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Castilla-La Mancha Region

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Castilla-La Mancha Region - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Foreign Promotion of the Handicraft sector Elder Chong Díaz Programs & Communication Department - IPEX. Castilla-La Mancha Region. Area: 79.463 Km2

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Foreign Promotion of the Handicraft sectorElder Chong DíazPrograms & Communication Department - IPEX

castilla la mancha region
Castilla-La Mancha Region
  • Area: 79.463 Km2
  • Population: 2,1 millions, 4, 46% of Spain’s population. During the last years (2000-2010), the population growth rate has been higher than the national average: 21%.
  • Average growth rate GDP since 2000 until 2009: 2,46%, above national average. GDP per capita 2009: 17.208 €
  • Composed of 5 provinces: Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Toledo
  • Privileged geographical position in the center of the Iberian Peninsula
  • Important historical, cultural and natural heritage.
  • Varied gastronomical supply of quality products with D.O: wine, cheese, lamb, saffron, olive oil, garlic and onion, melon.
  • Important industry in sectors like: shoes, furniture, textile and buildings (materials and doors).
  • Importance of the renewable energies and aeronautics sectors

Craftwork in CLM: social and political importance

  • More than 3.000 craftmen in CLM
  • More than the half of them (53,2 %) in Toledo province
  • Craftworker profile:
  • Self employed worker
  • 70% men
  • More than 60% between 37 and 54 years old
  • Focused on local and regional markets basically
  • New technologies impact is still weak
  • 97% sell directly their product.
  • Products:
  • Pottery = 22 %
  • Embroidery = 9,1 %
  • Forge and iron = 6,8 %
  • Wood = 6,1%
  • Joinery and cabinet work = 5,6 %
  • Damasquinage = 4,5 %
foreign trade institute of castilla la mancha ipex

By sector:

* Food / Wine

* Industrial and

Consumer goods /


Habitat  Handicraft

* Programs

* Information Services

* Training / Scholarships

* Communication

Foreign Trade Institute of Castilla-La Mancha (IPEX)

Organization of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Established in 2002

Subordinated to the Regional Ministry of Economy and Treasury

Mission: Promote and support the internationalization of the enterprises and the region of Castilla-La Mancha


- Promotion

- Information

- Training

- Programs

- Foreign offices

craftwork sector foreign promotion

Craftwork sector foreign promotion

In coordination and collaboration with other Regional Government Departments, specifically, the General Direction of Handicraft and Tourism, and other representative institutions of the sector, like the Regional Federation of Handicraft, Mezquita de Tornerias Foundation, amongst others.

PROMOTION:Organization and financial support to the joint participation of craftworkers in fairs and missions
  • Fair Ambiente Frankfurt: One of the most important in the gifts and decoration sectors. In two pavilions: table top /gifts. Since 2006.
  • Fair NYIGF: United States: market. Since 2008. Handicraft and Gift pavillions.
  • Fair Index Dubai: gifts and decoration sector.
  • Fair L´Artigiano Milan. In 2010.
  • Business mission of potential international buyers and journalists. From 20 to 30 people come every year to FARCAMA. Since 2006.
gtp program
GTP Program

Program of pre-initiation to export

Operation: Some companies from different sectors share at the same time an export manager.


- Incorporate Castilla-La Mancha SME´s into the international markets and exports.

- Create a structure of export managers with experience in foreign trade and a good knowledge of the region’s companies, in order to retain talent in Castilla-La Mancha.

Since 2006: There is a professional appointed for the handicraft sector

uae program
UAE Program

Target: Promote cooperation among companies of the region, to have a joint offer of products to determined foreign markets.

  • Since 2007
  • Identification of potential participants within a project
  • Methodological and specialized support.

 Experiences developed and consolidated in furniture, doors and food sectors.


Sentisitation and education. Seminars and workshops about the main exports aspects: Export prices, main foreign markets, use of new technologies, among others.


- Craftwork’s sector Internet guide, a disposal of regional craftworkers.

- Other resources (importers´ listings)


 15 International Representatives (promoters and trainees) in IPEX Offices and Spanish Trade Representations.

 Individual support and requests.

thank you