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  1. Sara Morrison Grade 12 Architecture Mrs. Leonard TDA 4M1 LEONARDVILLE BIDDING PACKAGE.

  2. Logo:


  4. Commercial BuildingIndividual Client Profile #1 Client Profile: • Age of Client: 22 • Name of Client: Josie Maran • Type of Commercial Building: Josie loves café’s which means she would love to develop a beachfront café that can serve all the visitors with a popular location, accessibility and affordability. • Overall Look of Building: Prefers a more modern looking building, that has very simple, yet elegant detail with welcoming patterns. • Special Requirements: An outside patio would be required in the front of the café, for comfortable, scenic viewing of the beach enjoyable seating right on the water. Basement storage will be required as well as kitchen storage on the main floor. • Special Features of Building: The café will need a overhang in order to provide cool shade from the sun to keep all of the customers comfortable. Large glass windows will also be included. • Building Feature Likes: More of an open concept with large windows to allow as much natural light as possible to shine in. Unique, yet useable colour scheme.

  5. Commercial BuildingIndividual Client Profile #1 Client Profile: • Building Feature Dislikes: Any small space that feels confining in any way. Dislikes all antique looking furniture, as well as any old fashioned design. • Décor Choices: Darker wood would be preferred up against a lighter colored material. (No colour preference.) • Style and Theme of Building: Josie would prefer the building to look very welcoming, open, modern, yet stylish at the same time. She would like the building to have a unique outside appearance if possible. • Building Type: One story with basement storage. Restrooms are located on the main floor. Cooking/baking area is located on main floor as well, near the back of the building. • Choices.. Specific Furniture and/or Accessories, etc.: Round tables would be preferred in the outside seating area. (Allows more space for seating and movement between the tables.) A large counter for checkout, but to also display new baked goods, etc..

  6. Commercial BuildingIndividual Client Profile #2 Client Profile: • Age of Client: 25 • Name of Client: Nick Lachey • Type of Commercial Building: Nick absolutely loves eating out at different restaurants, which means he would like to open one in Leonardville. • Overall Look of Building: This restaurant will have a modern feel to it. An emphasis of line work will be included all throughout the design to highlight certain details and aspects of the restaurant. • Special Requirements: Basement storage will most definitely be needed in order to keep food fresh. However, in kitchen storage will also be needed for accessibility. • Special Features of Building: Most of the equipment used in the building will be steel for the extra modern touch, as well as the use of window space. • Building Feature Likes: An open concept is a must, especially with this modern style. The use of booths for seating will add to the comfort aspect, however tables will also be used as a second option for customer seating.

  7. Commercial BuildingIndividual Client Profile #2 Client Profile: • Building Feature Dislikes: Tight spaces are not an option. A small kitchen cannot be included, as it gets too crowded for the high demand of customers. Low-lighting must be replaced with bright, natural light through the use of large, glass windows. • Décor Choices: A colour scheme of warm colour, with the occasional pop of bright colour is preferred to add personality to the restaurant. • Style and Theme of Building: Nick would prefer a open concept with a very modernized aspect to the building. He would also like very subtle detail that could add personality to the overall design of the restaurant. • Building Type: One story with basement storage. Bathrooms will be required on the main floor for easy access for both the customers and the staff. Customer seating is located near the front of the restaurant and the cooking/staff area will be placed in the back. • Choices.. Specific Furniture and/or Accessories, etc.: Warm colors should be used to create a very comfortable setting but one that is also welcoming as well. Booths should also be added for a different type of seating.

  8. JOSIE’S OVERALL IDEA: Josie would like to have modernized furniture in her café (as shown above). For the exterior she would like to have large windows to allow large amount of natural light to shine in (as seen to the right). Lastly, she envisions looking right out onto the beach, as well as a beachfront dining area (top right).

  9. NICK’S OVERALL IDEA: Nick envisions a very modernized restaurant. Warm colors really help to add a warm, cozy feel (as seen above). The exterior of the restaurant should have a unique look to it, and also include quite a few windows (as seen to the right). A open concept is also very important as well (top right).


  11. BUILDING THEME AND OVERALL IDEA: The overall theme of the building is modern, yet still stylish. It should be more of an open concept, especially since that was a main concern for both clients. Simple designs will be used throughout to add character to the restaurant/café, but will definitely not overwhelm the finished product. Simple details will also be used to help add depth to the overall design. Small details will also be included in the overall design of the exterior portion of the building. The kitchen in this building is essential for success. It will need to be well organized, spacious and ventilated carefully.

  12. OVERALL PURPOSE OF LAND/BUILDING: The goal for the finished building is to have a mixture of a café, as well as a restaurant in one. This offers convenient dining for clients who would rather have a relaxing meal, but may also cater to those who would prefer to grab a quick snack and continue on the beach. This restaurant/café will offer indoor as well as outdoor seating for different types of scenery, and also for those who would prefer to enjoy their meal under the summer sun! The beach, which happens to be right out front, will act as the outdoor seating area, for a more unique feel. The front of the building will consist mainly of windows, as this helps to allow as much natural light into the building as possible, and therefore create more of an open concept and a bright, relaxing touch. Lastly, the breeze which flows off the ocean can also be used to help cool off the clients sitting outside.

  13. LOT NUMBER & PROPERTY CLASSIFICATION: The lots of interest in Leonardville are lots number 7 & 8. This is because they are a flat beachfront with plenty of sand and water surrounding them. Lot number 8 is very accessible from all angles, and very visible for all visitors. Furthermore, these lot sizes together are quite practical, and will not involve a ton of extra, wasted space.

  14. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF LAND: Since this lot is located right along the beach, it consists mostly of sand, rocks, etc. One special consideration will be for the high tide. The location of this building will need to be placed far enough back that it will not chance being flooded by water and therefore sustain damage. Trees (mainly palm trees) can be found in the background, as they help to provide shade during the day with the hot sun.

  15. ACCESSIBILITY TO LAND: When considering the accessibility, this building is fairly easy to locate and arrive at. There are multiple ways to get to this building. First of all, it is in walking distance from all other shops along the beach, and is the perfect place to stop at for a break. Next, the Leonardville ferry drops off quite close to this location as well and is quite accessible from the dock. Also, since this building happens to be so close to the dock, it is the perfect waiting spot for those waiting for the ferry.

  16. CLIMATE & COMPASS ORIENTATION, ENERGY SOURCE: The Leonardville beachfront has a very warm, comfortable climate. The climate consists of very sunny, comfortable weather all year round. Precipitation is in low doses, which makes this an irresistible vacation choice. Since this location is so bright and sunny, solar power is the ideal energy source for this building. This will definitely save on energy bills, and allow this restaurant/café to become more environmentally friendly. The front of the building will face North-East, where the sun will not directly shine on the front while the customers are relaxing outside. This would be the view looking from the building out onto the beach. These are the solar panels that will be implemented into the overall design.

  17. LAND PROFILE: Land on the Leonardville beaches is relatively smooth and easy to work with. There is plenty of soft, light sand to work with. As expected, rock and other miscellaneous items (such as water plants, seaweed, etc.) are found all along the shore line. Trees can be found surrounding the beach, providing shade during the suns peek hours. Tress (a large amount being palm trees) can also be found surrounding the building that run down the beach. Luckily, the beach slopes down towards the water, meaning there is a less likely change the water will overflow onto the beach during a storm, etc.

  18. GARAGES, DRIVEWAYS, STORAGE FACILITIES, ETC: In regards to storage facilities, a fair amount will be included in the overall design of the building. Since this is a restaurant/café, it is essential to have maximum storage to keep food sanitary and also refrigerated. Therefore, large walk in freezers will be included in the basement of the building. Fortunately, this storage method will save on space as it is a walk in cooler – but it also has a section in the front which opens for smaller items. Next, kitchen storage is an essential part of the kitchen design. Space for storage will be included in a good size of the kitchen for organization and easy access. A driveway will be implemented along the back of the lot number 7. This will be accessible for all employees, as well as reserve a specific amount of space for our valued customers. This is also where deliveries will take place.


  20. LAND AGREEMENT As per the agreement established between Mr. Lachey, Miss. Maran, Universal Architecture Ltd , the owners of Leonardville, a restaurant/café will be newly added to the beachfront. The purpose of this restaurant/café style dining is to allow for accessible, comfortable dining, whether it be for a quick visit for a snack, or a complete meal. Convenience is the largest consideration in regards to all the customers. The lots required are lots seven and eight because they are both a flat beachfront with plenty of sand and water surrounding them. Lot number eight is very accessible from all angles, and very visible for all visitors. Large amounts of trees will be found throughout these lots, which fit perfectly into the design plan. In regards to storage facilities, there will be plenty of storage implemented into the basement area of both lots, and also a small storage closet in the kitchen area. A driveway will be included behind lot number seven for hidden away parking, but is located very close to the restaurant. Lastly, the overall concept of this building is a modern, yet stylish and unique design that will be sure to meet both the clients needs. All of the information stated in this agreement will be fulfilled once the construction begins. Nick Lachey Josie Maran







  27. The Overall Goal: The goal of the restaurant is to have a modern, warm theme that will continue through all floors. Convenience is the largest concern in regards to the customers, which means a open concept is a must. To begin, there will be a double door entrance (one door for entering, one for exiting), which will lead into the foyer. The foyer will consist of a small reception area where customers will be greeted and will then choose where they would like to be seated (indoor or outdoor, booth or table). Here, customers may leave any items which they would rather not carry around with them while they are ordering and eating, in the closet. Looking through the dining room, a large kitchen will be located near the back of the building. The kitchen is not private, which means customers will be able to watch they're food being prepared. The kitchen will take up most of the available space along the back of the building. To the left of the kitchen is where separate restrooms for men and women will be located, for both the customers and staff to utilize. From there, a set of stairs will be located to the right of the kitchen, which will be the way to get up to the second floor. Once the top of the stairs is reached, there will be space to go either right or left. Directly to the left of the staircase is where the "staff only" bathrooms will be located. Taking a right at the top of the staircase will lead you to the Presidents office's, as well as a staff room/lunchroom. The upper floor is exceptionally small, and will wrap around the restaurant. (From the upper level, the dining area and kitchen can be seen). Lastly, traveling down to the basement consists of a set of stairs hidden in the back, left corner of the kitchen. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, its is noticeably empty, however this is mainly used for storage. A bathroom will be provided in the basement as well. A large door will be included along the back wall for easy deliveries, and will be located right near the stairs for more convenient mobility back up the stairs after a heavy delivery. Commercial freezers will be located in the basement, along with a pantry, cold cellar and storage units. This is just a basic overview explaining the design of the building, but will help to focus on certain areas of the building in more detail.