empowering career success in 21 st c classrooms n.
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Empowering Career Success in 21 st C Classrooms PowerPoint Presentation
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Empowering Career Success in 21 st C Classrooms

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Empowering Career Success in 21 st C Classrooms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Empowering Career Success in 21 st C Classrooms. Joy Murray National Curriculum Specialist PBEA -- November, 2011. Cengage Learning. Our Businesses & Brands. Who We Are is All About YOU!. Leader in e-research and educational publishing

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Empowering Career Success in 21 st C Classrooms

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empowering career success in 21 st c classrooms

Empowering Career Success in 21st C Classrooms

Joy Murray

National Curriculum Specialist

PBEA-- November, 2011

cengage learning
Cengage Learning
  • Our Businesses & Brands
who we are is all about you
Who We Are is All About YOU!
  • Leader in e-research and educational publishing
  • Authoritative, award-winning reference content, as well as cutting edge technology
  • Our collaboration is bridging classroom and library resources to benefit students
partnership for 21st century skills
Partnership for 21st Century Skills

You are in Good Company

When you Partner with Us…

preparing students for 21 st century
Preparing Students for 21st Century
  • “Twenty first century skills are the lifeblood of a productive workforce in today's global, knowledge-based economy. As more of our economic competitors move to foster 21st century skills development within their educational systems, the United States faces a critical challenge to keep pace in preparing our students to meet the demands of global community and tomorrow’s workforce. “

--- Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  • Have you prepared your students for 21stC workforce?

Engage, Educate, Empower!

Digital experience replicates 21st C online environment

Supplement Business curriculum with real-world application

Hands-on curriculum practice

why online career curriculum
Why Online Career Curriculum?
  • Students exploring career paths and preparing Educational Development Plans
  • CTE Teachers offering supplemental curriculum that supports 21st C online experience
  • Districts applying for Perkins Grant money to develop the academic, vocational, and technical skills of secondary and post-secondary students who elect to enroll in vocational technical education programs
  • Vocational Programs developing curriculum
  • Adult Continuing Education Programs training adults for successful employment
  • District Human Resource & Professional Development programs to support outplacement, career and professional development skills
  • Complements curriculum and services schools offer by extending reach further into student and residential community
  • Guidance Counselors advising students on post secondary plans
career transitions guides students
Career Transitions Guides Students
  • Transition from high school to post secondary endeavors
  • Tools guide both college-bound students and those going directly into 21st C workforce
    • Discover Interests
    • Explore Careers
    • Create Resume
    • Introduce Skills
discover interests
Discover Interests

O-NET Assessment allows students to explore and discover interests

Results map to Holland Interest categories

Suggests careers that require various levels of experience and education

browse career paths

U.S. Dept. of Education's 16 Career Clusters: Browsing through the clusters and pathways introduces users to many career pathways and over 1,100 careers.

Convenient sorting and filtering: Results are filtered to spotlight pathways, green and new & emerging careers. Users can filter by salary, growth and # employed.

Comprehensive career info: Results profiles include tasks, tools, technologies, videos, career ladders, salary, growth, and job and education searches.

explore careers
Explore Careers
  • Career Paths and Industries
  • Career Overviews
  • “Day in the Life”
  • Education requirements
  • Industry growth potential
prepare your resume
Prepare Your Resume
  • Easy-to-use Resume Wizard
  • Spellchecker
  • Tips and Examples
  • Cover Letters

Engage, Educate, Empower!

  • 21st century Classrooms
  • Digital homework opportunities
    • Assign assessment to discover interests
    • Report three career paths based on interests
    • Create resume to find seasonal job or job of their dreams!
new edition investigating your career 3e
New Edition! Investigating Your Career, 3e
  • Intro to Career Readiness
  • Career Cluster Coverage
  • Academic Connections
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Financial Literacy
what s new investigating your career 3e
What’s New Investigating Your Career, 3e
  • Lesson Format
  • New/Green Industries
  • Social Networking
  • Personal Finance
  • Blog Activities - Capstone
  • Alternative Ways of Working
new edition working 5e
New Edition! Working, 5e
  • Concise Format
  • Student Abilities to Careers
  • Career Clusters
  • Financial Literacy
  • Academic Connections
  • Communication Skills
what s new working 5e
What’s New Working, 5e
  • Transferable Skills
  • Social Networking
  • Internet Etiquette
  • Green Jobs
  • Global Economy Impact
  • Interpersonal Communication
      • Technology Innovations feature
  • Personal Finance
  • Being a Responsible Consumer
helping you teach
Helping You Teach
  • Adobe PDF Online eBook
  • Text/Adobe PDF Online eBook
  • Wrap Teacher Edition
  • ExamView
  • Instructor Resource CD
  • Community Web sites ‭ ― www.cengage.com/school/iyc


career readiness in 21 st century classrooms
Career Readiness in 21st Century Classrooms
  • CengageLearning has it all!
    • Investigating Your Career, 3rd Edition
    • Working, 5th Edition
    • Career Transitions
  • New & Improved!
    • 21st C Skills
    • Career Clusters
    • New & Emerging Careers