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Lesson 2.3.2. What is the equation of the line? Finding an equation of a Line Through Two Points. Lesson Objective : SWBAT use their knowledge of y= mx+b to find the equations of lines from two points on a table or graph.

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Lesson 2 3 2

Lesson 2.3.2

What is the equation of the line?

Finding an equation of a Line Through Two Points

Lesson Objective: SWBAT use their knowledge of y=mx+b to find the equations of lines from two points on a table or graph.

CCS Standards: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, model with mathematics, use appropriate tools strategically, attend to precision, look for and make use of structure.

N.Y. State Standard: A.A.32-33, 37Slope A.G.4: Graphing Linear Equations A.A. 34-35 Writing Linear Equations A.A 39 Identifying Points on a Line


  • Slope (pendiente)

  • rate of growth (cambio en altura)

  • horizontal axis (eje x)

  • vertical axis(eje y)

  • y-intercept (intercepto y)

  • Table(tabla de valores)

  • graph (grafica)

  • Coordinates (coordenada)

  • function (funcion)

  • domain (dominio)

  • Range (rango)

  • Equation (equacion).

  • Do Now: (5min)

  • I have passed out index cards with the following roles:

Mini Lesson: (5-10 min)

Using the questions from the worksheet please answer the questions as we go along, if there are any questions please raise your hand. Are there any volunteers to read the problem and help me fill in the table?

Now that you have completed this problem with me please do 2-87

On your own and I will be going around to see how you are doing.

Group Work (20-25 min)

  • Ok please the pairs from the do now join the pair that I assign you to form groups of 4, and begin to work on problem 2-88.

  • Each pair in your team is responsible for one logo. Follow along with the instructions if there are any questions I will be around. And be ready to explain how you got your anwsers.

Closure: (10 min)

Allows students to tap into their intrapersonal intelligence by allowing them to reflect in their learning

Please in your notebooks look back at what you did today and answer the following question. If you were to teach today’s lesson to a fellow classmate that was absent, what key point/ or ideas would you go through? What procedure would our show them. Take 5 minutes and then we will share out some ideas.

Homework:Problems 2-90 through 2-93and begin to think about Question three that I showed your earlier this week, remember your portfolio project.