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Pediatric Transplant Council Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Pediatric Transplant Council Annual Meeting

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Pediatric Transplant Council Annual Meeting
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Pediatric Transplant Council Annual Meeting

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  1. Pediatric Transplant CouncilAnnual Meeting Beth Kaufman, Chair Melanie Everitt, Vice Chair ElfriedePahl, Past Chair

  2. Agenda • Report of Chair to Council - Beth Kaufman • Report of Pediatric Transplant Workforces • Education Workforce – Daphne Hsu • Communications Workforce – Kimberly Gandy • Standards and Guidelines – TBD • Registries and Database – Richard Chinnock • Announcements/New proposals • PEDIMACS – David Rosenthal • Other • Pediatric Lung Transplant Collaborative

  3. 2011-2012 Pediatric Council Activities • Pediatric Communications Workforce • Kimberly Gandy Workforce Leader • Marc Richmond, Columbia University NY • NagarajanMuthialu Great Ormond Street, UK • Juan Alejos , UCLA, CA • Jonathan Johnson, Mayo Clinic NY • Pediatric Transplant Discussion Google Group • • To join email:

  4. 2011-2012 Pediatric Council Activities • Pediatric Issue of LINKS – April 2012 • • Thank you to all article contributors! • Pediatric Program development 2012 Scientific Sessions • Melanie Everitt, Richard Kirk Pediatric Council Reps, Program Committee 2012 • Program Committee 2013 Pediatric Council Representatives • Christian Benden, TP Singh

  5. Vice Chair Elections • Vice Chair Elections – coming via email (from Susie Newton) in May • Juan Carlos Alejos, Pediatric Heart Transplant, Los Angeles • Marc Schecter, Pediatric Lung Transplant, Houston

  6. Report from Workforces • Education Workforce – Daphne Hsu • Communications Workforce – Kimberly Gandy • Standards and Guidelines • Registries and Database – Richard Chinock

  7. ISHLT Education Committee and Pediatric Council Education Workforce Report

  8. ISHLT Education Committee Council Reps and Chris Wigfield, Chair • Ensure that the educational activities of the Society meet ACCME requirements as well as those of other medical education program accrediting bodies • Identify the ongoing educational needs of the Society's members. • Develop proposals for educational programs and services that meet the identified educational needs. • Evaluate ISHLT's educational programs and recommend improvements. • Develop criteria to which all ISHLT educational programs must adhere, to include the following: content and speaker selection standards; endorsement of educational programs by other organizations; development of educational programs jointly with other organizations. • Review educational program proposals developed by the Scientific Councils. • Refer discipline-specific proposals for educational programs to the appropriate Scientific Council Education Workforce for development into formal proposals.

  9. ISHLT Education Committee (con’t) • Act as liaison between the Scientific Council Education Workforces, the proposed educational program chair(s), and the Board to facilitate the development of well structured education program proposals to the board, with appropriate budget proposals. • Evaluate requests from other organizations for ISHLT to co-sponsor or endorse educational programs and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for action. • Act as liaison between the Scientific Council Education Workforces and the Annual Meeting Program Committee to facilitate the development of well structured proposals for the Annual Meeting Program Committee's consideration. • Act as liaison with the Editor of the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation regarding the publication of any proceedings from such meetings.

  10. ISHLT Committee Report • Montreal Master Academy (two concurrent) • Pediatric transplantation • Mechanical assist or Advanced HF/Transplant • San Diego Master Academy (in planning) • Core competencies should be developed by each council • International and Inter-society Committee • Monograph: Pediatric lung, Infectious disease • ID Council: What do you do? • E.g. Patient presents with: adenopathy, rash, diarrhea, etc. • Five year strategic plan: mechanical assist, pulmonary artery hypertension

  11. Pediatric CouncilEducation Workforce Michael Kuhn David Morales ElfiPahl Bart Rottier Janet Scheel TP Singh Stuart Sweet Jeff Towbin Simon Urshell Christian Benden Jerry Boyle Debra Dodd Eric Edens Melanie Everitt Kim Gandy Daphne Hsu Paul Kantor Richard Kirk

  12. Current and Future Activities • 2011-2012 • ISHLT program development • Pediatric Master Academy • 2012-2013 • Core competencies • Review of ACGME fellow training guidelines • Five year education plan

  13. Pediatric Transplant Master Academy • Concept: Educational resource in core competencies in pediatric heart and lung transplantation • Audience: Adult and pediatric heart failure and transplant cardiologists, transplant surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants • Montreal, 2013 • 10 hours of intensive CME • Six Core Topics - Ped. adv. heart and lung failure - Periop issues - Ped . mechanical support - Long term issues - Management of the sensitized pt. - Hot Topics

  14. Sample Program

  15. Sample Program

  16. Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Guidelines for Training in Advanced Heart Failure, Transplantation, and Pulmonary Hypertension D. Dunbar Ivy, MD Thomas Kulik, MD Steven Webber, MD ElfriedePahl, MD David Rosenthal, MD Robert Morrow, MD Daphne Hsu, MD

  17. Entrustable Practice Activities (EPA)

  18. ISHLT Registries & Database Committee Report ISHLT Pediatric Council April 18, 2012

  19. Purpose:R&D Committee • Vehicle whereby councils can propose “mini” or secondary registries within the ISHLT registry to evaluate issues not currently within the Registry.

  20. Current Requests • DCD Lungs • Has been open for data since 12/2011 • Only 5 centers currently enrolling patients • Easier since it’s only a one time extra data point • Infections for Lung • Still in planning phases • Challenge of episodic versus periodic reporting of data • QOL for Lung • Currently in early design phase

  21. Request form will be sent to each representative for dissemination their council in case there are any requests for additional data collection.