ch 9 section 2 n.
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CH 9 Section 2.

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CH 9 Section 2. The Bill of Rights. The 1 st Amendment guarantees us the freedoms of religion, speech, assembly, petition and the press. “Separation of Church and State” guarantees our freedom of religion. Assembly.

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ch 9 section 2

CH 9 Section 2.

The Bill of Rights

the 1 st amendment guarantees us the freedoms of religion speech assembly petition and the press
The 1st Amendment guarantees us the freedoms of religion, speech, assembly, petition and the press.
  • This means to hold meetings. Citizens must do so in a legal and peaceful manner.
  • To make a formal request of the government. This is every US citizen’s right.
the national guard
The National Guard
  • This organization has replaced militias in serving states’ protection needs.
  • To formally accuse someone of a crime.
double jeopardy
Double jeopardy
  • Being tried for the same crime more than once. This is anti-constitutional.
eminent domain
Eminent domain
  • The government’s right to take personal property to further the public interest.
A public defender is a lawyer that is paid for by the government for the accused that can’t afford one.
To plea bargain is to claim guilt of a lesser offense so as to avoid conviction of a greater offense.
The way that many states were carrying out the Death Penalty was ruled by the Supreme Court to be “cruel and unusual punishment”.