shopify vs wordpress know the differences n.
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Shopify VS WordPress : Let the Battle Begin!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Shopify VS WordPress : Let the Battle Begin!!!

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Shopify VS WordPress : Let the Battle Begin!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shopify & Wordpress are competitors in the world of eCommerce development. But Who will rule? Both Offer Outstanding service, But which one to select. This blog can help you read this\n

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shopify vs wordpress know the differences

Shopify Vs WordPress: Know the Differences

To most of the eCommerce store owners out there, WordPress and Shopify are simply two

platforms that let you develop an eCommerce store. But, both these platforms vary in their

functionalities entirely.

WordPress is viewed simply as a blogging tool but has now evolved to be an eCommerce

platform. Basically, both these are almost similar in nature as they have a simple interface and

cater small and medium-sized businesses. Both these provide website services to the users

within an appropriate budget. Here, you will find the differences between both these so that

you can find out yourself which one is better for your ​Gold Coast eCommerce​​ store.

wordpress wordpress is a platform highly known

● WordPress

WordPress is a platform highly known for blogging. This platform can work with plugins

and extensions for eCommerce. WordPress runs nearly 65% of the CMS websites on the


WordPress is a pocket-friendly service with inbuilt user-friendliness and the open source

nature. For eCommerce version, one extension namely WooCommerce is a very helpful

platform for WordPress. For your WordPress website, WooCommerce may be a great

option for turning it into an eCommerce website. WordPress has a limited selection of

templates, out of which many are expensive. The WordPress is better only when your

website heavily into blogging but, when turning your store into WooCommerce, your

setup would be simple.

● Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform and though it is already a hosted website. Hence, it

enhances the security of the eCommerce website than the WordPress platform. The

popularity of Shopify has been made due to a wide range of free templates to choose

from. Shopify comes with unique functionality to make your eCommerce store easier to

maintain the store.

hence unless you already have a wordpress website

Hence, Unless you already have a WordPress website, Shopify is more preferable and a

better solution for anybody. It offers better security and better support, and a greater

selection of templates.

There are chances that when having a WordPress website, you may be interested to go

for Shopify for its features. But, only if you plan heavy blogging on your eCommerce

store, WordPress is a great option.

Hope you got the clear idea about the eCommerce platform to be chosen by you. If not,

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