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My Ancestors

My Ancestors . By M organ. My great great great grandfather John mcconnell.

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My Ancestors

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  1. My Ancestors By Morgan

  2. My great greatgreat grandfather John mcconnell He was a native of Tandragee, county Armagh, Ireland (now part of Northern Ireland.) YOB 1798 He left for a better life and came to Canada. He was a farmer and had 8 children. In 1861 his farm was worth $4,000. He was very successful.

  3. My great great grandfather raymondmcconnell He was the oldest of the 8 children. He got the farm. He arrived in Michigan in 1886 eventually settling in Clare. He brought $15,000 with him. He and his wife Mary were married for 50 years.

  4. My great grandfather danielmcconnell YOB 1868 He married Mary Agnes Battle in 1895 and had 9 children. He bought land in Clare and by the 1920’s only the youngest two children lived on their 160 acre farm. He was killed while walking to church in 1931. His wife outlived her husband by 33 years. She passed away at the age of 93.

  5. My grandpa and grandma heath My grandma was the youngest of 9 children. She and one of her brothers were the first to be college educated. She was a teacher and he was a chemist. My grandpa served in WWII. He died before I was born. My grandma lived until she was 95.

  6. My immediate family My mom is the youngest of five children. All of them have college degrees. Three of them went to MSU, one went to UofM, and one went to CMU. My mom married her high school sweetheart and had two perfect daughters. Our Irish heritage lives on with me being born on St. Patrick’s Day!

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