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Experience Corps Baltimore City

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Experience Corps Baltimore City. Improving life for adults over 55 While by improving the future of our children. National Program. Affiliate of national Experience Corps - award-winning program that engages people 55 years of age and older in meeting their communities’ greatest challenges

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experience corps baltimore city

Experience CorpsBaltimore City

Improving life for adults over 55

While by improving the future of

our children

national program

National Program

Affiliate of national Experience Corps - award-winning program that engages people 55 years of age and older in meeting their communities’ greatest challenges

Operates in 20 cities across the United States

2,000 plus members mentor and tutor students in grades K-3 nationally

National Experience Corps mission – to create powerful opportunities for older adults to meet society’s greatest challenges


Intergenerational programming at its best

Baltimore City is “The gold standard”

300 Experience Corps members

20 schools across the city

5800 students impacted this year

92 percent African American, 7 percent white, and 1 percent other

85 percent women; 15 percent men

Average age 68

triple win

Triple Win

For Students – Higher test scores and improved learning environment

For Schools – Better climate for learning, teachers perceive less bullying and less fighting, improved student discipline, increased teacher satisfaction

For Older Adults – Improved physical, mental and social well being


The Program:

Strengthens schools and communities

Provides meaningful opportunities for adults over 55

Helps children achieve and believe in themselves

Builds social capital

Improves perception of retirees and older adults

Provides students with positive adult role models outside of the home

experience corps baltimore city mission

Experience Corps Baltimore City Mission

“Experience Corps Baltimore City utilizes the wisdom and life experience of older adults to strengthen academic achievement, improve school climate, and create hope for children in Baltimore City schools. As they volunteer to improve the future of the city’s children, these adults also add value to their own lives, improve their health, and renew their sense of purpose.”



17 Standards of Performance

2 Performance Reviews a year

Classroom Assistant Model

1-on-1 tutoring and mentoring

Significantly Impacts School Climate

32 hours of initial training for Members



Experience Corps Baltimore City has provided 1,000,000 volunteer hours to students in Baltimore City over the last 11 years.



Eleven years old this year

Have grown from three to 22 schools

Partnership with JHU for over ten years

Strong data that supports outcomes for both

children and adults

Developed broad and deep support in city

Schools value program and have proven they are willing to pay for it

Strong relationship with national program

student outcomes

Student Outcomes

Better test scores: third graders working with Experience Corps members scored significantly higher on the MSA than children in control schools.

Better behavior: in schools with Experience Corps, referrals to the principal for classroom behavior decreased by one-third; referrals in the control schools remained about the same.

Third grade suspensions were one third of those in control schools.

working with students benefits experience corps members
Working with Students Benefits Experience Corps Members
  • Better overall health: For Experience Corps members, physical activity, strength, and cognitive ability increased significantly. These areas of improvement shown by Experience Corps members are important predictors of health outcomes in later life, including disability and dementia.
  • Increased strength: Forty-four percent of Experience Corps members said they felt stronger at the end of the school year; in the control group, only 18 percent did.
  • Higher activity levels: Sixty-three percent of Experience Corps members reported being more active, compared to 43 percent of controls.
  • More calories burned: Experience Corps members reported a 25 percent increase in calories burned each week; controls reported only a 5 percent increase.
  • Less TV time: Experience Corps members decreased by 4 percent their numbers of hours spent watching TV, compared to an 18 percent increase among controls.
  • Bigger social network: Experience Corps volunteers reported a significant increase, compared to a decline in the control group, in the number of people they felt they could turn to for help.
  • Participant satisfaction: Ninety-eight percent of Experience Corps members were satisfied with their school experience, and 80 percent returned the following year.