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Level Design and Social Aspect

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Level Design and Social Aspect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Level Design and Social Aspect. Agung Toto Wibowo http://gameprogramming.blog.ittelkom.ac.id/blog/ Feil , John and Scattergood, Marc, "Beginning Game Level Design", Thomson Course Technology, Boston, 2005. Basic Knowledge. Fun

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level design and social aspect

Level Design and Social Aspect

Agung Toto Wibowo


Feil, John and Scattergood, Marc, "Beginning Game Level Design", Thomson Course Technology, Boston, 2005

basic knowledge
Basic Knowledge
  • Fun
    • Games are supposed to be fun. There is no magical “fun” formula that guarantees success time after time.
  • Know Your Audience
    • you have to find them. Internet, majalah, tanyalangsung, chatboard, etc.
  • Know Your Genre
    • Ekspektasiapa yang diinginkanpemain. E.gasdw key.
  • Empowering the Player
    • Creative power : bring something into existence that wasn’t there previously, usually by combining separate, already existing objects or concepts. Sim City
    • Destructive power is the ability to uncreate or radically alter the state of something until it no longer resembles its original form. Shooter game
    • Manipulative power allows you to control other things. (control falling block, Lara move on Tomb Rider)
  • Central hub to gameplay.
  • Time Challenge
    • a certain amount of time to complete a task.
  • Endurance Challenge
    • Sort of the opposite of a timed challenge.
  • Memory/knowlegde Challenge
    • requires the player to know certain facts in order to win
  • Logic Challenge
    • requires the player to figure out a puzzle without having the answer beforehand.
  • Resource Control Challenge
    • use that resource to overcome an objective before it runs out.
prinsip dasar
  • Ketahui genre anda
  • Semakintinggi level  tantangansemakinsulit
  • Level berbeda perbedaanteknik /polapermainan
  • Next level  haruslahlebihmenarikdari level sebelumnya.
komponen level
Komponen Level
  • Action
  • Exploration
  • Story Telling
  • Puzzle Solving
  • Aesthetics
tahap level design
Tahap Level Design
  • Tentukan layout arena
    • perbedaanposisipemain (terrain), posisibangunan, celah yang dapatatautidakdapatdilewati, dll
    • Kondisi arena menentukanpolapergerakanpemain / lawan
  • Menciptakantempat-tempatspesial
    • Remember pacman
  • Tentukanposisientitaspermainan
    • posisipemain, posisilawan, posisi item, posisi save point, dll
tahap level design1
Tahap Level Design
  • Membangunprosestransisiantar level
  • Menentukanlokasi start dan exit player
    • tidakmerugikan / menguntungkan player (CS, WC)
  • Tambahkan detail arena, animasi, sound, pencahayaan, dan music.
  • Informasi lain
  • Beda Genre, bisabedatahap
hal lain yang diperhatikan
Hal Lain yang Diperhatikan
  • Hidden Mission  menggelitikpemainmengeksplorekeseluruhan game
  • Bisadigunakanpadapengenalankarakter.
level design
Level Design
  • Planning & Sketching
    • Getting the idea.
    • sketch gameplay or parts of the level before building them in the editor
  • Blocking out
    • to see if what you planned on a paper looks good in 3D and to check the scale before adding textures and details.
  • Naming,
  • Building and adding details to the level

Sumber : http://www.gamedesign.net/node/1124

level design building adding details
Level Design – Building, adding details
  • Tutorial lain bisadidapatkandi http://www.gamedesign.net/
social aspect1
Social Aspect
  • Culture, Gender
  • Kecenderunganmemainkankarakter yang miripdiri
  • Kekerasan, SARA