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Brill Hygienic Products, Inc is a one stop destination for people who are looking for hygienic toilet seats and seat covers. The company implements advanced scientific technologies in making of the products so that the best things can be created for use of customers. Some of the toilets are completely hands free. Infact there are hands-free electronic toilet seats which change automatically. With improved sanitary conditions via these products, customers will have better hygiene and health conditions. Visit company website at to gain knowledge on the company’s products in details. You can also call them on toll free number (800) 330-6696 and general number (561) 278-5600.

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It’s all aboutSanitation, SAFETY & SAVINGSBrill’s automatic seat covers replace the needfor standard paper toilet seat covers

About us
About Us

  • Brill Hygienic Products Inc. is an American company that specializes in sanitary toilet seats and sanitary plastic toilet seat covers. We were founded more than 30 years ago by Alan Brill and David Jablow. Since then, we have steadily built a reputation for quality and dependability. The Brill sanitary toilet seat cover system is now used in thousands of locations including airports, casinos, hospitals, country clubs, offices, factories, schools, and sporting arenas.


Our unique automatic seat covers replace the need for paper toilet seat covers with plastic toilet seat covers that are used a single time and automatically cover the toilet after each use.

Toilet seat product
Toilet Seat Product

Brill Hygienic Products Inc. is the world leader in hands-free, electronic sanitary toilet seats and sanitary plastic and is the only American manufacturer. We manufacture all of our products in Delray Beach, FL. This enables us to ensure the highest level of product quality, reliability and customer service. Our customers take sanitary toilet conditions seriously, and so do we; Brill is trusted all over the world for quality.

Contact information
Contact Information

  • BRiLL Hygienic Products, Inc.

  • 601 North Congress Avenue, Building 306 Delray Beach, FL 33445

  • Toll Free (800) 330-6696

  • Phone (561) 278-5600

  • Fax (561) 272-3542

  • Executive Vice President

  • David Jablow

  • [email protected]