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Exercise Evaluation

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Exercise Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exercise Evaluation. Observing and recording exercise activities Comparing performance with the objectives Identifying strengths and weaknesses. Unit Objectives. Describe the need for a systematic approach to exercise evaluation.

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exercise evaluation
Exercise Evaluation
  • Observing and recording exercise activities
  • Comparing performance with the objectives
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
unit objectives
Unit Objectives
  • Describe the need for a systematic approach to exercise evaluation.
  • Identify and explain the tasks in the exercise evaluation process.
why evaluate
Why Evaluate?

Evaluation can identify:

  • Whether objectives are achieved.
  • Needed improvements in:
    • Emergency plan, procedures, guidelines.
    • Emergency management system.
  • Training and staffing deficiencies.
  • Equipment deficiencies.
  • Need for continued exercising.
evaluation team
Evaluation Team
  • Leader:
  • Develops methodology
  • Selects and trains team
  • Oversees evaluation
  • Prepares report
  • Team:
  • Helps plan methodology
  • Observes and records exercise actions
  • Helps prepare report
training the team
Training the Team


  • Give an orientation covering:
    • Scenario.
    • Rules of play.
    • Objectives.
    • Evaluation requirements and procedures.
    • Evaluation forms.
    • Importance of being unobtrusive.
  • Run practice drills if needed.
evaluation methodology
Evaluation Methodology
  • Team Structure:
    • Evaluators—number and background
    • Sub-team organization
    • Lines of authority
    • Communication and coordination
evaluation methodology1
Evaluation Methodology

Exercise Objectives

Expected Actions

Points of Review






Evaluation Criteria:

evaluation methodology2
Evaluation Methodology

1. Recall specific objectives, events, expected actions.

2. Identify players expected to take action.

3. Locate evaluators to observe those players.

4. Brief evaluators in what actions to look for.

Evaluation Strategy:

  • Data collection method
  • Observation process
  • Evaluation forms
post exercise phase
Post-Exercise Phase
  • Postexercise meetings:
    • Player debriefing
    • Evaluation team meetings
  • After action report
  • Implementing change
player debriefing
Player Debriefing
  • Occurs immediately after exercise.
  • Controller reviews objectives, successes, shortfalls.
  • Each player comments on performance.
  • Comments are recorded for after action report.
  • Questionnaire formmay be used.
evaluation team meetings
Evaluation Team Meetings
  • Compare notes.
  • Analyze findings.
  • Develop accurate account of what worked and what did not.
  • Prepare after action report.
after action report
After Action Report
  • Documents effectiveness of the exercise
  • Basis for:
    • Planning future exercises
    • Upgrading emergency plan
    • Taking corrective action
  • Format varies
implementing change
Implementing Change

The goals of an exercise are not achieved until the recommendations from the evaluation are implemented.

  • Are the procedures sound?
  • Are resources sufficient to support procedures?
  • Are personnel adequately trained to follow procedures and use resources?
unit summary
Unit Summary

In Unit 8, we:

  • Discussed the need for a systematic approach to exercise evaluation.
  • Reviewed aspects of the evaluation process:
    • Team structure.
    • Evaluation methodology.
    • Postexercise phase.
  • Outlined an evaluation plan for an exercise.

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