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The Brass Book

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The Brass Book. A step by step guide to caring for your trumpets, trombones etc. By Greg Moore. Disassembly . How to take apart your horn. Valved Instruments Trumpet, Euphonium, Tuba. 1. Press the valves down to release pressure and gently pull the slides out

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the brass book

The Brass Book

A step by step guide to caring for your trumpets, trombones etc.

By Greg Moore


How to take apart your horn

valved instruments trumpet euphonium tuba
Valved InstrumentsTrumpet, Euphonium, Tuba
  • 1. Press the valves down to release pressure and gently pull the slides out
  • 2. Take out valves individually by unscrewing the valve caps 1 at a time
  • The valves are usually numbered so do 1 first then 2….
  • Unscrew the caps on the underside being careful of springs and loose parts
  • Gently remove both tuning slides and place them on a dry cloth
  • That really is it!
oiling and maintenance
Oiling and Maintenance

What to use and where

valved instruments
Valved Instruments
  • Take each valve one by one and grip it underneath the cap.
  • Liberally apply oil all over the piston
  • Apply oil to the rim of the piston and to the rim of the cap so the valve can open easily
  • Reseal with the correct valves placed 1 in 1 etc.
  • Apply slide grease to the slides and rub it into the slides
valved instruments1
Valved Instruments
  • Press the valves down and place the slides into the corresponding areas
  • Wipe off the excess
  • For the undercarriage, swab out the inside with a cotton swab and oil the rim of the valve
  • Make sure the spring is in the correct position and screw back into place
  • Wipe old residue off the slide and apply new “Slide – O – Mix” to the slide
  • For the tuning slide, wipe and apply grease
your horn and water
Your horn and Water
  • Bathing every few months is essential to getting dirt that is deep in the horn out
  • Allow the horn to soak in luke-warm water for no more than 10 min. completely disassembled NO SOAP OR CHEMICALS!!!!!!!
  • A cleaning snake can be used if one is available
  • Take out of the water and drain the excess
  • Once drained allow to dry
  • Wipe and polish with a micro fiber cloth in order to prevent scratching
  • Cleaning changes how the instrument sounds be careful
know what to buy
Know what to buy
  • There are many types of oils
  • Valve oil
  • Rotor oil
  • Rotor valve mix
  • Slide grease vs. Cork grease
  • Slide O Mix