net enabled test environment nete update
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Net-Enabled Test Environment (NETE) Update

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Net-Enabled Test Environment (NETE) Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Net-Enabled Test Environment (NETE) Update. SWIM Net Centric Demos and Prototypes TIM May 4, 2011. Germaine Forbes Test and Evaluation Manager, JPDO Wen Zhu Alion Science and Technology. Agenda. Overview Mission and Concept Strategy NETE Accomplishments To-Date

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Presentation Transcript
net enabled test environment nete update

Net-Enabled Test Environment (NETE) Update

SWIM Net Centric Demos and Prototypes TIM

May 4, 2011

Germaine Forbes

Test and Evaluation Manager, JPDO

Wen Zhu

Alion Science and Technology

  • Overview
    • Mission and Concept
    • Strategy
    • NETE Accomplishments To-Date
  • NETE baseline modeling task
  • Ongoing NETE Demonstrations
    • Opportunities
    • NETE Communication Validation (Demo 0)
    • NETE Information Exchange Demonstrations
      • Semantic Registry, Ontology Portal
    • Challenges and Lessons Learned
jpdo ncod mission
  • Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO)
    • Ensure the NextGen Air Transportation System transformation is realized by identifying, facilitating and integrating the activities, commitments and contributions of partner agencies, industry, and other key stakeholders to achieve the goals and benefits of the Next Generation Air Transportation System.
  • Net-Centric Operations Division (NCOD)
    • Manage policies and strategies for information sharing and coordinate investment and development of network-enhancing capabilities.
NCOD Information-Sharing Development Strategy

Select Operational Thread

ID Inter-agency functional appeal

Identify Processes/ Decisions

Concept of Operations (ConOps)

scenarios, actors

Users, service levels, security requirements,

authoritative sources


Info Exchanges


Info Exchanges

Connectivity, speeds, bandwidth,


Derive Infrastructure



Info Exchanges


Info Exchanges

Iterative approach

allows incorporation

of industry advancements



measure value


Info Exchanges

Perform Inter-organizational

Testing and Evaluation

Adoption is an

option—endorse efforts already underway

Transition to


net enabled test environment nete
Net- Enabled Test Environment (NETE)
  • Concept
    • Virtual Test environment – no new facility
    • Industry and Government participation
    • Experimental approach – test, measure, evaluate, adjust
    • Adopting existing projects; leveraging progress
  • Benefits
    • Data sets made available will bring interested developers
    • Allows demonstration of concepts to flesh out requirements
    • Allows trade-off studies for architectural decisions – standards, processes, TTPs, tools, infrastructure design
    • Tests Governance model for efficacy
    • Accessible to all NextGen participants; can link to outside data sources/consumers
    • Leverages work already done by NextGen Stakeholders
NETE Accomplishments To-date
  • Inter-agency Collaboration Framework
  • Inter-agency Infrastructure Modeling
  • Network Connectivity Verification (Demo 0)
  • NETE Governance
    • Draft Information Sharing Agreements
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Baseline Security Profile
nete infrastructure modeling
NETE Infrastructure Modeling
  • Rich Set of metrics and measures collected in NETE Simulation Model
  • Enables performance analysis, study of alternatives etc.
  • Message exchange pattern traces to enable Information service “playback”
multi layered model design
Multi-layered Model Design
  • Network Scenarios capturing interconnection between NETE Agencies
  • Intra Agency Site models abstracting real-world agency network/service architecture based on interactions with ESC, NASA and FAA
  • Custom models of SOA-capable devices from application to physical layers
  • Build on the Foundation of Interagency Collaborations
    • NETE Working Group as a forum for addressing governance issues
    • On-going NETE infrastructure modeling initiative to provide a snapshot of the interagency network and SOA infrastructures
    • Participating from agencies critical to success of NETE
  • Support Effective Information Sharing and Engagements of Community of Interests (COI)
    • JPDO is engaging with NextGen weather and integrated surveillance community to identify information exchanges
    • NETE supports information sharing goals by providing a platform for exploration, experimentation, and socialization of information exchange services
  • Facilitate 1 Year Challenge Demonstration
    • Incremental approach progressing with participation with select demos
    • Serve as a risk reduction environment for summer demonstrations
opportunities continued
Opportunities (Continued)
  • Participation with FAA Program Priorities
    • FAA Tech Center/ R&D Domain
    • DEX Rel 6 (FTI/Harris)
    • SWIM
    • NEO
  • Federal and Industry Participation
    • Northrup Grumman NNEW
    • JPL
    • NASA LaRC (Services, Registry)
  • DoD Participation
    • Hanscom AFB, ESC
      • CoT
      • UAVs
    • Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID)
NETE Demonstration Objectives
  • Demonstrate the NCOD’s approach to secure and effective information sharing by leveraging Semantic Web Service Architecture (SWSA)
    • Exercise information exchanges developed in collaboration with Integrated Surveillance community
    • Demonstrate ontology-driven approach to enhance service discoverability and interoperability
    • Elaborate key infrastructure components (e.g. Semantic Service Registry) of SWSA
  • Demonstrate NETE as a platform for inter-agency demonstrations
    • Showcase the ability to execute distributed demonstration involving multiple agencies
    • Refine process to facilitate future NETE demonstrations
  • Serve as a risk reduction environment for JPDO summer demonstrations
    • Improve confidence on the Lost Cargo Jet business scenario
Planned NETE Demonstrations


  • Communication Validation Demonstration (Demo 0) prepares NETE as the platform for Information Exchange Demonstrations
    • Establish connectivity among initial NETE nodes
    • Verify ability to share information through web services
    • Initiate discussions on security and business relationships
  • Information Exchange Demonstration (Demo 1) establishes the software and service framework for Information Exchange Demonstrations
    • Exercise information exchanges related to integrated surveillance
    • Demonstrate key components of the semantic web service infrastructure (e.g. Semantic Service Registry)
      • Information Exchange Demonstration (Demo 2) focuses on reducing risks for JPDO 1 Year challenge demonstration
    • Exercise information exchanges related to integrated surveillance



One Year Challenge

demonstrations in context of ncod activities
Demo 1

Demo 2

Demonstrations in Context of NCOD Activities

Demo UI

/ Script

Demo UI

/ Script


Services and Information Exchanges



Flight and Flow



Semantic Platform

Semantic Registry

Ontology Portal

Digital Library

Demo 0





Security /Governance

nete as a federated infrastructure
NETE as a Federated Infrastructure

Information Exchange Services


Integrated Surveillance


Airport Operations

Infrastructure Services

4-D Weather Cube

Flight Track

Suspicious Activity Report

Semantic Infrastructure

Semantic Service Registry



Ontology Portal



Digital Library



SOA Software Infrastructure



Web Service Registry


Enterprise Service Bus


Identity Management


NETE infrastructure has three layers: network, SOA, and semantic infrastructure to support NCOD COI Engagement Process. Both information exchanges and NETE infrastructure services are provided by participants.

Network Infrastructure


Network Modeling Tools

Network Monitoring Tools

Communication Validation: Overview

FAA Tech Center

Atlantic City, NJ

Alion NETE Lab

Lanham, MD

C2 Enterprise Integration Facility (CEIF)

Hanscom AFB, MA

Weather Service



Flight Track Service

Web Browser

Demonstration Control Workstation


Tomcat Server


Demonstration Controller Web Application




Washington, DC



Web Browser


Web Browser


Langley, VA

Timing Service

Web Browser

Information Exchange Demonstration 1

Scenario: Lost Cargo Jet

Demonstrates how surveillance information and air domain awareness capabilities are employed to identify, detect, assess and respond to potential airborne terrorist activities in open range airspace within the continental United States (CONUS).

Information Exchanges Demonstrated

  • Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
  • Flight Info
  • Track Info
  • Threat Info
  • Weather Data
  • Role Plays
  • Airport Personnel
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Local and State Law Enforcement

Participating Locations

NETE Nodes

information exchange demonstrations status
Information Exchange Demonstrations: Status
  • Preparing Distributed Demonstration Environment
    • Working with NETE Participants
  • Development Semantic Service Registry
    • Leveraging Open Source Solutions
  • Development of Demonstration UI
    • Based on the Lost Cargo Jet Scenario
  • Discovering Available Data Sources
    • Obtained Access to SWIM Registry

We are looking for sources for Air Track, Weather, Integrated Surveillance data

nextgen semantic service registry
NextGen Semantic Service Registry
  • Purpose
    • Improve service discoverability and understandability
    • Support Semantic Service Provisioning
    • Provide Federated Search
  • Technical
    • Provide Federated Search
    • Encode service metadata in RDF
    • Use ontology to annotate message content
    • Convert WSDL and XSD Schema files into RDF

NextGen Semantic Service Registry

    • Improve service discoverability and understandability
    • Support Semantic Service Provisioning
    • Provide Federated Search
  • Technical
    • Provide Federated Search
    • Encode service metadata in RDF
    • Use ontology to annotate message content
    • Convert WSDL and XSD Schema files into RDF
nextgen ontology portal
NextGen Ontology Portal

Ontology Portal

Two-Tiered Registry

NextGen Ontology – consist of vetted ontologies

Ontology Library – open to the wider community

Ontology Metadata

Ontology owner, domain, and location

Ontology Search*

Support ontology discovery

nextgen ontology portal1
NextGen Ontology Portal

NextGen Ontology Portal




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NextGen Enterprise Ontologies

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Advanced Search

NextGen Community Ontologies

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  • QUDT – “Adding a New System of Measure”lpersons, 1 week ago

2011/08/19 – Flight and Flow

2011/08/14 – Integrated Surveillance

The NextGen Ontology Portal is developed and maintained by …

lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Inter-agency co-ordination can be challenging
    • Engineering
    • Security
    • Business Relationship Coordination
  • Availability of Data and Services
  • Availability of Agency Resources
  • Registry Standards
  • Communication
points of contact
Points of Contact

Germaine Forbes

JPDO Test and Evaluation Manager

[email protected]

[email protected]

David Brown

JPDO Sr Information Systems Engineer

[email protected]

[email protected]

Danny Deshchidn

Test Engineer

[email protected]

Wen Zhu

Technology Architect

[email protected]

Communication Validation: Status
  • Complete on Friday 3/11
    • Control workstation in place with software installed
    • Demonstration script completed, deployed, and tested
    • Demo Report available mid-May
  • Service Endpoints Available
    • Control site at ESC
    • Timing Service at NASA LaRC
    • Flight Track Service at Alion
  • Service Endpoint Pending
    • NNEW at FAA
      • Publically available NOAA service used instead
      • Ongoing collaboration with FAA Technical Center
  • Business Relationship and Security Discussions ongoing
    • Governance
    • Security