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Health Snack Options for Kids PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Snack Options for Kids

Health Snack Options for Kids

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Health Snack Options for Kids

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  1. Health Snack Options for Kids

  2. With the issue of obesity as a rising health issue that bothers parents and school dieticians today, the need for healthy snack options strongly becomes very important. Helping kids maintain a healthy and ideal diet is essential as this also instils discipline in them in the long run. With so many tempting snacks to choose from especially with the rise of fancy cupcake shops, burger joints and other inviting fast food chains, it is time that healthy food ideas are given the light and attention it truly deserves.

  3. Cheese • Everyone absolutely loves cheese. No one in this world can deny that they do not even like eating pizza with just cheese on it. Cheese is loaded with protein, calcium and calories that are great in keeping kids energised all throughout the day. Instead of giving kids sugary candies and chocolates to keep their energy levels high, give them cheese snacks instead. To make this healthy snack even more inviting to munch on, cut cheeses into tiny cubes, strips and other fancy shapes like triangles, circles and stars by using a cookie cutter. You can even make cheese and fruit kabobs on sticks by inserting cheese cubes and cut fruits like grapes, bananas and strawberries on a skewer-like stick.

  4. Peanut Butter • Like cheese, everyone absolutely loves peanut butter. Peanut butter, when eaten in its organic glory, is actually a healthy food option since it is packed with protein and natural fibre. Also, it is high in sugar and starch that can keep kids energised and alert all throughout the day. If you want to channel your inner Martha Stewart at home, you can make your own peanut butter by having roasted peanuts and a reliable food processor to cream the nuts.

  5. Peanut Butter • A pack of nuts is a prime example of a healthy food option too that you can eat as is or turn into creamy or slightly crunchy peanut butter. In order to have that element of creativity with your peanut butter in your kid's lunch snack, make fun PB & J sandwiches with fruits or a fruit smoothie on the side. You can even give your kids yogurt and add peanut butter on the side for that savoury element.

  6. Home-baked goodies • If you want something healthy, make sure that it is homemade. When a certain dish is homemade, you can be sure that the ingredients used were as natural as possible and there were no added preservatives or extenders to improve the taste. When it comes to snacking on cakes and breads, let your kids enjoy home-baked goodies such as muffins, fruit breads and cookies that are freshly prepared and cooked straight out of the oven.

  7. Home-baked goodies • You can use gluten free flour, low-fat milk, low-calorie sugar and other healthier versions of your baking staples. You can also add in your choice of fruits for your muffins such as blueberries, strawberries, orange and kiwis aside from the usual chocolate and chocolate chip viands. A healthy snack is even more appreciated if it is prepared in the home. Just click here to read more.