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  1. SITE VISIT INTERVIEWS Presented by: Renée Starek Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development Center 412-268-2064 (call for an appointment with your Career Consultant)

  2. What is a Site Visit? • An invitation to travel to the employer’s location for an interview • A full day of interviewing, touring the organization’s facilities, and meeting the employees

  3. Goals to Accomplish • Convince the employer to hire you because you have the skills, abilities, personality and desire for the job • Evaluate the job---Do YOU want to work there? (they are not just interviewing you. . .you are interviewing them too!)

  4. Preparation: Genuine Interest • Only go if you are truly interested in that employer • Acknowledge all invitations for site visits and either accept or reject • If your interest level changes, let them know in advance. Do not just NOT SHOW UP for the site visit.

  5. Most employers pre-pay airfare/hotel and will reimburse you for other expenses…ask about this, if employer does not mention (keep your receipts) Write down all details and take it with you Preparation: Travel Details

  6. Preparation: Travel Details • Details to set: • Date of visit • Hotel • Contact person for questions • Travel information • Local transportation • Itinerary • Reimbursement arrangements

  7. Plan on wearing a suit unless the employer specifies otherwise—you may want to check with your Career Consultant When in doubt, call your contact person and ASK If staying overnight, try to take carry on luggage Make sure you have comfortable shoes/clothes since you may be wearing them all day If there is a dinner or party the night before, ask about appropriate attire Preparation: What to Wear?

  8. Preparation: Take Extra… • Resumes • Transcripts • Notebook and pen • Clothes • Money (will be reimbursed later)

  9. Preparation: Research • Review information you learned during your first interview and the information session • Research the employer again • Annual reports and company profiles • Contact alumni currently working for the company. Use the Carnegie Mellon Alumni Directory. (

  10. Preparation: Be ready to TALK! • Know your resume very well • Think about your answers ahead of time • Have 3-5 strengths that you want to emphasize • Determine if you have to do a presentation • You may have interviews all day and may answer the same questions over and over

  11. Tips while staying in the hotel Schedule a morning wake-up call with the front desk Do not bill any long distance to the room Review the bill upon check out and keep it to be reimbursed Examine the city Real estate Shopping Cultural events Sports/leisure activities Weather You Arrive

  12. It will be a very full day Many interviews Tour of facilities Lunch/Dinner Order something easy to eat/cut No alcohol Make a strong impression Learn and use people’s names When given the opportunity during an interview, sell/market one of your strengths or relevant experiences Show genuine interest Ask relevant questions The Interview Day

  13. Know How to Answer Interview Questions • Review sample interview questions and PRACTICE answering them • Think like an employer! • Use specific examples-tell it like a story • Situation • Task • Action • Result of Action

  14. Be enthusiastic Be attentive Be confident Listen and answer carefully Be polite Be professional Be prepared Be early Be well-groomed Be consistent Follow the interviewer’s lead Be flexible Be prepared to define statements Be positive Be interested in the company Secrets for Interview Success

  15. Ask your potential supervisor How is success in this position measured and rewarded? How are the goals for this job set? What would I be expected to accomplish in the first 6 months? What other departments do you interact with the most? How are teams formed? How long have you been with the company? Ask your potential colleague What is the culture for young employees? What is your least favorite part of this job/company? What is it like living in this city? Do co-workers socialize together? Questions for You to Ask

  16. Effectively Close the Interview • Ask about the time frame for hearing back • If you want the job—tell the interviewer! • Thank the interviewer for his/her time and ask for a business card

  17. After the Site Visit • Write a thank you letter to your interviewer as soon as possible (email is fine) • Settle travel expense reimbursements (make a copy before sending) • Wait to hear from company (an offer or rejection)