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Brain Hurricane Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Hurricane Education

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Brain Hurricane Education
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Brain Hurricane Education

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  1. Brain Hurricane Helps The Students In Being Competitive

  2. Brain Hurricane, a family business, was introduced by Reed Howard after gaining years of teaching experience. Her teaching background along with her observations helped her a lot in creating such an efficient tutoring service. This program is designed especially for the students from Kindergarten to eighth grade. Here, each day begins with several movement activities like Multiplication Basketball and Spelling Jumping Rope.

  3. These activities are performed to invigorate the sleeping minds of students and to make them attentive in class. Similarly, at the end of each day, skits based on the lessons learnt are organized. It helps the students in recalling what they have learnt in the whole day.

  4. The curriculum is designed by highly skilled and qualified teachers who undergo professional training before teaching the students. This training helps them to understand the teaching methods adopted here. The curriculum designed by them contains relevant content and is aligned with national and state benchmarks. The interest of students is kept in mind while creating the curriculum.

  5. It contains short easy to understand fictional stories and emphasizes on mathematics and reading skills of students. The students are divided into teams which make them learn the importance of team work as they are required to solve their problems related to curriculum with the help of their team members.

  6. The teaching methods adopted at Brain Hurricane make the students responsive towards teaching. This program is exemplified with the qualities like cooperative, fun, effective, experienced, and professional. Every program ends with a competition where the students are given prizes like stereos & video games for good attendance and behavior. Center of Research in Educational Policy (CREP) at the University of Memphis was provided with complete 2007-2008 database of Brain Hurricane.

  7. CREP evaluates “what works” in the schools across nation and on comparing both the pre and posttest ITBS assessments; it was revealed that the students of this tutoring program showed average gains of around 14%. For further information, please visit