why use an ipad or android tablet for data n.
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Why us an iPad or Android tablets for Data Collection? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why us an iPad or Android tablets for Data Collection?

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Why us an iPad or Android tablets for Data Collection? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Create smart mobile forms from Brew Surveys dashboard without any technical skills & publish them on iPad & Android tablets in minutes.

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Why us an iPad or Android tablets for Data Collection?

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    1. Why Use an iPad or Android tablet for Data Collection? Implementing an iPad or Android tablet for collecting data improves both quality and efficiency in the process of data collection. The basic step to use these devices for data collection is, to create mobile forms that are superior to paper-based data collection techniques which help eliminate human error. When it comes to collect data, tablets not only cut costs but also save time. According to research, tablets cut costs by 75% & saves time by 45%, this is significant enough to improve the ROI and enhance the efficiency of the business. Below are few reasons why you should use Brew Survey as a ​Data Collection App​​ instead of web-based or paper-based data collection method: 1. You need not be dependent on having an internet connection, Brew Survey App works online as well as offline too, this means when the device has no internet connection all the data gets stored to the device & is synced to the cloud when the internet connection is reestablished. 2. You can view results in Real-Time, no need to get back to the office and manually enter the data as compared to paper-based data collection. All the data can be viewed in Real-Time with an illustrative line & pie graphs. 3. The set of questions can run in loop mode so that you get multiple responses for the same set of questions, once you customize, create & publish the mobile forms it can be

    2. used over a number of times which indeed saves time. This lets you use an iPad or Android tablets as an unattended kiosk, whereas the scenario is not similar to web-based surveys as it cannot be left unattended. 4. There's no need to have any technical skills to create ​mobile forms​​, you just need to: ● Log-In to the dashboard. ● Choose the layout. ● Select the question types. ● Apply logic (Skip-Logic). ● Customize the form with logo, background image and change the font color. ● Publish the form to the device(s). Armed with the right data by creating smart mobile forms & using them on iPad or Android tablets for data collection allows your organization to make better decisions about how to increase efficiency, save time and money, and predict future performance and sales.