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Web-Based Employer Transmittal (WBET). Expanding service delivery through innovative technology. Agency Mission. Over 280,000 active members Approximately 106,000 retirees 1,260 employers report to DRS 7 retirement systems and 14 separate plans.

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Web based employer transmittal wbet l.jpg

Web-Based Employer Transmittal (WBET)

Expanding service delivery through innovative technology

Agency mission l.jpg
Agency Mission

  • Over 280,000 active members

  • Approximately 106,000 retirees

  • 1,260 employers report to DRS

  • 7 retirement systems and 14 separate plans

To administer Washington state’s public retirement and deferred compensation programs in a manner that creates the highest degree of confidence in our integrity, efficiency, fairness and financial responsibility.

Problem paper reporting didn t meet changing business needs l.jpg
Problem - Paper Reporting Didn’t Meet Changing Business Needs

  • Employers submit 1,150 paper reports per month

    • 150,000 transactions per month

    • 9 – 11 days to process paper reports

    • Process prone to errors – reporting and data entry

  • New retirement plan (PERS 3) created critical need for timely, accurate reporting

    • Member expects timely investments

    • Employers can be liable for lost earnings

Employers said make reporting easier l.jpg
Employers said “Make reporting easier!” Needs

Total process time from employer submission to feedback:

9 – 11 days

“The DRS reporting process is much too complex. There has to be a simpler way”

“I’m very interested in…reporting electronically”

Identifying employer needs l.jpg
Identifying Employer Needs Needs





  • Limited technology

  • capability

  • Limited dollars to spend

  • on technology

  • Over 90% had

  • Internet access

  • Has to be easier

  • than paper

  • Use up-front edits


Focus Groups


What was our solution?

Creating the solution l.jpg
Creating the Solution Needs

  • Assisted in the look and feel of application

  • Communicated business processes and requirements

  • Tested and provided feedback

DRS built a secure, web-based employer application to submit accurate and timely member data

Employers helped design solution

Slide7 l.jpg

New Process Yields Results Needs

Processing Time

Error Rate

New process time:

1 day







How we got there l.jpg
How We Got There Needs

  • Created cross-divisional team

  • Analyzed processes and technologies

  • Developed solution based on feedback

  • Identified and monitored key measures

  • Validated solution with extensive testing

  • Piloted solution in employer environments

Results achieved l.jpg
Results Achieved Needs

  • Public Benefit

    • Increases government efficiency

      • Saves 30 minutes for each correction report

    • Supports sustainability

      • Saves paper - 97,000 pages annually

  • Customer Service

    • Streamlines investment processing

      • Decreases time by 3.71 days

    • Increases accuracy of member data

      • Reduces errors - 10% down to 0.1%

  • Financial Savings

    • Creates efficient pension administration

      • Eliminates 1,227 hours and $19,000 annually

Results achieved11 l.jpg
Results Achieved Needs

  • Internal Efficiencies

    • Reduces report processing time

      • Decreases from 9 - 11 days to 1 day

  • Learning and Growth

    • Establishes foundation for online account access

    • Develops staff’s technology skills

  • Innovation

    • Capitalizes on existing systems through innovative technology

    • Realizes cost avoidance

      • Avoids duplicating $500,000 in technology costs

    • Expands state’s web capability

Employers give positive feedback l.jpg
Employers Give Positive Feedback Needs

“I love the web transmittal! Big applause for the people that designed and implemented this easy to use tool.”

“I've been very happy with the WBET for transmittal reporting!”

“I’m really enjoying the quickness and timesaving process.”

“I really like the WBET-helps correct most mistakes before I submit.”

Source: 2002 Employer Satisfaction Survey