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the saga of tony leone n.
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The Saga of Tony Leone PowerPoint Presentation
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The Saga of Tony Leone

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The Saga of Tony Leone
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The Saga of Tony Leone

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  1. The Saga of Tony Leone The Legend Begins

  2. The Legend Begins Tony got important things done. Circa 1961. A practice area is carved out of palmetto pine scrubland, likely sending a few rattlesnakes into the future neighborhood of Hollywood Hills

  3. The work of building an athletic program is officially under way Hallowed ground The ideal location for a memorial recognizing his undying generosity and caring for a fledgling program that only existed because of his efforts.

  4. A future regional championship team is born and basic training is under way All the pads, blocking bags andsled along with professional coaches. From left to right quarterback coach Irv Panciara, receivers coach pro player Junior Wren and the line coach Tom Kearns. Irv sent kids to the school and in his line of work buried Tony. Mr. Kearns stayed a long time donor, a special thank you Mr. Kearns.

  5. All professional with a lot of class 1962 LaSalle High game Roster of Fresh & Soph Players Madonna girls cheered and Lions players gain experience because of Mr. Tony Leone. Because with out Tony none of this was in the budget. Personal note Thanks Tony

  6. All Sports Basket Ball Road games made it great Left to right Sop's Lou Maranzana, Phil Inglese, John Forsythe, Junior Ron Nester and sop Craig Sturges. Basket Ball 1962 with Madonna girls cheering

  7. Tony and Brother Joe Bonded and clicked In a testimonial written by Brother Joe he refers to tony as: “Tony was more than our first athletic director; he was, in my opinion, the co-founder of Chaminade High School.” Later in Tony’s obituary Vince Zappone refers to Tony: He was a force. He built the foundation that made Chaminade a power from 1965 through 78. Evidently Tony remained loyal to Chaminade and supportive as indicated by Zappone' remarks. Campus view early on

  8. Is it not time to properly honor this man?