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First Day of School PowerPoint Presentation
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First Day of School

First Day of School

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First Day of School

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  1. First Day of School Day #1 Ms. Lovvorn 6th Grade Language Arts

  2. Objectives • Power of I • Time Management • Test Taking Skills • Following Directions

  3. Power of I • Homework is not an option at Burns it is mandatory! • Burns will not let students get away with earning a zero! • If you fail to hand in an assignment you will have to complete it during the same quarter at a Power of I session (Retract / PE Detention). • You are only able to earn 100% if you turn your homework in on its original due date. • You are in middle school now and it is time for you to start taking responsibility for your actions!

  4. Time Management • Daily Planners • Organized Notebooks / Book bags • Be prepared for class • Keeping track of syllabus (posted on school website, in classroom, and should be in notebook) • Use class time wisely and set aside time to complete homework, read AR, and study every afternoon!

  5. Timely Advice! Betsy Norris It’s no fun...When your homework isn’t done! It’s no fun...When you need a pencil and can’t find one It’s no fun...When a lack of budgeting time means missing the sun It’s no fun...When what you’ve gained by procrastinating, you’ve lost in the long run It’s no fun...When you need time and you have none Just one important missed opportunityCan result in a different life or changed community! Learn to manage time to succeedBudget your time to work, play, study, and read! Recognize and use time management toolsLearn to do daily, weekly, and monthly schedules What are other time tools, you ask? Set some goals, complete your tasks Avoid time wasters, set priorities, organize!Become time wise! Time continually floats downstreamSo remember to fish a little while you dream! Helen Keller, Anne Frank, and President Lincoln, tooEach had 60 seconds in a minute just like you! Strive to be able to someday sayThat you, too, made the most of each and every day!

  6. Following Directions • Enter class quietly • Be attentive and listen with your EYES and EARS • Look around the room and on the board to see what is posted • Begin Bell work • ALWAYS read every direction before you begin an assignment! • If you don’t understand something ask the teacher.

  7. Test Taking Skills • Use your time management and following directions skills • Read directions and listen to the teacher • Know what is being asked of you • Preview and read questions first before you begin big reading selections • Narrow your choices • Answer the easy questions first, then go back to the hard ones • Always check over your answers

  8. Activities • #1 – Sheet Game • #2 – Following Directions Activity