The first english colonies
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The First English Colonies. Lesson 7. Vocabulary. charter cash crop indentured servant House of Burgesses Pilgrim sachem. What challenges did early English settlers face in North America?. Reading Skill. Cause and Effect. The First English Colonies.

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The first english colonies
The First English Colonies

Lesson 7



cash crop

indentured servant

House of Burgesses



What challenges did early English settlers face in North America?

Reading Skill

Cause and Effect

The first english colonies1
The First English Colonies

Why were the Roanoke settlements failures?

- The colonists lacked the supplies and skills to survive.

Why did Jamestown succeed?

- John Smith’s leadership forced the colonists to work. The soil and climate were ideal for growing tobacco, which allowed the colonists to make a profit.

The first english colonies2
The First English Colonies

Complete the chart to to show how the Pilgrims settled in Plymouth.



no religious freedom in England

Pilgrims plan to settle in Virginia colony.

Ship lands on Cape Cod.

Pilgrims form government.

Pilgrims are unprepared.

almost half die

Native Americans teach Pilgrims how to grow and hunt food.

The colony survives.

Pilgrims and Wampanoag celebrate.

Thanksgiving tradition begins.

The first english colonies3
The First English Colonies

What was the importance of the Mayflower Compact?

It was a plan for self-government. It expressed the idea that the power of a government comes from its people. This idea became a part of America’s founding documents.