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Online Substantive Process LINE MANAGERS Self Teach Tutorial

Online Substantive Process LINE MANAGERS Self Teach Tutorial. April 2008 Version 1.0. HOME – will always take you to the first slide. BACK – will take you back one slide. FORWARD – will take you forward one slide. RED BOX – Click on the red box to take you to the next action.

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Online Substantive Process LINE MANAGERS Self Teach Tutorial

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  1. Online Substantive ProcessLINE MANAGERSSelf Teach Tutorial April 2008 Version 1.0

  2. HOME – will always take you to the firstslide BACK – will take you back one slide FORWARD – will take you forward one slide RED BOX – Click on the red box to take you to the next action How to use this Tutorial Welcome to the self-teach tutorial for the Online Substantive process for Line Managers. How to use the buttons You can navigate your way through this tutorial using the Red Box and the buttons as described.

  3. Aims • You understand the online substantive process • You know how to verify and authorise applications for the recruitment of your staff to the NHS Professionals’ bank. The purpose of this self-teach tutorial is to ensure that:

  4. Objectives By the end of this tutorial you will be able to: • Explain what the Online Substantive Process is and the benefits of the system • Describe the Line Manager and Trust Manager responsibilities • Logon to the e-Recruitment Module • Identify the supporting documents • Verify and authorise the supporting documents • Allocate the Clinical Codes • Know what to do with the supporting documentsonce they are authorised

  5. What is the Online Substantive Process? • NHS Professionals has created a secure web-based system, which allows nominated individuals within a Trust to authorise the recruitment of Trust staff to the NHS Professional’s bank • You will be able to verify identity, employment status and information on the application form using the online system called the “eRecruitment Module” • The verification is for Trust Staff who wish to work extra shifts within the Trust

  6. What is the Online Substantive Process? • As part of the application stage, applicants are required to select their area of employment and identify you as their Line Manager • Your Trust Manager maintains an up-to-date electronic list of your details, including email address

  7. Benefits of the System The system has been designed to speed up the application process for Trust staff, which means that there are more nursing staff available to work shifts on your ward. The benefits include: • Easier and quicker process for line managers and applicants • Clearly defined process for all parties • Gives Trusts the knowledge and control to influence who is applying and working on their wards

  8. Trust Manager Your Trust Manager is responsible for: • Maintaining an up-to-date electronic list (within the e-recruitment system) of all line managers who have the authority to verify staff details • Ensuring that your individual line manager details are correct • If line manager details are correct, applicants can then select the right area and line manager on the system

  9. Line Manager As a Line Manager your responsibility is to: • Contact your Trust Manager to ensure: • your area has been set up on the eRecruitment system • your line manager details have been added to the e-recruitment system • Verify the Trust staff who wish to work extra shifts within the trust

  10. Visit website and apply online Receives email to choose area of work, which is selected online Completes all supporting documents Contacts Line Manager to arrange meeting for verification of all supporting documents Applicant OR Line Manager to post documents to NHSP Recruitment Receives email confirming applicant is registered with NHSP Applicant Contact Trust Manager to ensure details are set-up on e-recruitment Receives email advising of application Conducts meeting and verifies supporting documents and originals Complete Line Manager’s Authorisation online Applicant OR Line Manager to post documents to NHSP Recruitment Receives email confirming applicant is registered with NHSP Line Manager Reviews, adds, edits or deletes details Ensures line manager details are set-up on e-recruitment Trust Manager Receives Applicants supporting documents and verifies Confirmation email sent to Applicant and Line Manager NHSPRecruitment Online Substantive Process

  11. Application Stage • All applicants are directed to apply via the NHS Professionals website • Following the submission of their application they are requested to select their area of employment • The applicant is given a Unique Reference Number which is used to track and process their application

  12. Application Stage Once the applicant has selected their area of employment an email is sent to you advising you of their application.

  13. Registration Meeting During the application stage the applicant will have been requested to contact you to arrange an informal meeting. At the meeting the applicant will supply you with their Unique Reference Number and show you these supporting documents. Note: Please ensure that the Unique Reference Number is clearly written on all supporting documents and that you have seen the original documents. • Checklist (signed) • Appointment Form (fully completed) • Flexible Worker Contract of Engagement (signed) • 2 colour Passport photographs • Original and photocopy of recent Trust Payslip (within last 2 months) • Original and photocopy of Passport or UK/Irish Birth Certificate or EU ID card • Original and photocopy of Visa (if applicable) • Original and photocopy of Work Permit (if applicable)

  14. Authorisation • During or after the meeting select the link within the email for the Line Managers Authorisation. Note: You will need the Unique Reference Number from the applicant.

  15. Authorisation Login The eRecruitment Module Login screen is displayed. • Enter the Unique Reference Number given to you by the applicant. • Select your Trust from the drop down box. • Click Submit. Note: This link is unique to the applicant named within the email. You will be unable to use this link for any other applicant. NHSP12345

  16. Line Manager’s Authorisation The Line Manager Authorisation screen is displayed. • Click Application Form to review the form.

  17. Application Form This is an example of an Application Form.

  18. Verification Confirm your acceptance of the authorisation statements. • Click Yes. Note: If you select No to the question “Is the applicant competent to work in all areas throughout the Trust on the assignment codes as stated below” – a pop up box will appear asking you to select the areas you wish to restrict the applicant to.

  19. Allocation of Clinical Codes • Select the appropriate Assignment Type and Area of Work from the drop down menus. A guide to clinical codes is available. • Click Clinical Codes Guide link to view. • Click Add. Repeat to add additional codes (if applicable). Note: Please ensure that the applicant has the appropriate qualifications and Professional Registration for the code.

  20. Allocation of Clinical Codes cont • Click Submit to confirm your authorisation and allocation of clinical codes.

  21. Supporting Documents A Confirmation page is displayed requesting that the supporting documents are sent to NHS Professional’s Recruitment Service. The documents can be sent by you or the applicant. Note: There is an option to Print this page for your records.

  22. Confirmation Once the documents have been received and verified by the Recruitment Service, both you and the applicant will receive an email confirming that the applicant is registered with NHS Professionals. Note: The application will be delayed if supporting documents are not received. The applicant will not be able to work until they are registered and entered onto the booking system.

  23. Next Steps • Look out for an introductory email from your Trust Manager • You will receive a Line Managers Guide from your Trust Manager • Promote the website to your staffhttp://www.nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk/ “Apply to join NHS Professionals”

  24. The End

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