189 knight road n.
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189 Knight Road

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189 Knight Road
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  1. The Knight’s Retreatdwelling space and conference buildings plans Note: Formerly, when a knight's name was not known, it was customary to address him as Sir Knight. 189 Knight Road

  2. The family homestead New Marlborough MA Cross to Sheffield, (Not called that now)‏ Knight Road Most Land Gone

  3. The family Dad's side Elizabeth died 1979 Harold died 1984 Raymond (Dad) died 1993 Mom's side Levi died 1970's Louie died 1980's Lucy died 1990's Bet died 1990's Joe died 1995 Clara (Mom) died 1995 James died 2006

  4. The building Former House from Main Road <white> Little Red House from nearby (1700's) <reddish> New House (Dad's side) built last <blue/purple>

  5. The lawyers Forced roofing by people C.K. did not want Result - mold and leaks. Forced dissolution of Trust 5 kinds of mold arrived "overnight" when Mr. Knight refused to sign a document without first seeking legal counsel.

  6. Results of Lawyer's actions In less than 15 years Roof went to pieces Roof sub flooring seems to be rotting away floor to bathroom fell in (5years) floor to porch gave way (7 years) floor to kitchen fell in (10 years) floor to living room settled to soil (11 years) floor to other porch gave way (12 years) Mold now throughout basement Mold now throughout attic-crawl space

  7. Out Buildings shed roofs are leaking Main Garage hit by car (Dad) now leaning Main woodshed, leaking on south side, boards off on sides Shop needs repair, sides and foundation Guest House (Chicken House) needs roof Storage bin (other chicken house) tree fell on it.

  8. Location of property Pluses (owned land)to build on Maybe repair original structures later . Concept tie into existing buildings Location is Close to Albany, Brattleboro, Springfield, Hartford Problems Well no longer functions Sewage (Cesspool) is not up to code

  9. What to do to create a living space Create a new Garage/Caretakers Dwelling Make it able to be lived in for now “Garage” space is larger than college apartment. Tie new Garage to new Community Building Offset to attaché to extension of Shed Make offset building look like a barn Create removable walls Garage/Dwelling Space Can be easily return to a Garage function.

  10. How buildings would fit on the land In area that is shaded Look like a barn Constructed in stages • The darkened area shows the space where the buildings would go. This way they would not be • Seen from the road • Look other than barn buildings • Allow for time to fix other buildings. • Participants could help w repairs • Be an asset to community and demonstrate green usage. • GOAL: Be off the grid totally in 10 years.

  11. The two buildings Floor plans Leftthegarage (dwelling) Right community area with chapel above

  12. The Community Space • Lounge • by fireplace • Moveable Bookcases (on large casters)‏ • flexible activity space • Space-groups • lectures Day retreats • Small groups to 99 or so.

  13. Features of the Upper Chapel Upstairs Chapel private worship & intercession Special events.. Standing Worship Fold-up benches -elderly/maternity traditional Orthodox Church Liturgies of St.s John C., Tikhon, James, Gregory Features No corners, fold-up benches, hidden storage, & study.

  14. Chapel Cut-away Construction No corners Rounded space Traditional N.E. Barn-Look outside Inside Orthodox Church Skylighted & Solar powered Lounge also as Crying room and small groups Elderly benches fold up. Separate heating for lounge and chapel areas.

  15. Highlights of the public areaofChapel Toilet area tide into "garage" bathroom Library area for reading & study Storage - back of hinged bookcase , etc. Quiet and great view of rural beauty.

  16. Special Features of Chapel (worship area) • Rounded corners everywhere • central pavilion for icon • of Christ the pantoCreator • Light from skylights • as if in a chapel in Greeceand east facing lighting. • Another world experience • as if God reached down His arms to embrace you.

  17. Features of Chapel Nave (continued) Doors cover windows for warmth in winter and yet cross panes allow some light in. Allows a procession as in the rite of Saint James.

  18. Features of the Garage/Caretaker Dwelling Space Planned for mobility challenged person All interior walls may beeasily be removed to return it to a garage All (or most) interior walls have top & bottom openings for air & heat flow/circulation hence it is like an "open space". Coverings to seal openings Flooring solid, laid on a barrier Slab-on-Grade construction

  19. Garage/Caretaker Dwelling Spacecont. South light reflected off roof to translucent bedroom ceiling Couch for entertaining (flat wall TV)‏ and a guest to sleep on. Flat wall TV in bedroom and paraliner & computer stations. Gas heat in space over kitchen area with tank on north side. Gas heat could be developed from waste materials. Decking for sitting in the late afternoon and ramp for ease of elderly access. Functioning Garage overhead door for access to tools/southern sitting area. Separate south doors for small storage Lawn Mower, bicycle, etc.

  20. Site Construction Issues Re-establish the well and pipe it to newer location area Establish Code approved sewage for usage of 50 males and 50 females with ports to tie future structures in. Establish electrical service (dug?)‏ With a view towards larger usage But attempt to be “off the grid” in 10 years.

  21. Future additions and buildings Second lecture Hall, Classroom So two events can happen at once To allow for meals during conferences Restaurant quality kitchen & food storage Large Shed to replace Barn Also make for limited, maybe monastic living Television and Radio Studios and Transmission facilities Mail and Publication facilities As well as a counselling and Administrative plants.

  22. CREATIVE CONCEPTS Charles Knight 32 Byers Street Unit # 101 Springfield, MA 01105 Tel. (413) 732-7077 email ni.ck@verizon.net Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. For more information, contact: Or Donations can be made % The Combined Christian Conferance 189 Knight Road Great Barrington, MA 01230