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First Day of School Information

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First Day of School Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First Day of School Information
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  1. First Day of School Information Fall 2014/Spring 2015

  2. What is This Class? • Child Development- You will learn about: Why we study children; Reproduction; What happens to the Baby and the Mother during the 9 months; Labor & Birth; Abstinence; Teen Pregnancy; STD’s & HIV • Family Dynamics- You will learn about: Adolescents; Personality; Birth Order; Values, Ethics, Beliefs & Morals; Goals; Family Structure; Single Life; Married Life; the Changing Family

  3. Bell Schedule • 7:15-8:15 Detention • 7:30-8:20 Zero Period • 8:15 First Bell • 8:25 Tardy Bell • 8:25-10:00 1st/5th Block • 10:05-11:40 2nd/6th Block • 11:45-1:45 3rd/7th Block • 1:50-3:25 4th/8th Block

  4. Tardy Policy • You are tardy to class if you arrive at class or school after the tardy bell. There will be no warning bell. Tardies are cumulative per class and per semester • 1st Warning • 2nd1 day BSD and parent contact • 3rd2 days BSD and parent contact • 4th 1 day ISS & Referral to Administrator • 5thand more Referral to Administrator

  5. Leaving MY Classroom • ASK permission first!! • Sign out and take the CORRECT pass for where you are going • Library passes & Car passes -- I will write out • Snack/Drink machines are in the gym and will be locked up after the 8:20 bell.


  7. BE ON TIME TO CLASS– Tardy policy will be followed To count as a school day you must be present 63% of the day. (this means all of 1st, 2nd, & part of 3rd block)

  8. Be prepared each day with all your necessary materials by the time the tardy bell rings (notebook, paper, pen/pencil, textbook…)

  9. Let your speech & conduct always show respect for the teacher, fellow students, and for belongings and school property.

  10. Remain alert & on task. NO SLEEPING

  11. Cell Phones & any other Electronic Devices should be out of site & not be used while class is going on. If I suspect use of one I do have the right to take it up.

  12. Food & Drinks I don’t mind as long as its: not a disruption you don’t waste class time you clean up your mess

  13. Late Work • All work turned in after the assigned day/time will receive (this does not include long term projects): • Maximum grade for late work = 80 • Minimum grade for late work = 50 • When a student does not turn in an assignment prior to the end of a term, a grade of zero can become part of the average for that term at the discretion of the teacher • Students with any missing work will be ineligible for exemption from final exams

  14. Redo’s • Teachers will select which work done by a student qualifies for the redo opportunity • Students are expected to attend remediation sessions or complete other learning tasks on non-class time in order to earn a better grade on the assignment • The redo opportunity is not allowable on long term assignments & exams • The opportunity to redo can be rescinded if a student abuses the opportunity

  15. Make-Up Work • You WILL NOT make up test or other work for this class or other classes during this class period unless I have given permission to do so. • At the end of each 9 weeks you will no longer be able to make up any missing work from that 9 weeks or any of the previous 9 weeks.

  16. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you have missed and need to make up and to set up a time with me to make up the work. I will not come to you and tell you!