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STRATEGY MAPPING - PLUS. UHR Strategy Mapping & Balanced Scorecards 2008. Harvard Business School:.

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strategy mapping plus


UHR Strategy Mapping & Balanced Scorecards


harvard business school

Harvard Business School:

90% of Organizations Fail to Execute Strategy 95% of Employees do not understand their Organization’s Strategy 85% of Top Management Spend Less than One Hour per Month Discussing Their Orgs Strategy

How do You Fix This?

balanced scorecard collaborative

Balanced Scorecard Collaborative:

5% of the workforce understands their company


25% of managers have incentives linked to strategy

60% of organizations don’t link budgets to strategy

86% of executive teams spend less than one hour

per month discussing strategy

How do You Fix This?


What is Strategy?Answers the: “What” and “Why”(Programs/projects/services are the “How”) “What will cause us to fulfill the Vision? “What are the critical success factors?”Is Future Oriented & puts action in the VisionLinks a shared vision of the future of the organization to actionable initiatives/services e.g. We will be in the Top 5 schools by 2010 Customer Satis. will increase 5 pts by 2010Game Plan – to get you from where you are to where you want to be - strategically


Ingredients Before You Start: Vision Statement (What we look like in the future)Mission(For what purpose do we exist? Who do we serve, i.e. customers? What are our aspirations? What are our values? e.gcollaboration, diversity, integrityValues (Can be separate) – innovation; collaboration; ethics; diversityExternal Factors:Regulations, Competition

how to discover your mission and vision

How to Discover Your Mission and Vision

PESTEL Analysis

Political, Economic, Sociological, Techno, Environmental, Legal


What is the culture of the organization? (How do we do things here/conduct change?)

How is the HR function viewed by other functions?

Who are the political champions of HR (or its adversaries)?

Shareholder views (Unit HR Personnel)

Where do we “fit” within the Org and How do we support the Mission n Vision at

the Higher Levels (B&F and Univ-President’s)

Economic, Sociological, Techno, Environmental

pestel continued

PESTEL - continued


What is happening in our sector that will impact what we do?

Minimum wage

FLSA Changes

FMLA Changes

Ethnicity Code & Reporting Changes

What changes will impact the services of the organization e.g.. Contracts

Same Sex Domestic Partner Challenge/Ruling

university strategic goal statements

University Strategic/Goal Statements

President Coleman's “Future Directions: Shaping the Michigan Difference”;

Board of Regents 04-22-04

We will sustain academic excellence

“Recruit and retain the very best faculty and students

Must maintain the distinctive strength of our extraordinary staff, who provide highly

skilled effort that keeps our intellectual and physical infrastructure so robust”

We will foster active engagement

“We must develop the infrastructure – technological and physical

to support all forms of academic engagement……”

We will build collaborative learning communities

“As we deal with multifaceted social problems, we find they often do not fit into the discrete disciplines of academia”

We will create greater access to Michigan’s academic quality

“Now we have to turn inward to enhance our efforts in recruiting and retaining a campus community – students, faculty, and staff – that reflects the full diversity of our nation and creates a campus that is truly and completely supportive of that diversity”


UHR Mission and Vision (link to Pres/Univ Goals)Mission – To support the University's mission of teaching, research and public service by providing leadership and service in all aspects of human resource management, including: UHR Response:Recruitment and retention of an excellent faculty & staff; Equal employment opportunity and affirmative action; Development of the skills and abilities of faculty and staff, including personal excellence in leadership and management; Constructive human relations in a diverse and multi-cultural work environment; Ethical, humane, consistent and legal management practices; Recognition and regard for both individual and group achievement; Efficient use of limited financial resources to provide compensation and benefits that are competitive in the appropriate markets.


UHR Mission and VisionVision – To work independently in partnerships, both within and outside of the University, to develop and maintain effective policies, practical programs, efficient processes, sensitive responses, and prompt and comprehensive services related to the human resource needs of the University community: Respecting the inherent worth of all individuals evidenced through inclusiveness and diversity; Being committed to professional and organization ethical practice and integrity; Seeking quality/excellence of services which meet the needs of the organization as a whole and of the diverse groups which comprise the University; Creating a University environment to meet the work and service needs of the University, as well as the work and family needs of the faculty and staff; Developing shared responsibility and strategic partnerships within the University community; Promoting continuous learning and improvement; Initiating positive change and innovation.


Common Strategy “Musts”Must not Jump from Mission, Vision, Values statements to products, services, programs, initiatives without asking:“Why this program vs. another? Which is most strategic and takes us to completing the vision/mission?”Must Link the chosen program across diverse organizational unitsMust Link the chosen program to personal performance (incentives, compensation, training, etc)Must state the urgency and benefits of the chosen program

common musts 2

Common “Musts” - 2

Strategy at the Highest Levels is a series/collection of themes or focuses and must be a limited number, e.g.UHR has Six Strategic Goals thru 2010

Must be measured and managed often

Must report on progress to stakeholders/customers

uhr six strategic goals by 2010

UHR Six Strategic Goals by 2010

1. Developing leading practices in the recruitment, retention and development of outstanding faculty and staff

2. Build Human Resources’ skills, competencies and expertise to advance University goals

5. Foster and maintain a work and learning environment that is inclusive, welcoming and supportive, and is free from discrimination

building the strateg y map

Building the Strategy Map

UHR Vision Statement:

To work independently in partnerships, both within and outside of the University, to develop and maintain effective policies, practical programs, efficient processes, sensitive responses, and prompt and comprehensive services related to the human resource needs of the University community: “Respecting the inherent worth of all individuals evidenced

through inclusiveness and diversity” President

What will take us there? What will cause this to be fulfilled?

Otherwise: What is the Strategy?

UHR Goal 5. Foster and maintain a work and learning environment that is inclusive, welcoming and supportive, and is free from


what a strategy focused org looks like

What a Strategy-Focused Org Looks Like



High Goals Defined:

Linked to Higher Level

UHR Goal 5: Foster…environment.. free from discrimination

Mission & Vision

Key/Strategic Initiatives:

“Diversity Matters”

educ. Program


What will cause the Vision to be Successful – what Strategy/Strategic High Goals?

building the strategy map

Building the Strategy Map

“Must” evaluate each chosen Strategic Initiative through Four Perspectives :

Customer/Key Stakeholders (Students, Staff, Legislators, Contributors)

- What impact will this have on our customers, what will customers want?

- Expand University customer base?

- Increase public awareness of University? Legislator/Public approval?


- How can we contain financial increases/control? Cost containment?

- Will this strategic initiative have and/or need knowledge “we” have that no one else has? e.g. deep institutional knowledge/expertise

building the strategy map ii

Building the Strategy Map - II

“Must” evaluate each chosen Strategic Initiative through Four Perspectives :

Int Business Processes

-What internal bus. processes/procedures must be changed/created to fulfill this strategic initiative and have best impact on Customers/Key Stakeholders?

- Can we increase self-service options? Ease of access?

- Does technology have to change?

Employee Learning & Growth

- What do our employees have to learn, improve upon?

- What do our employees have to learn to maintain prof. expertise

- What training is required for “new processes” – (see Int Bus Proc)?

let s build

Let’s Build


strategic initiatives to support uhr goal 5

Strategic Initiatives to Support UHR Goal 5

•A comprehensive accessibility review to ensure the usability and ADA compliance of all University buildings has been completed. (2 Yrs)

* Campus Bldg Review Schedule Completed (>200 bldgs) * "Bus Plan/Proposal" developed to obtain funding from "ADA Fund" in U Architects Ofc for Campus

•A U-M diversity network has been created to enhance the U-M positive and welcoming work environment.

* Establishment/Design of Diversity program/seminar e.g. Diversity Matters * Diversity recruiter appointed * Presentations/calls to leading diversity suppliers/organizations * Diversity relationship-building website developed, e.g. who, where