manitoba
  • National Hog Identification and Traceability System – once systems in place and functional, program will become mandatory in 2008

BC Poultry Premise ID Initiative

  • Want to pursue opportunities to include Specialty birds / backyard flocks
  • A complete poultry database is critical to reduce response time, key in limiting impacts of an animal disease outbreak
  • Only as good as the “weakest link”


  • Quicker mapping of quarantine area
  • First 24 hrs are the most important
  • Provides quick response to limit disease spread
  • Provides timely testing to move birds to market
  • Minimizes down time
  • Other emergencies- floods, water quality issues