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  1. Postmodern By Shannon Alli

  2. Television Programmes Family Guy- One point that makes family guy comes across as postmodern is because the creation of a work from a diverse range of things the show represents. Family guy makes of quite a few references from past animations like Brian the talking family dog resembles the well-known character snoopy they both interact with humans and share the same features.

  3. Drawn together is a Reality TV parody with an diverse mix of characters (from an overweight Betty Boo to a sexed-up Superman) This show using irony and intertextuality as they used characters from previous shows all in one but in comic point of view.

  4. Music • Girl Talk – feed the animals parts 1 using the instrumental from Spencer Davis group-”Gimme some loving.” • You could say that girl talk Is a postmodern artist as he takes old songs and mashes them together with new songs creating something new for his songs. • – Spencer Davis group – “Gimme some loving” • -“Girl talk- Feed the animals”

  5. Eminem uses intertextuality of cartoon heroes such as batman and robin. He also references Britney spears from her “hit me baby one time video” • -Eminem “Real slim shady”

  6. Films Film- Blade runner- Blade Runner may be considered the best know postmodernist films. The film is made in 1982 are about a future dystopias where human cyborgs have been invented and believed dangerous enough to hint down when they escape. I think that blade runner is postmodernist because the futuristic action interlink with the 40s clothes and offices, Also the pop Egyptian style. The mixing of the culture and genre creates a whole sense of style. • Buffy the vampire- Tongue-in-cheek horror/comedy that follows a suburban high school student and vampire hunter. This film blurs the line between reality and fiction .i.e. a vampire living among humans. • Pulp fiction- is a quirky tribute to old Hollywood crime dramas and "Pulp" magazines, filled with numerous pop culture references

  7. Adverts • Tango has a postmodern tone because of its distinctively bizarre IRONIC adverts. The first "ironic" campaign introduced the now-common catchphrase "You know when you've been Tango'd", produced by advertising agency HHCL. The campaign began in 1991 with an ad, Orange Man featuring a man being slapped around the face by a portly man painted orange immediately after drinking Tango. •

  8. Buildings The Binoculars Building, originally the Chiat/Day Building, is a commercial office building located in the Veniceneighbourhood of Los Angeles, California. Built between 1985-1991 for advertising agency Chiat/Day (now TBWA\Chiat\Day as its West Coast corporate headquarters, it was designed by Los Angeles architect Frank Gehryhis last project in Los Angeles until the Walt Disney Concert Hallbegan construction in 1999.This building is postmodern because its disruptive and iconic building for a disruptive and iconic advertising firm.

  9. The Sony building( formerly known as the AT&T) • The Sony Building (formerly AT&T building) in New York City, 1984, by Philip Johnson ,illustrating a "Postmodern" spin with the inclusion of a classical broken pediment on the top which diverged from the boxy functional office towers common in Modern Architecture