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Speaking English with Your Feet. Ss : How do you say ‘ boru ’ in English please? T : Pipes. Ss : Sorry? T : Pipes. Ss : P? e? p?... Can you write it on the board?

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Ss: How do you say ‘boru’ in English please?

T : Pipes.

Ss: Sorry?

T : Pipes.

Ss: P? e? p?... Can you write it on the board?

T: But this is a speaking activity, you know. You will have to report your ideas to the class. It’s not a writing exercise. What do you need the spelling for?

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Visual Support

  • Visual image (spelling) of the new word is needed.

  • Get used to trusting their eyes rather than their ears.

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Mother Tongue Acquisition

  • Babies are born with excellent auditory perception.

  • Become to be visual at the age of 10 months.

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Second Language Acquisition

Second language acquisition in young learners and adults is affected by this cognitive and attentional process.

Its effects can be reduced by awareness & effective action.

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Choose Tasks in order to

Raise Awareness

Stimulate innate instinct


Develop study habits that fit their speaking & listening needs


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Classroom Activities

  • Pens Down, Eyes Up! This is an English class!

  • Speak English with your feet!

  • Dance the BBC news!

  • Study English in the


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People can only absorb a small fraction of what they hear- much more of what they can see.

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Discussion Questions

  • 1- What activities can you think of in order to develop listening and speaking skills in addition to Bermejo’s?

  • 2- Considering the age of your students, do you think it is possible to stimulate innate instinct to pick up the phonetic and prosodic features as it is in the mother tongue? Can you give any suggestions or any examples?

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