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NWCA W restling W eight. Manageme n t Op t imal Perf o rman c e Calcu l ator. NWCA Background. Headquar t ers loc a ted in Manhei m , P A Estab l ish e d in 1928 to se r ve, pro t ec t , & p r o m ote a m at e ur wres t l i ng

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Nwca background

  • HeadquarterslocatedinManheim, PA

  • Establishedin1928 toserve,protect,& promote amateur wrestling

  • Primary goal istohelp athletesreachtheirfullest humanpotentialthroughparticipationinwrestling.

  • Cornerstonesof NWCAarecoaching development, student-wrestler welfare, and advocacy

  • Membership is approaching10,000

History of w eight manage m ent

  • 1997 threecollegewrestlersdied whileengaged in unsafe “weightloss”activities.

  • TheNCAAMedicalAdvisory Committeeestablished and mandatedacomprehensiveweightcertification programtosafeguard wrestlers.

  • SeveralStateHigh SchoolAthleticAssociations adoptednewregulationsas earlyas2000.

Role of nwca in w eight man a gem e nt
RoleofNWCAinWeight Management

  • 1999-2000 -OptimalPerformanceCalculator(OPC)is developedtoadministratetheprogram.

  • OPCBenefits: standardized,paperless,customizable,central repositoryfordata,nutritionprogram, compliance,tournament administration.

  • OPCValueAdded: “All Sports”functionality.

  • In 2013-14,38 StateHigh SchoolAthleticAssociationsandall collegiategoverningbodieswill usetheOPC– 210,000 wrestlers.

  • Starting in 2014-15 the NWCA has partnered with Trackwrestling to launch a new version of the OPC on the Trackwrestling platform

Com p onents of t he w eight ma n age m ent progra m
ComponentsoftheWeight ManagementProgram:




Body Fat

To Establish:


SafeWeightLoss Plan

Daily NutrientGoals

2004 n at a drafts a cooperative agree m ent with the nw c a
2004NATADraftsaCooperative AgreementwiththeNWCA

  • In thisagreementthe NATA&NWCAdevelopco- brandededucationalcontenttohelp coaches,wrestlers, parents,and administratorsuse theOptimal Performance Calculator

  • NATAMembers in stateswithmandatedprograms receivefreeaccesstoOPC


  • TheNFHShas 50 statesplus theDistrictof Columbia (51). Thereare50 of 51 memberswho offerstatewrestling championships. (Mississippidoes notoffer.)

  • InApril2005,theNFHSMedicalAdvisory Committee& NFHSWrestlingCommitteetransformeditsWt.Mngt. recommendations intoa mandatedprogrameffective2006/07.


  • Theestablishmentof a minimum wrestlingweight basedon 7% body fat for males and 12%body fat for females.

  • Hydrationlevelof 1.025 dependingon stateassociationrules.

  • Weightlossno greaterthan 1.5% per week of theathlete’s body weight.

  • Nutritioneducationprogramforstudent-athletes.


Assessmentsshouldbeperformedpriortothefirst practice,butmost definitely beforethefirstcompetition–checkwithyourstate office for specifics

Preparation of w restlers for asses s ments
PreparationofWrestlersfor Assessments

No vigorousactivityon theeveningbeforeand theday of


Avoid any caffeinatedbeverageson theday beforeand day of thetesting.

On the dayof testing,drink500ml (17 oz.)of fluid. (A sports drinkis an excellentchoice).

Avoid any vitaminor mineralsupplementstwo days before and theday of testing.

Be awakethreehours priortotesting.

Do noteattwo hours prior totesting.

Data co l le c t i on

  • Itis recommended thatallassessment dataforeachwrestler is initiallyrecordedon a datacollectionform or anindex cardso a“hardcopy”backupsystemis available.

  • Adatacollectionform for both BIAmeasurements and skin fold measurementsis availableon theOptimal Performance Calculatorwebsite.

Sk i n f o ld data co l le c t i on fo r m

Bia d ata c o l le c t i on fo r m

Materials needed for t esting s ite

Step 1

Assessment of

Hydration Status

Step 1 asses s me n t of hydration status
Step1 AssessmentofHydrationStatus

Completionof a hydrationtestshouldbe requiredbefore any wrestlercanundergo a body compositionor weight assessment.

Purpose is twofold.

Dehydrationcansignificantlyaffect aBIAbody compositionmeasurewhich willresultinan invalid percentbodyfat.

Dehydrationor lossof water weightwilldirectly affect minimal wrestlingweight.

Step 1 asses s me n t of hydration status1
Step1 AssessmentofHydrationStatus

  • Two methodscommonlyused toassessurinespecific gravity(Usg) are:1) reagentteststripsand 2) refractometer.

  • Refractometryis consideredthegoldstandardand reagentstrips areanacceptablealternativein most state associations.

  • Thecostrangeof arefractometeris between$240.00-

  • $550.00 andreagentstripsaverageabout$40.00 fora

  • packageof 100.

Step 1 as s es s ment of hydra t ion sta t us
Step1 AssessmentofHydrationStatus



Step 1 as s es s ment of hydra t ion sta t us1
Step1 AssessmentofHydrationStatus

  • If a wrestlerhasa urinespecificgravityabove1.025 (asset by theNFHS– mightbe1.020 in somestates),they should notbe allowedtoundergo thebody compositionassessment.

  • If wrestlerfailsthehydrationtesttheyshouldnot be assessedagainfor24 hours (theyarestillbound tothe weekly1.5% rulewhenbeingretested).

  • In preparationfor thehydrationtestthe athletesshouldbe instructedto consume 2-4 cupsof waterin1-2 hourperiod immediatelyprecedingthe test.

Step 1 as s es s ment of hydra t ion status
Step1 AssessmentofHydrationStatus

Evaluatorassistant wears rubbergloves duringthe assessment.

Subject is provideda cup(markedby name or identificationnumber).Sampleshouldnever leavethe possessionof thesubject.

Subject is theninstructed toprovide a

2-3 oz. urinesample(mid-stream)inthe





Step 1 as s es s ment of hydra t ion sta t us2
Step1 AssessmentofHydrationStatus

Practice andenforce secure procedures duringurinecollection.


Urinespecificgravity is thenmeasuredby reagent strips ora refractometer.(follow manufacturer's guidelines)


Uponsuccessfulcompletionof the

hydrationtestthe subject shoulddispose

of sampleandthenproceedto the bodyweight andbody compositionassessment stations.


Step 2
Step 2

Assessment ofHeight

Necessary when using TanitaB.I.A. tomeasure body fat

Step 3
Step 3

Assessment ofBody Composition

Skincalipers,bio-impedance,hydrostaticweighing,and BodPodareallcurrentlyapprovedbytheNFHSmedical advisorycommittee. The NCAAapprovesallmeasures exceptbio-impedance. Eachstateassociationhasthe autonomytomake the finaldecision.

Step 3 asses s ment of body composition
Step3 AssessmentofBodyComposition

Ideally, this measurement should betaken prior to the first practice,but mustbe performed prior tothe firstcompetition.

Step 3 asses s ment of body composition1
Step3 AssessmentofBodyComposition

  • Two methodscommonlyused toassessbody fat with the criticalmassesare:1) skin foldanalysisand 2) bioelectricalimpedanceanalysis(BIA).

  • Allpersonnelconductingthe body composition assessment shouldhaveadvancedtrainingand educationinwhichevermethod isbeing employed.

  • Theaveragecostof skinfold calipersis around

  • $200.00-$250.00.

Lange skin fold calipers

Asshownbelow,the goalis tomeasure a doublefold of skin and subcutaneoustissue(withsidesof skinfold approximately parallel). Thethickerthefat layer,thewider thefold.

Basic rules for t aking skin folds

  • Takeskin fold measurements on the rightside ofthebody (most skin foldequationswere developedfrom measurementson therightside).

  • Do nottakemeasurements when thesubject'sskin ismoist (ensurethatthe skin isdry, andhas no lotion). Also do not take measurementsimmediatelyafter exercise.

  • To reduceerrorduringthelearningphase,skin fold sites shouldbe preciselydetermined, marked, andverifiedby a trainedinstructor. The largestsourceof errorin skinfold testingis inaccuratesiteselection.

Sk i n fold rules c ont i nued

  • Firmly graspthe skinfold withthe thumb and indexfinger of thelefthand, andpullaway.

  • Hold the caliperin therighthand,perpendiculartotheskin fold andwith theskin fold dialfacingup andeasily readable. Placethe caliperheads ¼-½ inchaway fromthe fingersholdingtheskin fold. Try to visualizewhere a true double-foldof skinthicknessis, and placethe caliperheads there.

Sk i n fold rules c ont i nued1

  • Readthe caliperdialtothe nearest1 millimeterwithin 4 seconds. During themeasurement, ensurethatthe left thumb and forefinger maintainsthe shapeof theskin fold.

  • Takea minimum of 3 measurementsat eachsite(at least15 secondsapart).


Verticalfoldon posterioraspectof arm,midway between lateralprojectionof acromionprocess and inferiormarginofolecranonprocess. Flexthe elbow to 90 degreestoidentifythe landmarks.


Verticalfold,one inchtothe rightsideof and

½ inch belowthe navel.

TheJackson-Pollockprocedureusesa verticalfold2 cm totherightoftheumbilicus.

Subscapular skin fold

Diagonalfold justbelowtheinferiorangle

of scapula.



  • Asafe electricalsignalis generatedand passedthrough the wrestlerbeing measured.

  • BIAmeasures theimpedanceor resistancetothe electricalsignalas ittravelsthroughoutthe body. Resistancetothe electricalsignalis greaterinfat mass than musclemass,simply becausefat massis nota good conductorof electricityduetoitsrelativelylow watercontent.

  • Theaveragecostof aBIAmachineis around $1,700.

Leg-to-LegBIA (TanitaCorporation)



  • BIAdoesnot requiresa high degreeof technicianskilland thereforeis easyto use,and providessimultaneous measurementsof body weightand body compositionina short timeperiod.

  • Wrestlersimply standson thescaleafter enteringafew piecesof information(age,gender,height)and resultsare generatedinlessthan 1 minute.

  • Body fat resultsarethen enteredintothe Initial Assessmentpagefor calculationof minimal wrestling weight.

Step 4

Recording Weight

Step 5

Entering the Data

It has been highly recommendedthat assessment datanot be entered by the wrestling coach.

Step 5 entering the data
Step5 EnteringtheData

  • Resultsof thehydration,height(ifusingBIA)andbody weight assessment willbeenteredintothe NWCAOptimal Performance Calculator powered by Trackwrestlingon theInitialAssessmentpage (locatedatwww.trackwrestling.com/tw/seasons)





ClickonManage &Season Teams





Asse s sor dashboard

List of schools that you are able to assess will appear

Select / SearchSchool

Entering the data

  • Name,Grade, Height

  • DateofAssessment

  • Urinespecificgravity

  • Alpha body weight

  • Skinfold measurements

  • PercentBody Fat (BIA)

Fema l e w re s t l ers

  • Clickon theAdd femalewrestlerlinkof theinitial assessment Step1.

  • Only the tricepsand subscapularskinfolds willbe

  • entered.

  • Minimalwrestlingweight willbe calculatedat 12%.

Video instruction
Video Instruction


Entering assessments click on add transaction
Entering Assessments Click on Add Transaction

Entering assessments confirm if practice or live transaction
Entering Assessments Confirm if Practice or Live Transaction

As s essment form step 1

Click on Add Assessment

As s essment form step 2

SelectWrestler from the drop down menu

As s essment form step 21

Add new wrestler if not in the drop down menu / assessor and coach can import roster from previous year. Refer to video.

As s es s ment form step 3 enter assessment date and if passed hydration test
AssessmentForm–Step3 Enter assessment date and if passed hydration test

As s es s ment form step 4 enter body fat measurements if using skin folds
AssessmentForm–Step4 Enter body fat measurements if using skin folds

As s essment form step 4 enter body fat measurements if using bia bodpod hydrostatic or dexa
AssessmentForm–Step4Enter body fat measurements if using BIA, BodPod, Hydrostatic or Dexa


Calculations: FinalCalculations – Click next wrestler or finish


Click on Finish when completing all assessments – Suggested to hit close to review assessments before committing


Review assessments and then click on confirm – Red clock means pending – If there is an error, click on the wrestler’s name to edit the assessment prior to confirming.

As s es s ment form error edit the assessment form click save and recalculate
AssessmentForm–Error Edit the assessment form – Click save and recalculate

As s es s ment form step 6c confirm commit transaction
AssessmentForm–Step6C Confirm ‘commit’ transaction

As s es s ment form step 6d assessments are confirmed
AssessmentForm–Step6D Assessments are confirmed

Icons click on the for the icon legend
Icons Click on the ? for the Icon Legend

Individual w eight loss plan

Access from roster or alpha master report – Click on Scale Icon

Individual w eight loss plan1

Alpha mas t er report



Nutrition program coming soon
Nutrition Program – Coming Soon

The NWCA will be partnering with a gold standard nutrition program in the very near future for the student-athletes

Healthy t raining

  • Emphasis shouldbe placedon training-notweightloss.

  • Emphasis on lifelonghealthyliving.

  • Consequencesof dehydration.

T raining the coach

  • NWCABasic ConceptsofWeightManagement and NutritionalGuidelines.

  • Seminartoeducatethecoacheson healthyeatinghabits,safe

  • weight losstechniquesand dangersof improper weightloss.

Educating the athlete and parent

  • Video

  • Individualprogrampresentations.

  • NWCAWebbased Nutrition/WeightManagement program

Please complete your training by taking the quiz which you can access through the link below
Please complete your training by taking the quiz which you can access through the link below:


Thank y ou
Thank can access through the link below:You!





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