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Portfolio. Term 4 Project Pitch Proposal Christian Whiticar July 16 th 2009. Elevator Pitch. Who you are Tell your audience:

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Term 4 Project Pitch Proposal

Christian Whiticar

July 16th 2009

Elevator pitch
Elevator Pitch

Who you are

Tell your audience:

Hello my name is Christian Whiticar from Victoria B.C.. I was produced in Germany and raised in Denmark retaining the language and earning a citizenship. Growing up my mother introduced me to art of all sorts and I grew up littering my binders and desks with little ideas and sketches from my vivid little imagination. Other then design I dedicated my time to friends, skateboarding, painting, travelling through different cultures, films, books, and video games. Having just finished two intensive years at Vancouver Film School, I have strengthened my previous talents and learned how to combine all my knowledge to make original, interesting, and professional work. Being hugely passionate on being part of an entire creative process I enjoy working on mockups, the brand, look frames, stills, and mostly building assets. But what really gets me excited is bringing something to life by compositing it into a motion program really lets my creative juices flow and gives me somewhere to funnel my energy. Pre to post production I to pull all nighters and exceed expectations. Therefore, engaging myself deeply into the project. I will bring my creativity, fun, and inspirations to wherever a job will take me, a place where brains, ideas, and creativity collide.

Unique selling proposition
Unique Selling Proposition

What makes you unique

Tell your audience what makes you different, unique and interestingly relevant:

I come from a fine art background where I have come understand lots of forms of art, from Photoshop to pencil artwork.

Also I am committed to working long hours, through the night as I become very engaged.

I am also good at time management and scoping the project through the hard times.

I understand various forms of media: the internet, 3D work, to After Effects animation.






Unique blend of skills

Creative approach

Dedication and patience

Project overview
Project Overview


Tell your audience what you are going to create, in what format, and what makes it unique. I will be creating my portfolio which will consist of a flash site and a demo reel. The flash site will have 8-12 portfolio pieces and showcase the workflow of one of my projects from start to finish. It will mainly display motion graphics pieces but I will also include a logo work, artwork, and mock ups on the side to showcase variety. The site will have an “About Me”, a “Contact”, a “Work” and finally the “Workflow” display.

Project overview1
Project Overview


Remember to be clear about your outcome and to provide a date to achieve the outcome.This portfolio site will showcase my work, being mostly motion and will be aimed at getting me a job with a design firm.

July 16, 2009

Aug 2, 2009

Theme look and feel
Theme, Look and Feel


Will concentrate on showing I am hard working, very creative, what my interests are, and why I am the perfect candidate for multiple positions.


Interesting, intriguing, strange, professional.


Intriguing, creative, fun, and inspirational.

Or wireframes
Or Wireframes


Main menu and navigation


Main menu and navigation



Sub-section Title

Splash Animation

Sub Menu Choices

Sub Menu Choices

Content Title

Content Title

Content Title

Content Title

Sub Menu Choices

Content Copy

Sub Menu Choices

Content Copy

Content Copy

Content Copy



Splash Screen

Main Screen

Sub Page

Process and technique
Process and Technique

This is where you define and detail your design goals and techniques:


  • Decide on portfolio Pieces

  • Define and finalize web layout

  • Define and finalize web copy

  • Select and treat images in Photoshop

  • Web development in DreamWeaver and Flash

  • Quality Assurance and testing across browsers

  • Upload and launch site

    Demo Reel:

    Decide on song and theme

    Collect pieces

    Compile in AE



What are the key tools (human and physical equipment) that you need to complete the project. Be specific and provide a breakdown:

  • People (Mike)

  • Software (Aftereffects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver)

  • Permits (Song)

  • Money

  • Etc.

Timeline and schedule
Timeline and Schedule

Insert Gantt chart highlighting critical tasks and task groups that are marked with corresponding dates. For example:

1. Planning and Concept Design (breakdown)

2. Pre-Production (breakdown)

3. Production (breakdown)

4. Post production (breakdown)

5. Delivery


This section should outline your project risks that would inhibit you form completing your project. Don’t forget to list a risk management solution for each risk.

Render Time

Over scope website



Presentation and impact are keys to success. Remember to make your presentation more visually interesting than this one. Choose a dynamic background that is appropriate or customized for the project. Adherence to spelling and grammar speak volumes.