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Distance Design

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Distance Design. Ideas and resources. 10 Principles . For engagement, support, collaboration and negotiation of learning in Distance mode. One little bit of code:. < iframe src ="paste any website address here" width =“90 %" height="600"></ iframe >

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distance design

Distance Design

Ideas and resources

10 principles
10 Principles
  • For engagement, support, collaboration and negotiation of learning in Distance mode.
one little bit of code
One little bit of code:

<iframesrc="paste any website address here" width=“90%" height="600"></iframe>


scaffolding narrative
Scaffolding narrative
  • Advance organiser
  • Scaffolding ways of thinking about content
  • Scaffolding values and ways of being
  • Creating a purpose for every reading
  • Supports active engagement and valuable student contributions
a quick word about video
A quick word about video:
  • Accessibility
  • Duration – 30 min or 10 x 3 min?
  • Size
  • Transcripts or captions
active engagement
Active Engagement
  • Interrogation of beliefs and values, as well as collaborative construction of knowledge.
  • Active engagement:
  • With content.
  • With each other
  • With teacher
active negotiation and reflection
Active negotiationand reflection

Engagement Activity

It is clear that increasingly, the focus is on capabilities and attributes that extend learning outcomes beyond disciplinary knowledge.

Write a blog reflection on your current practice as an educator. In your reflection consider your past practice, and how this has focussed on particular types of knowledge and student outcomes. The preceding section has presented policies, curriculum documents and frameworks dealing with general capabilities. Consider the implications of a consideration of attributes/skills for your current and future practice, and the way you define knowledge in this context.

Consider the reflections of others – can you see any similarities and differences between the ideas of others in different and similar contexts to your own? Consider in your reflection how the development of generic attributes and skills is aligned from pre-school and school education, and into higher education and the workforce.

distributed activity
Distributed activity
  • Students able to choose how they are comfortable engaging
  • Multiple opportunities to engage where possible
  • Consider multimodal ways of engaging - beyond text
  • Advance planning allows students to plan themselves
  • Allow space for reflection
  • 7 days of engagement, even 14 days... Balanced with expectation of participation
  • Outcomes and assessment
  • Readings and active Engagement
  • Outcomes and engagement
embedded tasks
Embedded tasks
  • With alignment, opportunities for regular embedded assessment tasks

The workload

I try to be super organised and perfectly clear in my head as to what I am looking for. I use the guiding questions and the basic criteria for this. I skim and scan looking (in the blog post) for the language that confirms they are on the right track. Yes, it's a little time consuming in the start, however a lot more efficient in the end because you have been nibbling away at the task for a couple of weeks.

  • The social and cognitive support it affords to students

This aspect can not be overlooked. Regular blog posting and associated feedback provides the student with instant feedback on how well they are doing. This regularity makes the whole blogging experience more authentic ('cause that's what you'd do in real life if your were a blogger) and gives them all the opportunity to follow each other as well as eminent educators. The fact that you can offset any issues through this regular contact is GOLD to my thinking. You really have a much better chance of keeping your finger on the pulse within your group.

flipping delivery
Flipping delivery
  • If you are 'telling'
  • Not just ppt and video or notes- opportunities for multimodal delivery
synchronous sessions
Synchronous sessions
  • Best purpose
  • Use for collaboration and engagement
roles and workload
Roles and workload
  • Ebb and flow do activity
  • If asynchronous ... Why a Collaborate session?
transparent learning
Transparent learning
  • Blogging, export folios etc
  • Why?
a 15 solution where is your 15
A 15% solution – where is your 15%

Everyone can identify something small immediately that makes a BIG difference to their courses.

There is no reason to wait around, feel powerless, or fearful. Pick it up a level.

Focus on what is within your power to achieve; NOT what you cannot yet manage.

Solutions to problems are often distributed widely in people, and not known in advance.  Change is best achieved as a united group!


by the way
By the way …