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The first lifestyle magazine is born PowerPoint Presentation
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The first lifestyle magazine is born

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The first lifestyle magazine is born - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The first lifestyle magazine is born
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  1. The first lifestyle magazine is born …all female

  2. From the experience and the strength of Gentleman and with the support of two very prestigious economic-financial newspapers, MF/Milano Finanza and ItaliaOggi, Class Editori launches a brand new monthly magazine for the female world, Ladies & Gentleman • A new, courageous and positive pathfinder for the Italian market. A direction that has already been set by the international editions of Gentleman, that have launched Ladies in Spanish, French and Flemish. Who are the contemporary Ladies and what do these women want? • A fast, handy magazine rich in information and feelings Not a voluminous catalogue of unlikely trends  Nor the female version of the socio-political male edition • A positive and exciting magazine, nice to page through

  3. Glamour & Business Two souls, two covers Just like Gentleman, Ladies & Gentleman also has two covers •The first cover has as main character a face-symbol of international beauty and elegance •The second cover tells the story of a woman engaged in the world of work:Businesswoman, top manager, self-employed woman, creative… The grid Technology of topics Children Fashion & Accessory Eco-style Cars Beauty & Wellness AND MUCH MORE..

  4. House, design, real estate market Cooking & art of receiving Travel guide & Luxurious weekend •Friday 25th September, with MF/Milano Finanza and Gentleman • Tuesday 29th September, with ItaliaOggi and Gentleman • Commencing Wednesday 30th September, for one month, with Gentleman • Also posted to ItaliaOggi, MF/Milano Finanza and Gentleman subscribers TO BE AVAILABLE AT NEWSSTANDS COMMENCING FRIDAY 25th SEPTEMBER, THANKS TO AN INNOVATIVE AND AGGRESSIVE FORMAT THAT WILL ALLOW IT TO REACH A WIDE, BUT EXTREMELY FOCUSED, DEMANDING AND SELECTIVE TARGET LADIES & GENTLEMAN ADVERTISING SPECIFICATIONS Formats: HALF PAGE HORIZONTAL (BLEED SIZE) Width mm 273 - Height mm 170 DOUBLE PAGE (BLEED SIZE) Width mm 546 - Height mm 340 PAGE (BLEED SIZE) Width mm 273 - Height mm 340 HALF PAGE VERTICAL (BLEED SIZE) Width mm 136,5 - Height mm 340 CIRCULATION: 200.000 copies - Technical information: Printing-type: roto-offset - Paper type: glossy paper - Screen: 60 lines per square cm PDF file - in CMYK with a 300 dpi resolution - with Acrobat Distiller. to be sent to: