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Amphitheater Career Ladder. Orientation 2011-2012. Why an Electronic Orientation?. Orientation is required to ensure consistency of communication. Budget cuts have forced us to become more efficient.

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Amphitheater career ladder

Amphitheater Career Ladder



Why an electronic orientation
Why an Electronic Orientation?

  • Orientation is required to ensure consistency of communication.

  • Budget cuts have forced us to become more efficient.

  • Electronic means of basic information is efficient for both the teaching staff and our office.

  • Additional information and clarification is available from your Instructional Support Leader assigned part time to your school.

How do we complete the orientation
How do we complete the orientation?

  • Review this power point and the one for your module/level of the ladder.

  • Review the Professional Development Plan power point and the Student Achievement Plan power point.

  • Sign the agreement form indicating you have completed this review and that you are eligible to participate in Career Ladder.

Amphitheater career ladder mission
Amphitheater Career Ladder Mission

The mission of the Career Ladder program is to bring out the best in students by bringing out the best in teachers. This will be accomplished by providing compensation and recognition based on quality, while fostering professional service and growth.

Career ladder placement

Once placed on the Career Ladder compensation system, a teacher must successfully meet the annual module requirements while also maintaining district acceptable ratings (e.g., no “U”ratings) on the Amphitheater Teacher (Librarian, Counselor) Performance Evaluation System (A.T.P.E.S.).

Career ladder update
Career Ladder Update

The Arizona Legislature set a Phase Out of Career Ladder in motion due in part to the Gilbert USD law suit. Stipends this year for teachers at the highest level of the ladder were reduced by approximately 21% (average).

Participants can expect a similar reduction each year for the next three years until the phase out is complete.

It is imperative to show your support performance pay programs in Arizona.

Career ladder module information
Career Ladder Module Information

  • Career Ladder module information is available on the Amphitheater School District web site. You will need to visit that site to read and down load the forms needed for your module.


  • Participants are responsible for reading this information and staying up to date on issues regarding the program.

  • Dr. Roseanne Lopez and Instructional Support Leaders will disseminate important information throughout the year which may require your attention. Reading, understanding and following through with this information is part of the participation process.

  • CAR Level teachers who are interested in the Mentor or Staff Development Option should complete and application and send it to the office no later than August 26, 2011.

Know your level module
Know Your Level/Module

  • What level of the ladder are you on and which module are you working on this year?

  • Check the next slide for the levels and module names. If you are unsure, check with your Instructional Support Leader.

Career ladder program levels and modules
Career Ladder Program Levels and Modules






Entry to Instructional Skills Module (EIS)

Collaborative Action

Research Module (CAR)

Collaborative groups with

individual portfolios

based on research focus


Entry to Collaborative Action

Research Module (ECAR)


Student Outcomes

Module (SO)

Student Outcomes Plan

With dialogue sessions

Entry to Student Outcomes Module (ESO)


Instructional Skills

Module (IS)

Classroom observations with feedback and ATPES evaluations

What s different this year
What’s Different This Year?

  • No Residency Module or EIS Module

  • No new applicants to Career Ladder

  • No reflections for trainings required

  • CAR level has fewer portfolio submittals to the office. Peer Review is expanded.

  • CAR teachers will submit selected items from the portfolio at the end of the year in lieu of the full portfolio notebook. Information on the items to submit will be disseminated shortly. They will be items/forms from the published 2011/2012 requirements.

Instructional support leaders
Instructional Support Leaders

  • Instructional Support Leaders are available part time in the schools. Budget cuts forced a reduction in staff in our office.

  • ISL Assignments are as follows:

    AHS, Keeling: Catherine Combe

    AMS, Prince, Holaway: Jennifer O’Neil

    CDO, Rio Vista: Cris Cisco

    Coronado, Copper Creek, Rillito: Bruce Weigold

    Cross, Harelson, Nash: Brenda Kreidler

    IRHS, Donaldson: Rebecca Hughes

    La Cima, Walker, El Hogar: Julie Valenzuela

    Wilson, Mesa Verde, Painted Sky: Jo Lynn McNeil

    Note: Red font indicates “home base” for the ISL

Career ladder steering committee
Career Ladder Steering Committee

  • The Career Ladder Steering Committee will meet at least three times during the school year.

  • Steering Committee meetings are open meetings. Agendas are posted 24 hours in advance.

  • Each school may have one representative on the committee.

  • Meeting dates are posted on the Career Ladder web site. All meetings are held at Wetmore Center.

What if you have questions
What if you have questions?

  • Ask your Instructional Support Leader

  • Call the Career Ladder office at 696-5173 and speak with Joyce Abbe

  • Email the coordinator: