virtual core strengthening n.
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Virtual Core Strengthening

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Virtual Core Strengthening - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Core Strengthening. A primer for identifying and strengthening the core muscles. Content Area. Physical Education Elective Strength and Fitness. Grade Level. Co-Ed K9-K12. Objectives. 1. Students will identify the major core muscles of the body

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virtual core strengthening

Virtual Core Strengthening

A primer for identifying and strengthening the core muscles

content area

Content Area

Physical Education Elective

Strength and Fitness

grade level
Grade Level
  • Co-Ed K9-K12


1. Students will identify the major core muscles of the body

2. Students will create a core muscle strengthening program using web based searches and available cd-rom/dvd products.

  • 1. Physiotools CD-ROM Weight Training
  • 2.OPTP Interactive Functional Anatomy
  • 3. Internet search engines to research anatomy and strength training techniques.
  • Use available classroom materials to research core anatomy and strength training techniques
  • Perform internet searches to obtain more information on the subject.
  • Create a program to achieve these objectives using a visual and practical demonstration of the program.
  • Reference your sources.
  • Equal credit will be awarded for :
  • 1. Exercise program portfolio showing visual and written description on the program.
  • 2. Demonstration of the program which will include a description of the exercises used to strengthen the core group along with an ability to identify the major muscle groups worked with each exercise.