instructions for quoting issuing motorcycle insurance in pts n.
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Instructions for Quoting & Issuing Motorcycle Insurance In PTS PowerPoint Presentation
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Instructions for Quoting & Issuing Motorcycle Insurance In PTS

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Instructions for Quoting & Issuing Motorcycle Insurance In PTS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instructions for Quoting & Issuing Motorcycle Insurance In PTS. American Reliable Insurance Company 8655 E. Via De Ventura, Suite E200 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 T 480.483.8666 F 480.483.1675 What does our system do?. Our online rating system does more than provide a rate.

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Instructions for Quoting & Issuing Motorcycle Insurance In PTS

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instructions for quoting issuing motorcycle insurance in pts

Instructions for Quoting & IssuingMotorcycle Insurance In PTS

American Reliable Insurance Company

8655 E. Via De Ventura, Suite E200

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

T 480.483.8666 F 480.483.1675


What does our system do?

Our online rating system does more than provide a rate.

You can:

Quote new business

Issue a policy, Point of Sale Issuance

Take payments including EFT and credit card

Process change quotes on existing policies

Process endorsement requests

Print all policy documents including ID cards and DEC pages

View commission statements



After completion of the application process forward the signed application, UM/UIM selection form, and proof of discounts to your General Agent representative.


Go to:

Click on the PTS Agent Login link

to open the log in screen


Log in using your agency ID and case-sensitive password.

If it is your first time on the system you must install the MeadcoScriptX , this print driver is required to print documents!!!


Once you have logged in you are taken to the home screen. This screen has links for New Quote, Look up an existing quote, Look up a policy, and view Reports.


Input the policy effective date, choose the applicable state and company.

Press the Start Quote button.


Choose any applicable discounts and click Continue.

Proof of discount is required with the signed application.


Choose the coverage limits

Click Continue.

250/500 limits only available for Umbrella requirement!!! Must provide a copy of Umbrella policy.


Choose the model year, make, and model. Verify the garaging zip. Choose COLL and OTC deductibles, choose amount of Accessory coverage.

Click continue to proceed, or add New Vehicle to add an additional unit.

Scrolling over ? Marks open help text.


Fill in Date of birth, Marital Status, and Gender.

Choose vehicle assignment if more than one vehicle or operator.

If the client has completed a motorcycle safety course, input the completion date. Copy of certificate required with application.

Choose violation level, use chart for help

Click here to add additional operators or click Rate to complete.


Quote Number

You now have a quote sheet!!

You may print the quote, edit quote to modify coverage, or click the Submit button to convert the quote to an Application.


If you need to look up a quote you recently completed to convert to an app or modify the quote, choose the Lookup Quote link

If you don’t have the quote number use the first initial and full last name of the client and click the search button.

Click the applicable quote link under Policy # to enter the quote.


This takes you back into the quote summary.

Click on Submit button to convert to an application.



Input prior carrier information.

Copy of prior insurance DEC page required.

Input association information

Proof of membership required.


Input VIN number and garaging location.

If no lien holder or additional accessories click on the update button to save information.


Accessories total must equal value shown here

List all accessories, the values will round to nearest $100 in each row. Total accessories in this example should equal $3600

Click here to add a

lien holder

If no lien holder click Update to save information


Choose Get LIENHOLDER LIST from drop down to choose a bank.


Click on Add New Lienholder #1 to add a new entity not currently in the list. See next page for further instructions


To add a new lien holder, enter bank information and loan number if available. Click on Add New Lienholder #1 to save.

If second lien complete this section.

To save vehicle information click UPDATE button


Click Add New Vehicle button if there are additional units (Max of 4 per policy) and follow same procedures on each unit.

If change is needed click Edit button

Always click the UPDATE button after editing the vehicle to save changes.

When done updating vehicles click continue


UW information outlines Ineligible Vehicles and Operators.

Additional information available in

UW guide

Click on Process Quote to complete Application


You are now at the Policy Review screen. You may validate the information.

Then choose the payment plan and click on Bind Coverage if using Agent EFT, Credit Card, or Insured EFT

Click Make Change if necessary to correct information.

If paying with check draft see next slide for instructions


Click on Application link and print application, complete the application and mail with proof of discounts and the Check draft

to your General Agent.

If paying with Credit Card, Insured EFT, or Agent EFT go to next slide.


Input Down payment amount and Tab to get payment options.

Choose payment option and input appropriate information.

Insured EFT, after inputting bank information click on Post Info to apply payment.


Input Credit Card information and click on Verify Card.

Mailing address must match credit card billing address.


Card Information

After card verification

click on Post Payment


Primoris is a third party credit card vendor. If insured agrees to pay their fee, click on the confirm button to continue.


Point of Sale (POS) Issuance:

Click on Print Forms to print the Application, DEC page, ID cards, and privacy notices.

Click continue after printing the forms to go to Policy Summary Screen


This screen gives an overall snapshot of the insured information and policy coverage.

There are several tabs at the top of the screen which provide additional policy information.


Billing tab provides a financial snapshot showing next payment due, remaining balance, and remaining payments

This section shows installment due dates

This section outlines payments received


The Status tab will show if any endorsements are done, any cancellations pending, and any saved endorsement quotes.


The Notes/Susp tab

Here you can note a policy change. Example shown here.

Batch Items are all documents which have been mailed to the insured,

lien holder, or agent.


Choose an endorsement reason provided or Other Reason will allow you to type your own

Click Continue


You may click on the appropriate tab for your endorsement. It is not necessary to go through all tabs.

In this example I clicked the Vehicle tab, as I am adding a vehicle

Now click Add New Vehicle button


Complete Yellow fields including VIN, Year, Make, Model. Choose Deductible if applicable. Add accessories if applicable. Add lien holder if applicable.

(note-Deductibles must match on all vehicles. i.e. if you have a $500 deductible on first vehicle, and want COLL/OTC on added vehicle it must also be $500)

If deleting a vehicle on policy you would click on Remove this Vehicle box then click update

Click the update button to save changes


After clicking update, the new vehicle will be shown.

I am adding an operator so I will click Drivers tab


Complete Yellow boxes if applicable input Riders Safety Course completion date

Click the Update button to save driver information.


Click on E-Quote Policy to get

quote summary and rate


You may decline, process, or save the endorsement from here.

I will click Save to show you how to retrieve a saved quote


From the Policy information screen, choose the Status tab to retrieve the quote.

Click on Edit if change is required. Click Apply to process the endorsement


You may print the revised DEC Page and ID cards after completion of the endorsement.

Click Continue to proceed to Policy Information screen.


I chose the Motorcycle ID Card link.

Click on the Print button at the top of screen to print.

Click the Back button to print other forms.

Click the Info button to return to Policy Information screen


Choose payment amount, payment method, and payment type if applicable. Click the Post Payment button to complete.


From the Main Menu click the Reports Link.

Your available reports may differ from this screen.

Click the Policy Inforce Premium to view your active policies.


Select the options from the drop down menus, choose the date,

and specific state if necessary. Click Get Report button


This screen provides an overall summary of policies.

Click on Policy type link for individual policy holders.