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welcome to club cell n.
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Welcome to CLUB CELL!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to CLUB CELL!!!

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Welcome to CLUB CELL!!!
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Welcome to CLUB CELL!!!

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  1. Welcome to CLUB CELL!!!

  2. WARM UP • Write your homework – get it stamped! • Get your homework out to be checked! • Update table of contents!

  3. WARM UP • Quick Check • ERT = Everybody Reads To… • Understand what organelles are • Be able to make a list of the organelles that are found in an animal cell • Review cell structure, or build knowledge of new material and vocabulary

  4. Cell Theory Review • Three main points to the cell theory: • Every living thing is made of one or more cells. • Cells carry out the functions needed to support life. • Cells can only come from other living cells.

  5. Cells carry out the functions needed to support life…BUT what is a FUNCTION? • Specific action or activity that something does; its job or role

  6. What’s inside you?

  7. What’s inside a cell? Organelles – parts inside of a cell that have specific functions – “little organs”

  8. Inside a Cell! Introduction to Cell Organelles

  9. FUNCTION Controls the cell and contains its genetic material (DNA) Nucleus

  10. ANALOGY The nucleus is like the club owner because they control what happens in the club. Nucleus

  11. FUNCTION The semi-permeablemembrane of the cell that lets materials in or out Cell Membrane

  12. ANALOGY The cell membrane is like a bouncer because it only lets certain things in or out Cell Membrane

  13. FUNCTION To process nutrients and oxygen into energy Mitochondria

  14. ANALOGY The mitochondria are like a dj because they play music to give the club energy Mitochondria

  15. FUNCTION To digest and break down materials in the cell Lysosome

  16. ANALOGY The lysosomes are like the people dancing in the club…they have one purpose: to “break it down!” Lysosome

  17. FUNCTION The fluid that fills the cell and supports the organelles Cytoplasm

  18. ANALOGY The cytoplasm is like the crowd during crowd surfing. Cytoplasm

  19. FUNCTION To store materials for the cell Ex: nutrients, water, waste, etc. Vacuoles

  20. ANALOGY The vacuoles are like closets or storage rooms. They can be used to store many things. Vacuole

  21. FUNCTION To package and deliver materials needed to make proteins Endoplasmic Reticulum

  22. ANALOGY The E.R. is like the delivery driver because it packages &delivers all the necessary items to run the club Endoplasmic Reticulum

  23. FUNCTION To buildproteins for the cell and organism Ribosomes

  24. ANALOGY The ribosomes are like chefs because they combine delivered ingredients to make complex dishes (proteins) Ribosomes

  25. FUNCTION Sends the proteins where they are needed Golgi Bodies

  26. ANALOGY The Golgi Bodies are like server/waiter because they take the dishes (proteins) where they need to go Golgi Bodies

  27. CELL RAP: • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zafJKbMPA8

  28. Complete back of note sheet • Use your technology to complete the back of the note guide! • When you finish, you can begin working on your own unique illustrated analogies!

  29. HOMEWORK: Make your own illustrated set of analogies for the organelles inside an animal cell, and you must include: • Name & function of each organelle! • YOUR OWN UNIQUE ILLUSTRATED ANALOGY for each organelle we covered in class!! • Example: Your theme could be a school, so the principal would be the nucleus because they control the school and make decisions like the nucleus does in the cell.

  30. Questions?