fiber winding cnc n.
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Fiber Winding CNC PowerPoint Presentation
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Fiber Winding CNC

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Fiber Winding CNC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fiber Winding CNC. By Somnang Rom. Background. The main focus of this project is to design and create a small-scale fiber winding machine to produce composite structures

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Fiber Winding CNC

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    1. Fiber Winding CNC By Somnang Rom

    2. Background • The main focus of this project is to design and create a small-scale fiber winding machine to produce composite structures • It will serve as a educational tool in which the materials science classes can explore the fundamental of how composite materials are made. • Existing fiber winding processing systems requires continuous fibers. The winding pitch on the mandrel maybe be controlled to achieve desired patterns.

    3. Solutions • The Fiber Winding CNC Machine will use existing CNC software to control the motors speed and winding patterns. • The system will process cylindrical shape and the working area are approximately 30” x 12” x 12”

    4. 5 Top view 4 6 1 System Overview AC power 2 7 3 14 Motor controller 10 8 11 G-code 9 12 13

    5. Mechanical Designs 12” 12.125” 24” Side view

    6. Fiber winding Front View Front view X axis Z axis Y axis 37.5”

    7. Fiber winding Isometric view

    8. Torque requirements Mathematical Analysis W M Torque of lead crew: • In our case: • W=10lb • P=.125in • e=.4 • T=510 oz-in Torque=(2.55*W)/P*e (Oz-in) • Where: • W=weight in lbs • P= screw pitch • e=efficiency for lead screw .4 (T=2.66lb-ft) Mandrel: Running at 350 rpm for the mandrel which is1/5 of the motor rating spool (5252*HP)/rpm TMandrel= fiber HP=1/3 rpm= 1750 motor rate Epoxy bath T=1lb-ft M

    9. Electrical ---Custom power supply design: Hand drawn in the composition booklet --DB 25 breakout cable schematic are not available. ----Manufacture design US digital encoder Power supply: Red wire 5v, and black are ground ---Manufacture design servo motor controller. : Schematic are not available

    10. Electrical system overview Y axis X axis Chassis GND Input data Input data Chassis GND

    11. Software Typical PM servo motor Controller Overview DB25 breakout cable Master 5 CNC Servo motor controller step pc count dir P D/A H Bridge I Encoder D motor feedback

    12. Bill Of materials

    13. Flow chart of motor controller Program system overview PC step/ dir Main ISR feedback ISR off count ? ? Dec ctr. Incr. ctr. comp. motor count Dec ctr. Incr. ctr. mccw end mcw end motor off

    14. Fiber Winding CNC schedule Fall Spring Existing technology using Master5CNC Program HC08 Power supply Determine speed and winding pattern Selecting motor/ drawing whole chassis Complete drawing and design chassis Making last minute changes and writing web site demonstration Somnang Rom

    15. Question?