st ambrose university neighborhood relations council bi annual update meeting n.
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St. Ambrose University Neighborhood Relations Council Bi-Annual Update Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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St. Ambrose University Neighborhood Relations Council Bi-Annual Update Meeting

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St. Ambrose University Neighborhood Relations Council Bi-Annual Update Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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St. Ambrose University Neighborhood Relations Council Bi-Annual Update Meeting. February 18, 2013. Update Meeting Agenda. Welcome – Sr. Joan Lescinski , SAU President St. Ambrose Initiatives Update – Tim Phillips City Enforcement – Sgt. Dennis Colclasure Neighborhood Support – Roy DeWitt

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Presentation Transcript
st ambrose university neighborhood relations council bi annual update meeting

St. Ambrose University Neighborhood Relations Council Bi-Annual Update Meeting

February 18, 2013

update meeting agenda
Update Meeting Agenda
  • Welcome – Sr. Joan Lescinski, SAU President
  • St. Ambrose Initiatives Update – Tim Phillips
  • City Enforcement – Sgt. Dennis Colclasure
  • Neighborhood Support – Roy DeWitt
  • Hilltop Campus Village – Scott Tunnicliff
  • Review of Neighborhood Council Report (NRC) – Council Members
  • Questions
st ambrose university updates
St. Ambrose University Updates
  • Residential Capacity
  • Parking Management
  • Property Acquisitions
  • St. Vincent’s Center Update
  • Ambrose Hall Renovation
  • Bookstore Relocation
  • Adler House Request for Special Use
  • Health Sciences Center Addition
residential capacity
Residential Capacity
  • Fall 11: Fall 12:
    • 1537 in residence 1673 in residence [+ 136]
    • 1535 bed capacity 1692 bed capacity
    • 61% of 2523 UG 65 % of 2559UG
  • Fall 11 contracts released: 165
  • Fall 12 contract released: 9
  • 15 returned to campus for Fall 12
parking management
Parking Management
  • Working in collaboration with city enforcement
  • January 24 meeting that included city, university, and NRC representatives discussed:
    • Discussion topics:
      • Continue the collaboration between our parking departments
      • Vehicles hindering trash removal
      • Vehicles blocking alleyways
      • Most common neighborhood parking violations
    • Meeting was productive and proactive
parking management continued
Parking Management - continued
  • Common parking violations around campus reported by City of Davenport personnel:
    • Parked on Curb
    • Parked the wrong way
    • Parking without residential permit
    • Parking on grass
    • Parked less than ten feet from a stop sign
    • Parked on a snow route during snow emergency
  • Areas of focus in meeting included Brown Street, Ripley Street, Lombard and Gaines intersection, Spalding, Pleasant, and Lillie Streets
fall parking availability
Fall Parking Availability
  • Increased available spaces from August 2011
    • Reduced North Hall space by 84
    • Added 90 spaces at St. Vincent’s Center – Zone 3
    • Added 130 spaces between Gaines & Brown
    • Added 13 at Kreiter Hall
    • Net gain of 149 physical spaces in Fall 12
  • Monitoring use of lots
  • As use allows availability, increasing permits
  • Annual CitiBus ridership 14,719 (July11/June12)
    • 4,723 are on routes 2, 15, and 22 to CHSE
    • 10,000 other than to CHSE
parking procedures
Parking Procedures
  • Require all students to register vehicles
    • Do not provide registration tag (under evaluation)
    • City will look up vehicles of concern
  • Communications to student to use our lots
  • Will monitor on-street parking and continue to encourage student use of lots
  • Reporting illegal parking on streets to City
  • Zone 2 and Rogalski Faculty Staff lots are available for general use from 3 p.m. – 7 a.m.
spring parking trends
Spring Parking Trends
  • Decreased parking in residential neighborhoods
  • Fall 12 released parking permits repurposed to commuter and new students
  • Additional parking spaces in Zone 2 released to maximize space availability and usage.
  • Current Zone 1 survey indicates on average 30 open parking spaces every hour on campus
  • 72 student parking permits issued for SVC – doubles the number from last year
  • Shuttle running to and from Zone 3 and campus
property acquisitions
Property Acquisitions

Location Intended Use

  • 1936 Brown Student Residence
  • 1710 Ripley Undetermined
  • 535 Locust Undetermined
  • 539 Locust Undetermined
  • Note: Updated maps of University zone rental properties and St. Ambrose holdings are on neighborhood site @
st vincent s center update
St. Vincent’s Center Update
  • The University is still in the process of developing its land use plan for the St. Vincent's Center site.
  • Due to important considerations about noise, light, storm water, parking and traffic, it is taking longer than anticipated.
  • The study process related to mitigating impact on the neighborhoods is still underway.
  • As agreed, once a final draft application is completed, the NRC will have a 90-day review period prior to our submission to the City.
ambrose hall renovation
Ambrose Hall Renovation
  • Goal is to return Ambrose Hall as close to original condition as possible
  • Will occur in phases – Phase I begins in March
  • Highlights include:
    • Over 500 windows to replace
    • Refurbishing of the bell tower
    • Refurbishing of the roof and roof structure
    • Repair outside structure and water tightness
    • Improve HVAC energy efficiency
    • Historic preservation
  • RDG Slides
bookstore relocation
Bookstore Relocation
  • Follett Corporation now managing bookstore
    • Industry leader with campus book sales
    • Offer greater access to rental, used, and digital
  • Bookstore will relocate to the RogalskiCenter, opening tentatively May 31
    • Will occupy Gottlieb Lounge and game room
    • Beehive in Ambrose Hall will be renovated to accommodate student lounge and game room
  • Coffee shop will relocate to Beehive and open tentatively in August
adler house main high streets
Adler House – Main & High Streets
  • Request for special use permit submitted to city
  • Intent is to convert the facility from a student residence [residential zoning] to administrative space, housing the Faculty and Student Achievement and Honors Programs, as well as the Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Exterior will remain as is; no signs
  • Will invest 10-20k annually in facility updates
  • No classes will be held on the property
  • City noise, garbage and maintenance ordinances will be followed
health science building addition
Health Science Building Addition
  • Our Health Science Building at 1320 W. Lombard Street is being expanded to accommodate our new Master of Physician Assistant Studies program.
  • The addition will be two stories, 13,160 square feet, and will be added to the north section of the building along Marquette Street.
  • Similar to the rest of the building in that area, only a portion of the first level will be visible from the street.
  • Construction is expected to begin this summer, with a completion date of March or April 2014.
  • The Master of Physician Assistant Studies program will start classes in the summer of 2014.
city enforcement sgt dennis colclasure
City Enforcement Sgt. Dennis Colclasure
  • Neighborhood Enforcement Update
  • Ordinance Updates
  • Behavior Issues and Updates
  • Crime Statistics
  • Burglary Prevention
city of davenport update
City of Davenport Update
  • Roy DeWitt –– 563-888-3440
    • Davenport NEWsletter
      • Quarterly Newsletter for Davenport Neighborhoods
      • Neighborhood Spotlight, Calendar of Events, etc.
    • Ongoing Programs
      • Davenport NOW
      • Housing Rehabilitation Assistance
      • Urban Revitalization Tax Exemption
    • Pending State Legislation
      • HF 184
city of davenport update1
City of Davenport Update
  • Roy DeWitt –– 563-888-3440
    • Davenport is Odd
      • When Snow Emergency in Effect (voluntary, for now)
        • On odd calendar days park on odd side of street
        • On even calendar days park on even side of street
    • Work Camps
      • June 23-29, 2013
      • 400 volunteers / 70 projects / 1 week
      • Support needed – ladders, treats, hospitality, etc.
hilltop campus village scott tunnicliff
Hilltop Campus VillageScott Tunnicliff
  • Official Main Street Iowa project
  • Focus: working with schools, churches and businesses to rebrand and revitalize the area
  • 4 standing committees: design, economic restructuring, organization, promotion
  • All meetings are open and looking for members
  • Early wins:
    • Appearance: new facades, signs, and garbage cans
    • Interest: businesses, projects, and parking
    • Involvement: collaborative and representative
  • The vision of the NRC is to create a model for communication, innovation, conflict resolution, service response, neighborhood stability and University operation through a spirit of mutual regard and respect for all individuals in their living, learning and work environments. (Approved 12/10/08)
  • The mission of the NRC is to build positive relationships among the City of Davenport, St. Ambrose University and the neighbors directly surrounding the main campus toward management of the University’s growth and improvement of the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods. (Approved 12/10/08)


neighborhood relations council
Neighborhood Relations Council
  • Planned Institutional District Pre-Process
  • Success Stories - Collaborative Wins
    • Property management
    • Behavior management
    • Parking management
    • Adler House process
    • Neighborhood group support
  • Questions
nrc initiatives
NRC Initiatives
  • Monitored concerns with rental properties
    • Advocated for rental code enforcement
    • Advocated for parking enforcement
    • Advocated and facilitated continued reporting of neighborhood nuisances
    • Collaborative work with St. Ambrose and Davenport Police
  • Supported events at St. Ambrose around Welcome Week and Bee the Difference Day
  • Advocated neighborhood group development and communication mechanisms
planned institutional district pid process guidelines
Planned Institutional District (PID) Process Guidelines
  • St. Ambrose heard neighbors would like:
    • Adequate time to review documents
    • An opportunity to see adjustments as a result of open meetings before formal submission to City
    • To have opportunities for dialogue
    • To see proposed changes submitted to the City and the City response to these proposals
    • Honor commitment to follow the time guidelines created in the Main campus PID approved spring 2012
pre pid process commitment
Pre-PID Process Commitment
  • NRC and neighbors will have 90 days prior to the PID application submission to review draft
  • Weeks 1-2: NRC reviews draft application
  • Weeks 3-5: NRC hosts open meetings to review application and receive feedback
  • Week 6: NRC and St. Ambrose review feedback
  • Week 7-9: St. Ambrose hosts open meeting to highlight incorporation of feedback; NRC hosts additional open meetings in follow-up
  • Weeks 10-11: Application finalized; NRC review
  • Week 12: NRC submits final opinion to city
nrc success stories
NRC Success Stories
  • Commitment to collaborative PID process
  • Impact on Harrison and Main property issues
  • Impacting behavior issues to West and South
  • Collaborative parking management meeting: includes City, St. Ambrose, and NRC
  • Collaborative Adler House re-zoning request
  • St. Ambrose support to neighborhood group start up and group events
  • Clear Outcome: Our work together is positively changing our neighborhoods
focus of future work
Focus of Future Work
  • St. Ambrose / St. Vincent Center PID process
  • Continued collaborative efforts monitoring parking and rental housing issues
  • Target support to neighborhood associations and the development of new associations
  • Target best ways to communicate with residents in specific neighborhood areas
  • Advocate infusion of new people into the local leadership groups to address issues in your area
upcoming nrc meetings
Upcoming NRC Meetings
  • All meeting start at 6:30 p.m.
  • Location – Rogalski Center, 3rd Floor
  • Future meeting dates are:
    • Monday, February 11
    • Thursday, March 21
    • Thursday, April 18
    • Monday, May 13
    • Monday, June 24
  • Meetings are open to all


Upcoming St. Ambrose Dates:

March 11-15Spring Break

March 29-April 1Easter Break

April 26-28 Last Blast Weekend

May 6-10 Finals Week

May 11 Graduation

Reminder: Galvin Fine Arts and Athletics tickets available for neighbors upon request