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Portfolio Evolution

Portfolio Evolution

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Portfolio Evolution

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  1. Portfolio Evolution Product Retirements Kevin Jones 18th April 2007

  2. Agenda • Introduction and background to product retirement and its relationship to 21CN • BT’s product retirement activity currently underway • Working to deliver optimum customer experience • Product Retirement Communications • Q&A

  3. Introduction and background to the product retirement programme and its relationship with the 21C Network. 2. Removing legacy products reduces portfolio complexity in the current and 21CN environment 1. Product retirements are part of normal life cycle management within BT’s Portfolio Evolution Programme 4. All products currently being retired have alternatives in the portfolio with identical or similar feature / functionality 3. Many products are in decline, use obsolete technology, are not industry standard and are no longer commercially viable A simplified portfolio facilitates easier migration to 21CN for Communications Providers and their customers

  4. BT's product retirement activity in 07/08. Products retired in 2006/7 Analogue DDI lines Low Loss Lines Out of Area Lines Night Busying Remote Call Forwarding 10 Subscriber Controlled Transfer Teed Service Meter Pulse Facility (Pathfinder only) Products retiring in 2007/8 BT Retail; Date Call Charge Indication on ISDN 30 31/7/07 ISDN By Pass Number 31/7/07 Schools Internet Caller 31/7/07 Business Highway 31/7/07 ISDN2 DASS 31/7/07 ISDN2 DASS Prime 31/7/07 ISDN30 i421 31/7/07 ISDN By Pass 31/7/07 ISDNconnect 28/9/07 Openreach; Digital Access Service - Home 31/7/07 Digital Access Service - Business 31/7/07 Meter Pulse Facility (phase 1) 01/9/07 Meter Pulse Facility (phase 2) 01/3/08 WLR 107/06 of 06/09/2006 and WLR 058/06 of 28/4/2006 refers

  5. Working with BT's Wholesale customers to deliver optimum user experience. • BT (including Openreach) will communicate retirement plans for products sold to Wholesale customers at the same time as its downstream business units • BT (including Openreach) will propose alternative replacements for retiring products where appropriate. For example; • ISDN2e for ISDN 2(DASS) • CPA line feature for Meter Pulse Facility • Every reasonable effort will be taken to minimise customer outages • Each Communications Provider is responsible for ensuring that its customers using affected products are engaged in a timely way and in all cases at least 30 days before the formal retirement date. • BT reserves the right to withdraw service following the notified retirement date

  6. Working with BT's Wholesale customers to deliver optimum user experience. Switched-on website 2.All information is current as of 30/03/2007. BT will periodically update information in this section and advise Communications Providers accordingly. 1.BT is committed to supporting its direct customers and all Communications Providers to manage successful transition from retiring products to meet the published retirement dates. 4.All formal communications regarding changes to the relevant BT products Portfolio are provided to Communications Providers through Consult21 to the industry steering groups. 3.Customers advised to contact their Communications Provider directly if they wish to confirm any of the information provided. Switched-on provides supplementary information to customers and is not a substitute for normal CP account management

  7. Communicating future product retirements. • BT will continue to notify Ofcom and Wholesale customers through normal channels. • For Openreach WLR products; Ofcom notification and Openreach account management teams • For other BT products via BT Wholesale account teams and Ofcom notification • Industry steering groups via Consult21 • Following formal notifications, supplementary information will be posted on portfolio pages at and the retirements matrix accessible from the “switched-on” website • Your BT account teams will work with you to help identify which product retirements will affect you and your customers • Maximum possible notice will be given to enable optimum customer and end user experience, in meeting the notified retirement dates • Further announcements of retirements are anticipated in the coming months

  8. Q&A

  9. Proposed future dates for additional webcalls • 18 April, 2-3pm - Product retirement process overview • 24 April, 9.30 – 10.30am - 21CN general overview • 2 May, 2-3pm - Migration process overview • 22 May, 12-1pm – CPE compatibility testing process overview • 31 May, 11-12pm - 'switched-on' communications overview • Date tbc – broadband migration overview • 27 Sept, 2-3pm (TBC) - Migration portal overview Invitations will be sent out nearer the time for each of these

  10. For further information go to Information and support for communication providers on the 21CN programme: The independent public information website covering the process of migration: For general information about BT’s 21CN programme go to: