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HERMES SoftLab d.d.

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HERMES SoftLab d.d.

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  1. Installing and ConfiguringHERMES SoftLab Citrix Presentation ServerSMART Plug-In forHP Operations Manager/UNIX HERMES SoftLab d.d. Quick Reference

  2. Installation and Configuration Overview

  3. SPI for Citrix Hardware and Software Requirements • For requirements, supported versions and platforms refer to SPI for Citrix Installation and Configuration Guide. • Prepare the Citrix Environment • Obtain and prepare all information on your Citrix environment • Install and run HPOM agents on all Citrix nodeswith the opcmsg policy • Ensure access to the HPOM management server and all target nodes, and HP Performance, InternetServices (optional), and Reporter (optional). • Install HPOM Management server and HPOM Agent software on themanagement server and make sure all server and agent processes are running • Set Up Managed Nodes (for details refer to SPI for CitrixInstallation and Configuration Guide) Citrix servers are added as managed nodes to the HPOM. • Obtain Installation Packages • CTXSPI_03.20.eulsa • hsl_eulsa_hpux / hsl_eulsa_sun • CTXSPI_Reports_03.20.exe

  4. During the installation, all HP Operations Manager processesmust be “up andrunning”. • Copy the following files to the /tmp directory: • For HP-UX:the files hsl_eulsa_hpux andCTXSPI_03.20.eulsa • For Sun Solaris: the files hsl_eulsa_sun andCTXSPI_03.20.eulsa • Use the chmod command to set the executable permissions to the fileshsl_eulsa_hpux or hsl_eulsa_sun, if necessary. • To obtain the product installation package, first you must agree to the end-userlicense agreement. In the /tmp directory, run from the command line: • For HP-UX:hsl_eulsa_hpux-eCTXSPI_03.20.eulsa • For Sun Solaris:hsl_eulsa_sun -eCTXSPI_03.20.eulsa • Enter your name and the name of your company. • The standard HERMES SoftLab Software License Agreement will be displayed.Read it carefully, type I AGREE, then press [ENTER] to generate the installationpackage file (CTXSPI_03.20.depot) and your digitally signed End User License & Support Agreement file (CTXSPI_03.20.eulsa.txt). • Install SPI for Citrix with the following command: • For HP-UX and Sun Solaris:swinstall -s /tmp/CTXSPI_03.20.depot CTXSPI • After the installation has completed successfully, start HPOM administrator GUI (management console) and check that SPI for Citrix group was added to Application Bank and Message Source Templates. IMPORTANT: Data Source Integration to Dynamic Data Feed (DSI2DDF) component, version A.01.30 or above should be installed on the management server system if you want to use the reporting and graphing functionality.

  5. For each farm, configure the farm administrator account that SPI for Citrix will use to perform its tasks. Use the CTXSPIConfig command-line application, located on the management server in /opt/OV/ctxspi/bin: • Farm administrator account must: • be the local administrator of each individual Citrix Presentation Server system • have full access granted to farm (not read-only) • Be allowed to login to Citrix Presentation Server systems interactively • For each farm add farm administrator account (do not use the ADS account format user@domain): /opt/OV/ctxspi/bin/CTXSPIConfig -add Farm name: <enter name of farm> Farm domain: <domain name of farm admin account> Farm username: <name of farm admin account> Farm password: <password> Retype password: <repeat password> With SPI for Citrix you can manage any number of Citrix farms from a single HPOM management server.

  6. Add the Managed Nodes to the HPOM Management Server Make sure the agent on the node is running. Start the HPOM Console and log in as an HPOM Administrator (opc_adm). In the Node Bank window, first click Actions, and then Node. Click Add to openthe Add Node window. Add the Node name and select proper Machine type and OS Name. After you add all required information, click [OK] to exit the Add Node window. 1/3 Citrix systems (Citrix Presentation Server, Citrix License Server, Citrix Web Interface, Citrix Secure Gateway) are added as managed nodes to the HPOM.

  7. 2/3 • Install SPI for Citrix • To ensure that CTXSPI messages appear correctly in the HPOM message browser, add the target nodes as members of their corresponding newnode group CTXSPI. This node group and the new message groups, ctxspi andctxspi_int, need to be assigned to the HPOM user(s), operatorand/or administrator, who will be using the instrumentation. This can beperformed by manually assigning the responsibilities to these users or by using theCTXSPI Operator user profile. • Select the target node in the HPOM Node Bank window.In the menu, first click Actions, then Agents, and thenclick Install/Update SW &Config. • In the Install/Update Software and Configuration window select the following checkboxes: Actions, Monitors, and Commands. Click [OK].

  8. 3/3 • Configure SPI for Citrix Managed Nodes • Register SPI for Citrix subagent on all managed nodesGo to SPI for Citrix/CTXSPI-Maintenance/CTXSPI-Configure application group and execute CTXSPI-Register Subagent application on every Citrix node you want to manage. • On Citrix web Interface nodes only, install SPI for Citrix Web Interface integrationGo to SPI for Citrix/CTXSPI-Web Interface/CTXSPI-WI Configure application group, right-click the CTXSPI-Install WI Monitoringapplication, choose Customized Startup, set the “allow_iis_restart” parameter, and execute the application on Citrix Web Interface managed nodes. IMPORTANT: Installing Web Interface monitoring restarts Internet Information Server (IIS) on the managed node, so plan the time of installation carefully.

  9. 1/3 • Deploy the Licensing Policy on Managed Nodes • Start the HPOM Console and log in as HPOMAdministrator (opc_adm). • In the Node Bank window select the node(s) to which you want to deploy thetemplates. • In the menu first click Actions, and then Agents. Click Assign Templates toopen the Define Configuration window. • Click Add to open the Add Configuration window. • Click Open Template Window to open the Message Source Templates window. • In the Template Group list expand SPI for Citrix/CTXSPI-SPI Licensing group,and then in the right paneselect the CTXSPI-LicOpcMsgmessage template. • In the Add Configuration window click Get Template Selections and then [OK].The selected template is now added to the list of templates in the DefineConfiguration window. • In the menu first click Actions, and then Agents. Click Install/Update SW &Config to open the Install/Update Software and Configuration window. • Select the Templates, Actions, Commands, and Monitorscheckboxes and click [OK]. The template required for licensingis installed on the managed node.

  10. 2/3 • Generate License Request File • In the Node Bank window, first click Window, and then Application Bank. TheApplication Bank window opens. • Go toSPI for Citrix/CTXSPI-SPI Maintenance/CTXSPI-SPI Licensing/group. • Run the CTXSPI-1.Clear License Request File on Mgmt Serverapplication to clear thectxspi_license_requests.dat license request file on the management server. • Run the CTXSPI-2.Generate License Request for Nodeapplication on the managed nodes for whichyou need licenses. In the Customized Startup-Application window, in theAdditional Parameters field, replace the string "Your Company Name" with thename of your company. Click [OK] to generate the license request file. The license request file will be created in the /opt/OV/ctxspi/conffolder on the management server. The license requestsfor all nodes will be created in the /opt/OV/ctxspi/conf/ctxspi_license_requests.datfile on the management server.

  11. 3/3 • Obtain License Activation File • Upload the license request file using the Licensing Portal ( or send it by e-mail to the Licensing Department ( You will receive a license activation file ctxspi_licact_new.dat by e-mail. • Merge and Distribute the License Files • Copy the ctxspi_licact_new.dat file to the/opt/OV/ctxspi/conffolder. • In the Application Bank window, go to SPI for Citrix/CTXSPI-SPI Maintenance/CTXSPI-SPI Licensingapplication group andrun the CTXSPI-3. Merge License Activation Codes on Mgmt Server applicationto merge the ctxspi_licact_new.dat file with the SPIlicense file. • In the Install/Update Software and Configuration window, distribute Actions, Commands, and Monitorto allmanaged nodes for which you have requested the licenses. Licensing tutorial is available at theHERMES SoftLab website. Note that you will be requested to sign in.

  12. 1/3 • Verify the Installation

  13. 2/3 • Verify the Configuration

  14. 3/3 • Verify Licensing

  15. Install Reports • Where HP Reporter is installed, login to your Windows machine as theuser with administrator permissions. • Run the CTXSPI_Reports_03.20.exepackage. In the Select Setup Typewindow, select one of the following: • HPOM Unix server • HPOM Windows server with reports for Crystal Report 10 • HPOM Windows server with reports for Crystal Report 8.5 • After the installation has completed successfully, start HP Reporter on the Reporter system and check that SPI for Citrixis listed under Reports. • Configure Reports SPI for Citrix reports will be generated only for nodes, which are members of the SPI for Citrix Reporter node group. • If SPI for Citrix node group is not generated automatically, create it manually. • Verify that all Citrix managed nodes belong to this node group. If necessary, add them manually. • Deploy the corresponding CTXSPI-<node type> Data Collection policy groups to your Citrix managed nodes. You can start using Reports when performance data is collectedon the managed nodes (after at least two days).

  16. To install graphs, copy the SPI for Citrix graph templates fileVPI_GraphsSPI for Citrix.txt on the HP Performance Managersystem to the following locations:/var/opt/OV/conf/perf//opt/OV/newconfig/OVPM/ • To verify the installation, open the Performance Manager and click the Display tab.In the right pane you will see the main SPI for Citrix graph category. I M P O R T A N T: In order for graphs to show data, the corresponding data collection templates need to be distributed to Citrix managed nodes.