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Modal Verbs

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Modal Verbs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Modal Verbs. 情态动词( 1 ). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Most of us can use computers at present, but decades ago, only a few could. Harvest and thanksgiving festivals can be very happy events. In a word, pets can be very annoying sometimes, so I don’t quite like them.

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Modal Verbs











Most of us can use computers at present, but decades ago, only a few could.

Harvest and thanksgiving festivals can be very happy events.

In a word, pets can be very annoying sometimes, so I don’t quite like them.

You can park your car here.

---Could (can) I call back later?

---Yes, you can.(No, I’m afraid not.)

Can (Could) you help me, please?



It can’t be Jim. I saw him decorating the town hall with his fellows just now.

Never have I seen such an interesting competition. Who do you guess can be the winner?

She could be with her friends right now, laughing at him.

How can it be true? I can’t believe my eyes and ears when I got the news that another violent earthquake took place in China, leaving 2,183 dead and more than 10,000 injured in Yushu and 84 still missing.

We can eat in a restaurant if you don’t feel like cooking.



We cannot but get sweets ready if you don’t want to be played a trick on.

Seeing the fireworks set off into the sky, the children can’t help laughing and jumping.

You can never be too crazy in a carnival parade.


Some festivals are held to honor the dead or to satisfy the ancestors, who might return either to help or to do harm.

may not /can not(can’t)

You may not be right. (你可能是不对的。)

You can’t be right.(你不可能是对的。)

---May I wear this pair of shoes to go with the dress?

---No, you mustn’t. Or it will kill you.



may(might) as well…还是……的好, 倒不如……

To explain to her, I think we might as well talk to the sea.

We may(might) as well stay here in case they may(might) return to look for us.


---Must I dress up for the party?

---No, you needn’t. (you don’t have to.)

Thanksgiving festivals must be of great importance in ancient times as food was not easy to find at that time.

He must play the piano when I am sleeping.

Why must you waste so much time wandering in class?

I must say you are so lovely in this hat.

If I may say so, you are so lovely in this hat.



can/be able to must/have to

mustn’t 禁止,不许

don’t have to 不必 needn’t


She said she would be there at seven o’clock.

In European countries, people will usually decorate churches and town halls with flowers and fruit, and will get together to have meals.

Most ancient festivals would celebrate the end of weather, planting in spring and harvest in autumn.

You will regret if you waste so much time wandering in class.

That’ll be the doctor now.

She would never forgive him. This would not be a happy Valentine’s Day!



shall: 用于第三人称中,表示条约规定法令等中的义务。

Rules has been released that false driving shall be fined.

should 表示推测,应该会,本应…

She should (ought to) pass her chemistry final.

It should (ought to)be warmer at this time .


It is surprising that someone should talk harshly about a day of mourning for the victims of the Yushu earthquake (玉树地震哀悼日).

Your wallet? How should I know?


must have done/ can’t have done


should/ought to have done

would have done


Have a try

1. ---How’s your tour around the North Lake? Is it beautiful?

---It ________ be, but it is now heavily polluted. (2007海南)

A. will B. would C. should D. must

2. --- She looks very happy. She ______ have passed the exam. (2007江苏)

--- I guess so. It’s not difficult after all.

A. should B. could C. must D. might

3.--Where is my dictionary? I remember I put it here yesterday.(2007江西)

—Youit in the wrong place.

A. must put B. should have put

C. might put D. might have put


4. --- My cat’s really fat.

  • --- You ______ have given her so much food. (2007浙江)
  • A. wouldn’t B. couldn’t
  • C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t
  • 5. It is usually warm in my hometown in March , but it _____ be rather cold sometime .
  • A must B can C should D would (2008福建)
  • 6.John promised his doctor he_____ not smoke, and he has never smoked ever since.
  • might B. should
  • C. could D. would (2008北京)

7. Some people who don’t like to talk much are not necessarily shy;they  _____ just be quiet people.A. must            B. may          C. should            D. would7. Some people who don’t like to talk much are not necessarily shy;they  _____ just be quiet people.A. must            B. may          C. should            D. would

8. It_____ have been Tom that parked the car here, as he is the only one with a car.

A. may B. can C. must D. should

  • 9. —Hi, Tom. Any idea where Jane is?
  • —She_____in the classroom. I saw her there just now.
  • shall be     B. should have been
  • C. must be      D. might have been

10. He did not regret saying what he did but felt that he  it differently.

A. could express        B. would express

C. could have expressed     D. must have expressed