administration of drugs n.
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Administration of drugs

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Administration of drugs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Administration of drugs. Administration routes and pharmaceutical form. Tea Baršić Mirna Kudlač Mentor: A. Žmegač Horvat. Methods of administering drugs. oral administration sublingual administration rectal administration parenteral administration inhalation topical application.

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Administration of drugs

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administration of drugs

Administrationof drugs

Administration routes

and pharmaceutical form

Tea Baršić

Mirna Kudlač

Mentor: A. Žmegač Horvat

methods of administering drugs
Methods of administering drugs
  • oral administration
  • sublingual administration
  • rectal administration
  • parenteral administration
  • inhalation
  • topical application
oral administration
Oral administration
  • by mouth
  • form:
    • tablets
    • capsules
    • syrups
pros cons
convenient for the patient

can be done at home

possible destruction or inactivation

possibly not absorbable

useless in emergency

Pros & Cons
sublingual administration
Sublingual administration
  • under the tongue
  • absorption into sublingual veins
  • form: tablets

example: nitroglycerin

rectal administration
Rectal administration
  • into the rectum
  • when vomiting or unable to swallow
  • form:
    • suppositories
    • aqueous solutions
parenteral administration






form: injections

Parenteral administration
intracavitary injection
Intracavitary injection
  • into a body cavity (e.g. peritoneal, pleural)

example: nitrogen mustard (intrapleural, prevents fluid accumulation)

intradermal injection
Intradermal injection
  • shallow
  • into upper layers of skin

example: allergy testing

intramuscular injection
Intramuscular injection
  • into muscle (buttock or upper arm)
  • when irritating to skin
  • when large amounts of long-acting drug


example: adrenaline

intrathecal injection
Intrathecal injection
  • into space under meninges surrounding spinal cord & brain

example: methotrexate (in leukemia)

intravenous injection
Intravenous injection
  • into a vein
  • for immediate effect
  • when unsafe for other tissues
  • good technical skill needed (leakage may cause irritation & inflammation)

example: heparin

subcutaneous injection
Subcutaneous injection
  • into subcutaneous tissue (usually upper arm, thigh, abdomen)

example: insulin

i nhalation
  • into nose or mouth
  • absorbed through alveoli
  • form: aerosols

example: anesthetics, antiasthmatics

topical application
Topical application
  • locally on skin or mucous membranes
  • form:
    • lotions
    • creams
    • ointments
    • transdermal patches
    • eyedrops, eardrops, nasal drops
  • Handout
  • Rang, Dale, Ritter, Moore: Pharmacology, 1st Croatian edition

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