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s lopes!. By: Michelle Berger 7-3. What is this?. slope: is a line which that can be defined as positive, negative, undefined or no slope according to the steepness of the line. p ositives & negatives.

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By: Michelle Berger 7-3


What is this?

slope: is a line which that can be defined as positive, negative, undefined or no slope according to the steepness of the line.




Negative: is the line that goes up to the right.

Positive: is the line that goes up to the left.



Today I will tell you my problems because of the slopes, it was very difficult to go up in some of the five mountains I went. But I will tell you all about it. But first will tell you that I really recommend you to go to Appalachian Ski Mtn in North Carolina. I really recommend you to go. So right now I will tell you my experience!




My first day was in mountain A. And let me tell you it wasn't so easy. Actually it was hard for me to get off the mountain because it was negative and I was coming fast. And you wont believe what happened I was skiing and then someone

starts talking to a girl behind me, and I see the one who is famous and starts in Gossip Girl and do you know who was that.. It was Chuck Bass! I know he isn't so cute, but I saw him and he was skiing behind me! That was awesome! Then I said I will talk to him and I did it, and I took a photo of him and me, but then I was coming back in the mountain because I came fast and my camera flies, literary it flies! So the photo was erased! I was about to cry, but I said maybe I see him in the next four days.



Today was my second day, and I have to say I am exhausted! And I am goanna sleep on top of the mountain because there are little cottages for skiers, and well the slope of today was positive! And it was very steep. You can see in the picture. The mountain name was mountain B. In this mountain like I was saying there are cottages in the top so we can pass the night there and the next day go in the other mountain. And well my parents decided to spend the night there and first the only ones there was my family but then some guys started to speak English and I thought that I knew that voices. And I did, it was the hole cast of Gossip Girl. There was Serena,

Blair, Jenny, Vanessa, Nate, that is so hot! Chuck that I saw him yesterday! I was so happy, and I couldn’t believe it, so I took a photo and well I was sure I was goanna keep that photo for ever!


Third TRIAL!

Today we went down, it was a negative mountain! The mountain was mountain C. I was so scared to come down but my dad made me! The mountain was super steep and meanwhile I was coming down I lost my balance and while I was coming down and loosing my balance I see a big pile of snow. And when I realize I was on top of that pile, and I couldn’t move. I was in pain and I couldn’t move my skies so I was stuck there like for 5 minutes and then finally my dad and my brother came and help me, and when I see the hole cast of Gossip Girl was passing I wanted to cry, but then I just heard a voice telling me are you okay? And when I realized it was Nate. This was the best day of my life!:)


fourth TRIAL!

Today I deiced that I was goanna go to ski school, I was afraid I would fall again so my family and me decided to put me in ski school today. So the mountain was the D. At first I felt a little bit with shame, because the only ones there was kids of 5 years. And I was the only teen there. And I couldn’t do anything. But the mountain was a little bit negative, because it wasn't a big mountain. But I have great news, I didn't fall! It was great at least I had one good news. But then something made my day fun we went shopping! So I bought a lot of stuff. It wasn't such a bad day.


fifth TRIAL!

This was our last day, and well we skied together. In mountain E. And it was the last mountain in the park, but we got to laugh a lot. My dad came and couldn't stop, so he was coming not so fast, and there were some partners with there personal teacher and suddenly my dad comes and run over the girl, she was shocked. And my dad was so sorry, but we were laughing so hard that the girl heard us. But o well we couldn't do anything. I enjoying my five days there, I hope one day someone goes there because I recommend them too! bye!