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NOL Organization Chart APLL Asia Organization Chart APLL Taiwan office Organization Chart PowerPoint Presentation
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NOL Organization Chart APLL Asia Organization Chart APLL Taiwan office Organization Chart

NOL Organization Chart APLL Asia Organization Chart APLL Taiwan office Organization Chart

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NOL Organization Chart APLL Asia Organization Chart APLL Taiwan office Organization Chart

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  1. Contents • NOL Organization Chart • APLL Asia Organization Chart • APLL Taiwan office Organization Chart • ACS Asia Offices Locations • APLL Service Features. • APLL Service Strengths • Critical Success Factors • MCC Map • MCC Service Coverage • MCC Transit time Matrix • MCC Cost Analysis • MCC Benefit • MCC Charge List • MCC Service Assumption with charge sample

  2. NOL Group NOL Group Flemming Jacobs APL Liner CEO Flemming Jacobs APL Logistics CEO Dick Metzler Chartering/ Enterprise CEO Staffs GATX (USA) APL Logistics President, Europe APL Logistics President Asia/M East Justin Kent APL Logistics President, Americas William Villalon

  3. APL Logistics Organization President Asia/M. East Justin Kent Staff S. Asia (S’pore) Vice President Danny Goh N. Asia (Hkg) Vice President Antonio Leung N. Asia Staffs Hong Kong S. China GM Jacky Li N. China GM Paul Man Taiwan GM Joseph Wu Korea GM C K Park Philippines GM Tita Rivera Lim Japan GM Y. Goshu

  4. Taiwan Organization Total Taiwan: 49 General Manager Joseph Wu Sales Manager Jennifer Wang Service Integrity Manager Logistics Admtr Operation Department Warehousing/ Distribution GM Jerry Lin Warehouse Manager Eddy Chen Finance Analyst 2 Op Mgrs 4 Acct Sprs 27 Acct Rep Kaohsiung Warehouse Operation David Luan N. Taiwan Warehouse Operation James Lin Warehouse/ Distribution Team

  5. Asia Office Asia: 29 Countries, 40 Locations Europe: 14 Countries Central America: 7 Countries South America: 5 Countries) Canada USA Mexico Australia South Africa ACS OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE Japan Tokyo Korea Yokohama Dalian Beijing Kobe Osaka Mongolia Pusan Tianjin Seoul Qingdao Nanjing China Taipei Shanghai Ningbo Taiwan Afghanistan Huangpu Fuzhou Kaohsiung Shenzhen Pakistan Chittagong HongKong Karachi Dhaka Philippines Macau Burma NewDehli Laos Ho Chi Minh City Bombay Manila India Thailand Bangladesh Kumpuchea Vietnam Bangkok Madras Cebu Port Kelang Malaysia Surabaya Penang Colombo New Guinea Sri Lanka Indonesia Singapore Jakarta Port Louis Mauritius

  6. APLL Service Features • Information Service (world-wide network) EDI, • NetTrac (on Internet) • Export and Import freight forwarding service, Cargo clearance • Origin consolidation / Destination deconsolidation service • Local distribution service, International distribution service • Multi-Country Consolidation service • Supply chain management service (PO file --> Shipment update) • Bar code scanning (ScanFact --> Advanced Shipping Advice) • E-Commerce

  7. APLL Strengths • Capable to serve entire Supply-chain management • Real time world-wide on line computer system plus local PC • devices to provide sophisticated customs-made cargo details, • Bar code scanning, Warehouse Management System, NetTrac • Experienced personnel in global logistics • Technical transplantation from one region to where ever we • need • Supported by group member, APL, the major shipping line • and local leading service providers in the industry • (customs brokerage, trucking, warehousing) • Global Network

  8. Critical Success Factors • Global Network • Smooth Operation Transferring • Planning & Execution • Training Program – Partnership • IT Capability • Knowledge/Experience Sharing • Written Procedure – S. O. P. • Operation Excellency /Quality Assurance

  9. APLL Customers Representative Electrical Goods: Footwear: A & A (Tandy) Nike A M C Sony Deichmann Schuhe Altec Lansing Timberland Black & Decker Stride Rite Philips New Balance Footwear • Apparel • Importers/Specialty Toys • Stores: Specialty Stores • The Gap Mail Order • Toys : Polo/Ralph Lauren Gifts Items : Discount Retailers • Arco/Mattel AMC Enesco Applause Inc. The Limited Estee Lauder Russ Berrie Tommy Hilfiger Strombecker Warner Brother’s Fun World Esprit Warnaco Mail Order: Charming Shoppes Franklin Mint Ann Taylor J. Crew Totes Isotoner Handbags: L.L. Bean Lechters Mitzi Int'l Rosetti Bags Department Stores: Target Corp. Furniture: J.C. Penney Pier 1 Imports K mart IKEA TJ Maxx JCPenney

  10. Mauritius Port Louis • MCC MAP Japan ACS FACILITY Tokyo Kobe Train MCC HUB Beijing Korea Dalian Osaka Seoul n Mongolia Feeder Vessel Tianjin Pusan Line Haul Vessel Qingdao Shanghai China Nanjing Taipei Ningbo Fuzhou To America Taiwan Afghanistan Shenzhen KAOHSIUNG Huangpu Macau Pakistan New Delhi Hong Kong u Karachi Fujairah Philippines Chittagong Laos Dhaka Burma Vietnam Saipan India Thailand Manila Bangladesh Bangkok Kampuchea Bombay Cebu Madras Malaysia Malaysia Port Kelang Penang Sri Lanka SINGAPORE Colombo Indonesia New Guinea Jakarta Surabaya a To Europe and other Area

  11. Benefit of MCC Service • Visible: • Minimize LCL shipment of all involved Asia origins. • (Could be more flexible of the order size) • Cost Saving in ocean freights • (LCL ocean freight vs. FCL ocean freight.) • Minimize transit time delay . • Invisible: • Reduce the entry of customs • Deduct the trucking charge in delivery of • destination. • Reduce work load in coordination of shipments and • documents.

  12. MCC Transit Time Matrix

  13. Cost Analysis for MCC Service

  14. APLL MCC Service Charge • Charge to Newell • APLL Consolidation Fee by each Origins. • MCC management Fee US$ 3.00/CBM for all MCC Cargo • MCC Rework Charge US$ 12.00/CBM for any cargo have physical rework operation . • Charge of local vendors for Asia Origins • Local CFS Charge • THC (base on certain scenario ) • Documentation Charge

  15. Major Assumption and Charge for MCC Service • I.Carrier:APL only • II. All MCC cargo need to nominate APLL for consolidation • and deliver to APLL designate facility. • III.Charge sample by payment parties • Asia Origin Countries MCC Hub • CFS Charge-Vendor MCC Manage Fee -Cnee • Documentation Charge-Vendor Rework Charge** -Cnee • THC ** by Vendor (for cargo have physical rework portion) • (for any shipment consol to full box only) • Destination • Ocean Freight and Destination Charge by Cnee after MCC