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Assessment design for distance education

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Assessment design for distance education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assessment design for distance education. # The concept of distance education:.

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Assessment design

for distance education

the concept of distance education

# The concept of distance education:

“Is to provide education or training through means E-educational including satellite, video, audio, tapes recorded, computer programs and technology educational multimedia, in addition to other means of distance education ."

distance education in terms of transport divided into two types
Distance education in terms of transport divided into two types:

A - (Synchronous Delivery) :Where communication and interaction directly in the real time between the lecturer and students in educational institutions of various universities, institutes, schools that in the case of distance education .

B – (Asynchronous Delivery) :

In this type is the transfer and delivery of records or provide academic article by videos or by computer, or any other means, and the student (recipient) receives from the other side or obtained the material at a later time ( not at the same time). Example of this article can be provided by the school and transported by any party or institution through the pages posted online or by video, and then send queries, questions and comments by e-mail from the students .

the means of distance education
* the means of distance education:

- Print

- Audio

- Computer

- Video

system design for distance learning
* System design for distance learning:

The main stages :

(1) Conduct needs assessment :

- Course analysis .

- Audience analysis .

- Instructor analysis .

- Technology analysis .

(2) The educational objectives and find material production .

(3) The provision of training and practical application of lecturers and supervisors .

(4) System design phase .

criteria for the effectiveness and efficiency of distance education
* Criteria for the effectiveness and efficiency of distance education

1- Achieving methodology distance education to the objects of direct education . 2- level of the results of tests of distance education students .3- cost and dividend of distance education programs .

assessment design for distance education
* Assessment design for distance education:

1- Must identify clear procedures for admission and registration .

2- Provide basic supplies software for the system of education .

3- Allocation supervisor for each article .

4- Provide a digital library containing information sources and containers of all kinds .

5- Need to determine a schedule of each article .

6- Appropriate method of evaluation and testing in accordance with generally accepted standards .

7- identify supervisor for each student .

8- Must provide ways to continue between the guide and student .

9- Provision of special places for the performance of the final tests .