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INSA. Lyon. INSA-Lyon: institute of excellence. INSA. Lyon. Founded in 1957 by Capelle, Rector of the educational district of Lyon. INSA-Lyon: institute of excellence. Located on one of most important french Technological Campus INSA Lyon is the leading Engineering College

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Insa lyon institute of excellence
INSA-Lyon: institute of excellence



Founded in 1957

by Capelle, Rector of the educational district of Lyon

Insa lyon institute of excellence1
INSA-Lyon: institute of excellence

Located on one of most

important french

Technological Campus

INSA Lyonis the leading Engineering College

of an important network

of 5 institute

(Lyon, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg,Toulouse)

which confers nearly

13% of all French engineering degrees (Master Level).

Insa lyon institute of excellence2
INSA-Lyon: institute of excellence

In 2001 INSA-Lyon celebrated its

40th graduation

More than 25 000 engineeringstudentsgraduated from INSA Lyon.

Insa lyon institute of excellence3
INSA-Lyon: institute of excellence

In the year 2001-2003, INSA’s outstanding level of performance was acknowledged in

4 prestigious publications:

- Voted top 5-year French engineering school

by “L’Etudiant” magazine

- Ranked in the top 10 French engineering schools

by “Le Nouvel Economiste” magazine

- Ranked 2nd among French engineering schools in

terms of Research and Development turnover(more than 1,050 industrial contracts with a total turnover

of more than 15.3 Million Euros) by the monthly

“Industries et Technologies” magazine

- Ranked 4th among Europe’s “non-university” institutions

for the number of Socrates exchange programme

by the National Socrates-Leonardo agency.

A 5 year programme
A 5-year programme

INSA-Lyon trains:

- highly qualified engineers

- 6% of them go on a PhD thesis.

• A multidisciplinary institute

Over 800 qualified engineers per year

in 11 different specialized fields

• Open to the professional world

- Several internships (up to 10 months)

- R&D Projects in cooperation with industry

- 15M Euros of annual research grants from industry

A 5 year programme1
A 5-year programme

• Multi-skilled training integrating Science, Technology, Art, Culture and Management

- a Humanities Center, a sport center

- an “Engineer-Entrepreneur” section

- Art Studies sections (music, dance, theatre, plastic arts)

- A High-Level Sports section

- 100 student clubs and associations

A 5 year programme2
A 5-year programme

11 Specialized

engineering fields

• Biochemistry and Biocomputing(47graduates per year)

• Civil Engineering and Urban Development

(120 graduates per year)

• Electrical Engineering

(122 graduates per year)

• Energetics and Environmental Engineering

(68 graduates per year)

• Mechanical Engineering Design

(136 graduates per year)

• Mechanical Engineering-Development

(85 graduates per year)

• Materials Science Engineering

(82 graduates per year)

• Industrial Engineering

(76 graduates per year)

• Computer Science

(124 graduates per year)

• Telecommunication

(76 graduates per year)


Entrance at Bachelor level for foreign and french (5%) students

Entrance for other

french (20%) students


Graduate Level









5 Advanced Masters










Post master programmes
Post Master programmes


22 Doctoral programmes offered

• Inorganic Chemistry

• Analytical Chemistry Sciences

• Waste Sciences and technologies

• Towns and societies

• Dimensions Cognitives et Modélisation

• Control Systems Engineering

• Integrated Electronic Devices

• Electrical Engineering

• Images and Systems

• Analysis and Modelling of Biological Systems

• Multimedia Documents, Images

and Communicating Information Systems

• Knowledge discovery in databases

• Industrial Engineering

• Biochemisty

• Material Science and Engineering ; microstructure,

mechanical behavior, durability.

• Polymer Materials and Composites

• Condensed matter surfaces and interfaces

• Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis

and Scientific Computing

• Acoustics

• Civil Engineering : Grounds and Urban Hydrolog,

Materials and Structures, Building and Environment

• Mechanical Engineering

• Heat Transfer and Thermal Energetics

5 advanced

Master’s courses

• Management of the Environment

• Computer Science • Internet Engineering

• Technical Director of Live Shows

• Industrial Engineering



5 Advanced Masters





A dynamic international policy
A dynamic international policy

• More than 180 partner

universities throughout the world

• Very high mobility rates:

70% spend one or two

semesters abroad

• Increasing numbers of

foreign students on campus:

- 72 different nationalities

- 1 out of 5 is a non french native

A dynamic international policy1
A dynamic international policy

International Sections

2 years programme:

• EURINSA : (created in 1991)

130 students per year

1/3 french, 1/3 from EC, 1/3 others Eurpean countries

• ASINSA : (created in 1998)

100 students per year

1/2 french, 1/2 from Asia (China, India, Vietnam…)

• AMERINSA : (created in 2000)

50 students per year

1/2 french, 1/2 from Central and Latin America

A dynamic international policy2
A dynamic international policy

• 10 foreign languages

as well as french as a foreign

language are taugh

• Specific

linguistic groups

A centre for research and socio economic development
A centre for research and socio-economic development

27 research laboratories

- 575 research faculty and permanent researchers

- 240 research master students of which 94

are engineering students

- 450 doctoral students

- 130 theses presented each year

- 1250 publications and

international communications

A centre for research and socio economic development1
A centre for research and socio-economic development

INSAVALOR: a private subsidiary encouraging industrial applications of research

(1,050 industrial contracts worth more than 15.3 Million Euros in turnover per year) and a centre for industry and innovation which hosts 25 companies.

October 2002 :

INSA was ranked 2nd among French engineering institute in terms of Research and Development turnover by the monthly magazine ‘Industries et Technologies’.

A centre for research and socio economic development2
A centre for research and socio-economic development

Technological research focused on engineering sciences:

• Materials :Functional Materials, Structural Materials,

Civil Engineering, Metals, Ceramics, Polymers

• Mechanics :Solid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics,

Tribology, Vibrations-acoustics

• Energy and Environment: Systems Security, Clean Working

Practices, Waste Management and Purification, Heat Transfer, Urban Engineering

• Science and Technology of Communication

and Information: Electronic Components and Systems, Computer Science,

Robotics, Micro and Nanotechnologies, Telecommunications, Data Processing

• Biology and Health: Health Care Engineering, Biotechnology,

Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Interaction Biology, Bimolecular Synthesis

Long life learning with insacast
Long life learning with INSACAST

INSACAST has forty years of expertise in continuous education courses. INSACAST trains 2,500 people per year through more than 350 programs.(Annual turnover is more than 3m euros).

• INSACAST offers a wide variety of courses :

• 300 short tailor-made training.

• 15 certified programs to meet the needs of industry.

• 15 diploma courses according to demand.

• 5 advanced Master in: Computing, Internet Engineering,

Environment Management, Industrial Engineering and Performing

Arts Management.

• As part of its range of courses, INSACAST also offers :

• One-to-one coaching.

• An approach to teaching based on engineering practice

and pedagogical methods.

• The possibility of running on demand courses.

Insa lyon all facilities on campus
INSA-Lyon: all facilities on campus

A tradition of quality and excellence focusing on:

(80% of students from outside the Lyon area)

• Residence facilities

- 3,200 beds/1,000,000 meals per year

- 4 restaurant options

- 80% of accommodation facilities renovated from 1995 to 2002

• Active student life: associations, sports and social clubs

- Since 1997, a large student building run by the

students union which co-ordinates around

100 student clubs and associations

- 2,500 students (60% of all student)

participates student clubs and associations.

Insa lyon all the facilities of a town on a campus
INSA-Lyon: all the facilities of a town on a campus

• Clubs by theme:

• Student association highlights:

• “The INSA 24 Hours”- a cycle race and other animation

attracting over 30,000 visitors

• FORUM ORGANISATION – a forum with the participation of over 200 companies

• ETIC – a student-run company, regularly ranked first among junior companies

at a national level

• The Humanitarian carnival – a week of solidarity events

Insa lyon all the facilities of a town on a campus1
INSA-Lyon: all the facilities of a town on a campus

Sport: part of the curriculum

- A very active sports association, present in the majority

of French university championship finals

- A High-Level Athlete Sports-study section, participation of INSA students in the Olympic Games

• Well organised cultural activities encouraging strong links with the town and local area:

- an active cultural service

- Combined art-study sections:

• Music/Science Studies

• Dance/Science Studies

• Theater/Science Studies

• Plastic arts/Science Studies

- "La Rotonde des Humanités"

A cultural centre with 400 seats/20,000 spectators per year.


Institut National

des Sciences Appliquées

de Lyon

20, avenue Albert Einstein - 69621 Villeurbanne cedex

Tél. (+33) 04 72 43 83 83 - Fax : (+33) 04 72 43 85 00 -