nist atp initiatives in telehealth n.
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NIST/ATP Initiatives in Telehealth PowerPoint Presentation
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NIST/ATP Initiatives in Telehealth

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NIST/ATP Initiatives in Telehealth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NIST/ATP Initiatives in Telehealth. Richard N. Spivack, Ph.D. Economic Assessment Office (tel.) 301-975-5063 (fax) 301-975-4776 PHDSC Conference March 17, 2004. NIST and Advanced Technology Program. Overview of presentation:

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NIST/ATP Initiatives in Telehealth

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nist atp initiatives in telehealth

NIST/ATP Initiatives in Telehealth

Richard N. Spivack, Ph.D.

Economic Assessment Office

(tel.) 301-975-5063

(fax) 301-975-4776

PHDSC Conference

March 17, 2004

nist and advanced technology program
NIST and Advanced Technology Program...

Overview of presentation:

  • Advanced Technology Program (ATP);
  • ATP and the NHII;
  • NIST Efforts in Telehealth;
  • ATP Funded Projects.
advanced technology program
Advanced Technology Program...

Advanced Technology Program Purpose:

  • To further the development and dissemination of “high-risk” technologies which offer the potential for significant, broad-based economic benefits for the nation;
  • To support industry leadership in planning and implementing projects;
  • With a focus on civilian technologies.
atp awarded projects
ATP Awarded Projects….
  • Since 1990, 6,054 proposals submitted to 43 competitions, requesting $12.9 B from ATP
  • 709 projects awarded with 1,433 participants and an equal number of subcontractors
  • 207 joint ventures and 502 single companies
  • $4.1 billion of high-risk research funded
    • ATP share = $2.11 billion
    • Industry share = $1.98 billion
  • Small businesses are thriving
    • 65% of projects led by small businesses
  • Over 160 universities participate
  • Over 25 national laboratories participate
atp and nhii awarded projects
ATP and NHII Awarded Projects….
  • During 1994, 1995, and 1997, the NHII focused program awarded funds to:
    • 32 projects totaling $295M in which industry contributed $149M;
    • 7 additional projects from the Open Competition totaling $27M in which industry contributed $14M.
  • Average award per project is $2.5M over 3 years.
nist efforts in telehealth1
NIST Efforts in Telehealth…
  • Integration and Interoperability
  • Centralization of patient records
  • Remote computer access
  • Improvements to the information systems dealing with patient records
nist efforts in telehealth2
NIST Efforts in Telehealth...
  • Collaboration with the American Telemedicine Association
      • Area of focus: Use of teleophthamalogy for diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening and treatment
      • Develop a standards profile that includes IT standards, clinical guidelines and business rules standards
  • All Inclusive Team Approach
      • Experts from all disciplines: IT, camera & reader equipment, clinicians, administrators, policy decision-makers
      • Series of three workshops (IT, Clinical, Business Rules)
nist efforts in teleheath
NIST Efforts in Teleheath…
  • Ensure measurement and conformance are defined where possible
      • Validation of system is based on Outcome of System
      • Quality of Image outcome based on Functional System Category Levels (screening, assessment, reference)
  • Long term Effects
      • Improved and Consistent Medical Services
      • Technical and Clinical Interoperability
      • Business Model and Yardstick for Reimbursement
atp funded project
ATP Funded Project…

Caresoft, Inc., (Mountain View, CA)—Funded in 1995.

  • Healthcare website for personal health maintenance offering private and secure access to the following:
    • Lab Services;
    • Medications;
    • Health Checkup;
    • Tools and information to empower one to determine conditions and make informed decisions.
atp funded project1
ATP Funded Project…

Surgency, Inc., formerly Benchmarking Partners, (Cambridge, MA)—Funded in 1994.

  • Supply Chain Software offering:
    • Forecasting accuracy;
    • Inventory reduction;
    • Expanded customer feedback;
    • Sales growth.
atp funded project2
ATP Funded Project…

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, (Boston, MA)—Funded in 1997.

  • Web-based program offering:
    • Private and secure Internet videoconference between parents and hospital staff;
    • Private and secure Internet access to medical records;
  • Cost Savings:
    • Parents took their babies home an average of two days earlier from the $2,500 per day neonatal intensive care unit.